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Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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01/02/2015 06:46
Observation from the BAP Exchange at the beginning of the year...

- It certainly revitalized the system, and generated a bucket load of turnover. And subsequently a huge injection for the system.

- Our member base has continued to grow.

- And the share price spiked real quickly right up near the desired level, only a fraction of a cent short of the full 155 ROI. It's down a bit temporarily thereafter (now) , but that's a different issue / growth continuation strategy.

So, it was a successful exchange most definitely. Unclogging the system from the Christmas slowdown. And it's moved the business forwards.

The share price has been hampered due to slow "new" portfolio development. As we're setting up the offices, still trying to find additional staff, and the biggest factor of all is that we've spent the last 2months just trying to stabalize the system, to deal with our new found scale....

Our new server setup is working, and scaling. So that is very good. That's a big achievement (that the likes of DigAdz have failed to overcome)


So I was thinking how we can improve things for any future BAP Exchanges, that are hopefully still a long way off; middle or end of the year is my goal.

As the key point with the last exchange, is that debt has piled on incredibly quickly. We're up to 150% of last years debt, in just 1month. (And when we do the giant ad issue next week, that will multiply some more over the course of just another week or so!) ... So the level of time-saving definitely has room for improvement.

For which I am considering as follows:

At the point of the next BAP Exchange to limit Bulk Ad Purchases to one purchase per day, per user. And also limit the value of each purchase, as follows;

On the exchange day.... $1 ad purchases, per user.
Then every 7 days thereafter, double the daily limit.

So the following week it becomes $2 ad purchases, per user, per day. And the week after that, $4 ad purchases per day, per user... And so on!

So it will take 12 weeks to get the daily limit up to $2048 per day. Thereby it should essentially guarantee ~3 months of controlled growth. Before the limit is no longer a factor.

This will achieve a few things;

1) Users cannot fast sell their shares directly for BAP. Which should force the cash share price to crash; creating the golden opportunites for everyone & PaidVerts! As PV wants a big price movement, to base its re-investment money on. (ie. Have that mature quickly, to finance the initial results, to keep it super attractive / fast turnaround)

2) Debt cannot be instantly re-added. As there's no way to simply deposit crazy money and put it back in a flash....
Any user looking to get themselves into the top groups, is going to have to invest some time, investing every day. And waiting for other users to accumulte small bits of BAP that they'll be willing to offload for shares.

3) This thereby extends the duration of the golden opportunity (ie. the first people investing into a debt free system)... Allowing more new users (and old users to return) to get in on the action. Which should help "widen" our growth... Aiming to get more users at the bottom of the value pyramid (to consume all our ad views!)

4) This should create a nice growth profile for the business... which will allow the most amount of time to pass before any future swaps are potentially required. And that time, allows the portfolio to grow, adding value to the shares. Which is a key element to enabling future swaps at attractive rates / swap values.

5) When you deny people the ability to invest (or cap the limit)... it sends their desires into overload. And they WANT to invest more. So as you slowly permit that, they'll fill it, up until the point their abilities are maxed out.

6) Perhaps it'll create a race to populate the higher groups... which will require a level of dedication to achieve. Investing every single day; viewing all your BAP ads, and selling shares for BAP at the same time.

What are your comments?
Traffic Value: $222.83871 Malaysia
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01/02/2015 06:52
cool mad
Traffic Value: $209.07611 Pakistan
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01/02/2015 06:58
Only 1$!!cwy

Ps: No Mega 1% ads and 0.01$ mini ads cwy
Traffic Value: $514.44527 Viet Nam
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01/02/2015 06:59
I just wonder about the value of ad issues in PV. It happened scatterly. You know that we all of members need these frequently. 'Stablize' is an important thing that we need from the system in any cases. I think so.
Traffic Value: $60.59734 Argentina
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01/02/2015 07:00
When will be the "Big" issue? 
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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01/02/2015 07:01
I think it is smarter to let the free market work and find a way to work with it than to try to control people's behavior. It seems you have lost confidence in your own system
Traffic Value: $1,079.62867 Hungary
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01/02/2015 07:02
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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01/02/2015 07:03
Since you are asking, I will give you my opinion.
First of all, the bap swap was a huge success, but as you said yourself short lived. If we had the 1.05 ad pack back then, maybe we wouldn´t have incurred into debt so soon after it... but we didn´t... now we do and it might be a great point to help.
Second... are you still thinking about a grid like (or prize like or stuff like) thing to mitigate some more ad views? Because it strikes me that it won´t help much to limit the future buyings if we can´t unload what we currently have... and as you say yourself, next SWAP would be six to twelve months from now, so it would grow more. With a grid like, game like thing we could get rid of those 'old' views and prepare the way for the 'new' ones.

Now, about the plan itself.
Its good and it´s crazy.
it is good because of what you said yourself: it will motivate people to buy more and hell they will be PISSED that they can´t (Im based in my own perceptions of this, by the way, as a BAP collector). 
Its crazy because it will put even more distance between PV and a traditional PTC site. This is not necessarily bad, of course, but you can´t have it both ways. We either are or aren´t a traditional PTC site and if we are, we gotta let people invest whenever... if we aren´t, you can do it and it will be wonderful, but people WILL expect better rewards than the traditional PTC sites... are you read to offer them regularly? Are you sure we won´t be roadblocked by similar problems again?

Also... after the SWAP people who didn´t even know about it were made aware of shares and Fast Track Plans... Wouldn´t there be a way around a swap too soon using them?

Notice I am not as familiar with the system as you are, but I am trying to follow your lead here.

I am just not sure how many times the 'refesh, start over' thing will work for us, if we do not provide for those extra views.

And on top of it all... being that there are MANY people who aren´t really interested in ad views and use them only to get BAP, would it be too crazy to allow users to invest and just opt out of the ad views? Seems totally twisted but I have seen people asking about it and I believe there is a few who would just prefer to leave them be - and it could unclog the system some. But I am not sure how it could be handled towards paypal and such processors.

Still, its not a stupid idea at all... I just believe there are things to be ironed out BEFORE trying it.
Traffic Value: $4,616.96337 Slovenia
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01/02/2015 07:05
I like the idea... I really do... lets race cool grin Jo wouldnt be Jo if he didnt suprise us every week with something new smile
Traffic Value: $603.35966 India
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01/02/2015 07:06
It will ruin paidverts fully, because limit of $1 for days starts annoying members and they dont wait so long for big investments, and so they move away and invest somewhere else instead of pv. I will also do the same..i cant wait for 12 weeks for investment. Soryy jo but its a very bas idea.. 
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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01/02/2015 07:08
Jo, I like what your thinking but I have a question.

What is gonna stop people from just turning their shares into BAP and get into the top groups like what happens normally?

You said that there will be no way to quickly get BAP instantly, but how will you do that without placing some North Korea type controls on the site's share trading system? wink
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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01/02/2015 07:18
So this will also cause people to drop down groups since they won't be able to buy enough BAPs to maintain their levels.
Traffic Value: $4,616.96337 Slovenia
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01/02/2015 07:22
Yes ... in first few groups. But before you will reach 1.5mil group for example you will be already able to invest 32$ ( then 64$)  daily. So not such a problem at all...
Traffic Value: $132.46681 Macedonia
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01/02/2015 07:33
hikineet, you said: "And every subsequent BAP swap it restarts at $1, then doubled next day, and so on so fourth?"
Yes, but not daily. It'll be doubled weekly.

I think this would be a good idea. It'll take some time, but it'll be good on the longer term and since it's going to help the sustainability of the site.

I'm up for it
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/02/2015 07:33
I want to like this but I can't.

Can a high BAP Group member chime in to tell me how they'd navigate this to benefit the most from this?

If this is the last swap, at least for many years, then this could work. But the first 2 months would be painful.

If ppl can't buy Ad Filters, and/or couldn't use them b/c we were so low and thus the ad values were so low, the timer has got to be lowered so we can get through all the ads we are given.
Traffic Value: $112.92199 Venezuela
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01/02/2015 07:36
excelente !!
Traffic Value: $390.26943 Serbia
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01/02/2015 07:37
i`m glad that someone thought of the ``small`` users ...just for once..
those that don`t have a stack of money waiting...

thanks drux8
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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01/02/2015 07:40
I think the lower timers are already in the works
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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01/02/2015 07:43

Can a high BAP Group member chime in to tell me how they'd navigate this to benefit the most from this?

Is there any point in trying to win this 'game' any more? Every time we try to adjust to the new rules, the rules are changed
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/02/2015 07:44

I think they are as well. Just no more mention of them, save for his initial idea. And, it would have been a perfect time to implement them with the new $1.05 Ad Packs.

Well, the point to trying to win this "game" is b/c it is the only site out there that I trust can give income replacing results, non HYIPly, if you are willing to work and or invest and or wait.

Jo already is rich enough he could just jump ship and live off his money. But he is still working on the site. I think this means it well worth it for us to continue to "play".
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