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15/04/2015 01:00
Today's fast tracks were sent.

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Debt swap has been performed yesterday, this is how your account was affected and the changes that were introduced with it:
Debt swap was performed at the swap rate of $0.3/600 BAP per share (shares rounded upwards - so even if you had just 1 BAP/$0.00001, you received 1 share).

This means that:
- for every 600BAP you had you received 1 share
- for every $0.3 of your due returns in the fast track queue you received 1 share

To expand on the above, all fast track investments have been cancelled/deleted, and all BAP removed from the system.

With the swap we wanted to control our growth, to give our portfolio enough time to develop, so that we can use our development funds more effectively.

To achieve that, we have added the following temporary limitations to our system:
- Ad purchases are limited to 1-5 bulk ad packs purchased per day($1.05-$5.25 in ad pack value, regardless of the fees) per user in total. This limit will remain in effect for 60 days.
- Investments into our fast track plans are also limited for the next 60 days, as such: $10 max per day per user, for the FT170 and FT250 plans, $250 max per day per user for FT200 plan and FT240 remains unlimited. After 60 days all limits will be removed. Due to these limitations upgrades for FT200 and FT250 have been extended by 60 days.
- Trading shares for BAP has been temporarily removed from the share marketplace. Selling/buying shares for cash is unrestricted.

Debt swap is a great tool to propel this business forwards, by clearing all current debt and exchanging it for shares, which hold huge potential. And as the system is completely debt-free it makes it incredibly attractive for new users, bringing a lot of money and demand into the system, increasing our traffic value and with it raising the share price, "justifying" the swap. Moreover, the imposed limits will give us extra time to expand our portfolio, our staffing and with that add huge additional value to the business, which again results in bigger demand for our shares, raising its price and justifying the swap.

Without the debt swap, our debt would grow and grow, without us having enough time to expand our portfolio, which would result in huge increases in our fast track repayment times and the value of ads we are able to send out at PaidVerts, making the system dull and unattractive. The debt swap gives us a fresh start, with a huge portfolio backing us up, which will now be paying new investments, while also expanding it on the go.

You have NOT lost anything with the swap - you simply received shares in exchange for your BAP and investments, which would have otherwise taken months or even years to give you in return what debt swaps usually take far less to achieve.


Debt swap is also an opportunity like no other, as it reinvigorates the system and makes it incredibly lucrative to invest right after it, as the repayment times on fast track plans are extremely short for the first few months, the share price rises quickly, and consequently even ad issues on PaidVerts will be above average during the next month or two.

The only people that will lose out with a debt swap, are the people who panic and sell their newly received shares for an absurdly low rate. A debt swap can take several months to fully show its potential and positive effect on the whole business and with it the rise in share price, required to justify it. So the best thing for you to do is to understand a debt swap and that it takes some time for it to show it's true value. If you are unsure about anything I suggest you ask on this forum where our members, who have been through several past debt swaps, can help you answer your questions/doubts and how well debt swaps have worked in the past, if you just have some patience for it to put things into motion, and not panic sell your shares.

You are free to sell your shares at our marketplace at any time you wish, but doing it immediately after a swap will just result in you taking an unneeded loss. Waiting for the share price to rise to the needed level to justify the swap will likely take several months, but it will be faster than if there was none and you received your potential return slowly in the debt-filled system via fast tracks or ad issues on PaidVerts.

Here are some "milestones", that can help you set the price you might want to sell your shares for:
$0.12 - 100% ROI on FT250 investments
$0.15 - 100% ROI on FT200 investments
$0.161 - 100% ROI on FT186 investments
$0.176 - 100% ROI on FT170 investments
$0.194 - 100% ROI on your BAP, that would otherwise takes months to get via paid ads
$0.3 - receive your full potential cash return on any investments/BAP

Bottom line is, if you panic and sell your shares immediately you will be taking a loss. Give it some time for everything to unfold and you'll be getting your due returns faster than if there was no debt swap. And before you act hastily I suggest you take a good look at things and ask any potential questions here in the forum. The majority of our older members and biggest valued users have been through several debt swaps themselves and can attest to the opportunities it provides.

Also remember that new investments into our fast track plans will be fast tracked very quickly during the first month or so, likely being fast tracked in just a matter of weeks. Thereby investing into the fast track plans is a great choice, but also note that the share price could be rising even faster. But be it our FT plans, shares or growing your BAP in PaidVerts, all should prove to be very profitable in the following months and a chance not to be missed!

First of all, some copy & paste jargon from the programmer chat, just to show you that they're doing stuff! This is regarding moving banner images over to Amazons cloud; which I believe Alex is working on with David.

ok there are few seperate tasks to it:
- add AWS PHP API to CI
- create required DNS entries
- establish CDN
- establish S3 bucket
- check regions and security etc
- set up S3 bucket replication to another region
- set code to upload files to S3 bucket from web forms
- set up cloudfront and s3 logging for debug
- establish aws cli and s3cmd for scripting
- sync existing banners over with s3cmd?

As you can see... a whole lot of work. And absolutely no difference to the user what so ever. You see banners, which you can already see! A perfect example of the mountain of work we're battling through at the moment, which has basically zero impact, but it's necessary in order to scale. And get away from iWeb.

Second thing,
Carlos just sent me an email from PayPal. This is the first actionable email which may lead somewhere. They want us to remove all references to PayPal from the MTV website. And then sign an affadavit that we adhere to their acceptable use policies (for PaidVerts).

So, i've forwarded that the programmers. And we'll begin doing that ASAP -- this will mean you will not be able to even see your PayPal balance at MTV. You'll have to sort that out via your PaidVerts account.

I don't know if this one action will suddenly turn PayPal back on again by itself. But it's a step in the right direction at very least. Fingers crossed!

Check out my facebook page, to see the latest office photos. Our very cool chairs have finally arrived!

Daniel is still working on crons related stuff, we had an issue yesterday that locked the database for a few minutes. The cause of that was something to do with too many connections all at once -- which is fine 99% of the time. But the 1% of the time it locks everything up, and makes a mess. So the programmers are working on this concept of 'buckets' and 'queues' ... so that tasks get queued up, and then basically wait for an available server core to tackle them. Rather than all bombarding the server at the same time. Something like that!

And Paul is working on the first iteration of the chatroom, which will be for shareholders initially. And once we get that refined, we'll make it available for all users, basically aiming to supplement the forum.

Paul also tells me the hiring process has begun for the Polish office. He has a few applicants requiring interviews. So we'll see how that goes!

And Carlos tells me that the African bank is operational, and it's fully function for some test wires in & out of the account.... So now we're just waiting on $90k or so to arrive from PM exchangers. And then we'll resume Bank Wire cashouts, paying any outstanding programmer invoices. And I think we'll be back in action, banking wise.

Marching forwards!
Traffic Value: $239.13523 Indonesia
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15/04/2015 01:04
thx Jo smile

btw, i admit it's a nice chair you got there grin
Traffic Value: $443.03989 Indonesia
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15/04/2015 01:11
fix and change invest MTV via paypal sign to PV or MTV sign
fix and remove the paypal from the deposit on MTV link but not on PV or made copy deposit page on PV
it will bring paypal back again
i hope ..
Traffic Value: $70.84202 Pakistan
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15/04/2015 01:12
shares going downangel
Traffic Value: $1,474.89742 Malaysia
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15/04/2015 01:12
Jo.... your 1m bid is gone. Buyback to 0.078 please grin
Traffic Value: $1,368.66418 Spain
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15/04/2015 01:17
Hi. Please anyone can tell me why the % of my invesments go down ? The last 2 days they was con 62% and other 2 on 50% and toda y al área down of 10%. Why happen this?
Traffic Value: $2.32996 Egypt
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15/04/2015 01:45
I have a question about FTQ progress
Why the queue is moving very slowly with no more than 5% per day ?
I thought the swap will decrease the repayment time for investors but maybe i'm wrong sad

Please clear things up for me and thanks in advance smile
Traffic Value: $6,467.88006 Germany
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15/04/2015 01:49
The time will only keep rising the more investments are made.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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15/04/2015 01:51
The share price goes up and down... It's only down a notch temporarily, as a result of one user sold 1.5million shares all of a sudden.

It'll move up and down depending upon supply & demand. Just list your shares for sale at your desired price, and wait! Patience is the only skill required.


And regarding EgoPay,
That seems to be long gone. So as soon as Kamil has time I think we'll aim to recoup our ~$65,000 in losses there through the following:

Total EgoPay Balances = ~$5000
Total Shares Bought With EgoPay = ______ x Current share price = $_______

Once we know those totals, we'll divide that by our loss when Egopay disappeared. And that'll form the exchange rate, at which we convert your balance / shares to earnings balance / earnings balance shares.

Share fee part will be sent to the portfolio account.
And the balance fees will be deleted. Then the portfolio will write off the rest from dev funds. And as the portfolio account sells its shares (whenever), that'll fix that!

But I like this idea of making users responsible for their choice of payment processor. As we only accept what the market demands of us... So make responsible choices! As they have consequences.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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15/04/2015 02:15
Once the bank account is set up, can we also use bankwire to cash in again?
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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15/04/2015 02:17
What about our precious ads? smile

Btw NICE office Jo! It is nice to see the MTV homepage in a real-business type environment
Traffic Value: $244.94947 Honduras
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15/04/2015 02:21
"Remove all Paypal references from MTV"... seems most likely the forum will have to be removed as well and maybe migrated over to PV or somewhere else (how about with a nice platform?), since it will be very hard to get peeps not mentioning Paypal on this site!
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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15/04/2015 02:26
I don't have FB, can someone link directly to the Photo Post?
Traffic Value: $380.03693 Pakistan
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15/04/2015 02:27
Traffic Value: $1,010.8232 United States
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15/04/2015 02:35
SO my understanding of Paypal and PV that means like on our PV Account Page where it shows Shares ,that will be removed from our PV Account page? Also All my shares show under PV will those be moved to MTV?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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15/04/2015 02:49
iamsadi, thanks.

I think those chairs will help them be productive.
I like how the seats are the same green.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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15/04/2015 02:56
Unique Investors: 16,151

Does anyone know what that number was PreSwap?
Traffic Value: $18.38469 Algeria
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15/04/2015 02:59
I like the office and hope paypal will retourn
this is a good news realy
But What about add issue jo you didn't talk about them.
Traffic Value: $2,066.50335 Korea Republic of
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15/04/2015 03:04
I think Slosumo do the job. (ad issue)
Traffic Value: $1,975.98679 India
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15/04/2015 03:11
some people given ideas abt mtv name related stuff removal from pv that is the good idea . i think make this long term. no need to have bap market and mtv stuff on pv, it is the small cost to get paypal back . it will give benefits in long run . jo try to make good solution by considering all idea shared few people above. we will not make much loss by considering those ideas rather we make greater benefits .
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