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Plan B... for "Bap Swap"

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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27/12/2014 22:57
I came up with this train of thought today...

It needs to be improved / evolved at least one step before it'll work / be sufficiently attractive to pull off. But I thought if PV struggles to get going in the new year, we can always revitalize it with the following:

There's $3,800,000 worth of BAP in circulation.
PV owns ~34,500,000 shares (And has a bunch in the FTQ)

Straight swap: $3,800,000 / 34,500,000 = $0.1101 per share swap price. Less than 2x our current valuation. That's the most appealing swap ratio we've ever had. And we all know how well previous swaps worked.



1) PV is debt free. New BAP will turn into cash lightning fast!

2) PV has $436,000 pending in the fast track queue. As that matures; it'll repay new BAP even more quickly!

3) Share price might drop a bit as people quick/panic-sell. Creating more opportunities for bargain hunters. And giving PV some cheap shares to buy up with the new turnover.

4) Some people will moan... but we have enough support and users in the know, to silence the critics pretty darn quickly I reckon.

5) If PV is debt free, with it's reputation & MTV behind it... Imagine how much new turnover will come in, pretty much overnight! ... I would think it'll turnover up to 5million within 30days... And that sort of money will raise the share price super fast! Which will near instantly justify the swap. (ie. you get your full BAP to Cash within as little as 30days) -- way faster than the current ad issues are likely to achieve.

And with new mega growth, in the new year... PV is then set to explode to epic proportions.... eg 100k-1m+ users earning daily.


To me that seems super attractive.
And the risks are minimal - as your ad campaigns are unaffected. You cash balance is unaffected. FTQ is unaffected. This only concerns Bonus Ad Points. Which are technically nothing.

My question is, can we make it even better?

My one concern is Mike...
He sold shares to get BAP, and now he'll be getting shares back at a worse rate. So he loses out... Is there any way around that? Or to soften the blow? ... But without ruining the benefits of the swap.

As a "half swap" doesn't work nearly as well as a full swap.... As there has to be a mega incentive for people to re-inject new capital to pull this off super quickly. (For the benefit for all)

* Can we use some development funding perhaps... buy up shares post-swap & distribute them proportionately between the 100 biggest BAP users. Literally compensation.


Fire away with your comments / suggestions!

This is only an idea right now... And it may not be necessary... But let's talk about it. As it's potentially a very capable mechanism to grow this business outragiously quickly. And to make all existing, and new members a lot of money, very quickly.
Traffic Value: $1,823.14127 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/12/2014 23:07
I'm not sure if I'm getting it want to sell PV shares for 0.1101$?
actualy I'm quite sure I'm wrong but still I got to ask wink
Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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27/12/2014 23:10
My concern is that I'm on a fixed pension and I have no more money to buy additional adpacks to get my BAP back. I just spent all I could to get myself back up to level 5. With no BAP, no money each day coming in, I'll drop back to group 0 with no way to get back up, without selling my shares at a lower value.
Traffic Value: $60.77536 Greece
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27/12/2014 23:14
Then the small groups will stop clicking and PV will have to pay back $2.3 mil to the advertisers...
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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27/12/2014 23:16
No. We would swap all your BAP for shares, at a rate of $0.1101 per share (or 220/221 BAP per share)

Ghosty, you don't necessarily need to invest anymore money. So long as the golden opportunity is created, someone will take it up. And that's all we need for this to work.

Just wait to sell your issued shares for $0.11+ -- and that is your full 155% ROI. Or sell them for $0.07 each; and that is your break even price.
Traffic Value: $557.18458 Spain
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27/12/2014 23:19
Jo, sorry, read my ticket # 33418 ty
Traffic Value: $975.91894 Canada
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27/12/2014 23:19
If that's the case it would be more beneficial to spend all my BAP  for shares now and get more since they are only about 199 each, just saying
Traffic Value: $101,199.99303 Malaysia
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27/12/2014 23:21
in term of compensation, maybe we can extend user group for one day (post swap) with normal ad issue using dev fun, rather than only compensate for top 100 users? I dont know if this woold be good idea~~
Traffic Value: $4,013.67386 Canada
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27/12/2014 23:22
hmm i gotta agree swaps been good most of the parts in the past.

However i gotta be honest i do not like it that i and probaly more users as indeed mentioned mike etc sold alot of shares even before the sharesplit and afterwards for a 0.45-0.55 worth to make it easyer.

this woud basically after taking a sellers fee and a blow for some who turned to bap before sharesplit even more in the face.

and be pushed with less shares then we used to have before turning shares to bap.
wile i myself choose to go to pv especialy for the daily compounding possebility to be and push myself to stay active again.
Due last after swap i basically coudn;t do much for more then half a year if not even longer before the price even raised towards what it was swapped for.

meaning i and others swapped to bap with shares get swapped back for half what they hade before they swappped towards the bap.

And even tho they indeed will hit that price in time.
They woud have also hit that price with double the shares we woud have hade if we didn;t go for bap.

meaning i myself and probaly others won;t go easily for bap again i know some already got scared due the botcatches due some are still afraid due stuff around people like green that they coud be punished even when not done im not saying he did or did not use one thats not the point here the point is it woud not just piss people off probaly due the big loss for going into pv with shares.

but make them simply turn the back on it.
(due they get scared)

due facts looking at it.

i switched lets say with 4.000 shares (40.000now)
to bap at a 1600-2000 rate most on 1600 before split.
sure that was my choice.!

however if this swap woud happen i woud guessing wise due rates be on 20.000= 2.000 shares when i profitted inbetween eswell.

Meaning traffic value wise at this moment and compared to 1 month of time i woud be cut in half by this.

i do not like that fact:X

i get a swap costs a %.

but 50% compared to 1 month ago or not even a few weeks ago ? thats not a small 10% thats 2.000 worth of traffic value +- and half of what im worth :X

(forgot to take the 155% u swap them to take in the account so might be totaly wrong someone can give me some good math taking 155% is paid back)?
Traffic Value: $13,962.16825 Australia
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27/12/2014 23:22
I am SURE it is NOT necessary..however, if it makes LOTS of money than I AM IN.

Traffic Value: $152,534.85777 United States
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27/12/2014 23:33
Would the BAP swap affect PaidVerts standing with Paypal?  
Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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27/12/2014 23:36
Thanks for your answer on my concern. I know that shares could possibly be good for the long term (which I may not have because of my health), but I was wanting to get some cash from PV to aid me now. PV will be useless for me without BAP and working for pennies a day is really not worth my while.So I would probably stop clicking on ads and just keep MTV. Please let me know if my thinking is wrong.
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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27/12/2014 23:36
Hell NO this is a bad idea.  I worked hard to get where I am now you want to take all my BAP and make me start over. No thank you.

Better idea stop issuing BAP ads every day. That would reduced the debt majorly as it would force people to invest something in the program to keep going.

Traffic Value: $975.91894 Canada
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27/12/2014 23:37
 i don't want to start from square one again which took me 4 months and a few investment of my own to get where i am now, im out on this one
Traffic Value: $1,587.41198 Spain
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27/12/2014 23:38
I don't catch it...
Jo, are you saying that each BAP I've got is gonna be turned into Shares, and there's gonna be like:

100 shares --> Group 1
500 shares --> Group 5
3000 shares --> Group 7
50000 shares --> Group 12

Like this?
Or this is the end of PV?
I don't get It...

However I was going to invest on January, 250$ with a bank wire, for Ad campaigns, should I buy shares then?
I don't get It.. That blow my mind.. I've lost a lot of hours calculating the bap/time to achieve "x" group, and examples of that, now I'm gonna have to change all calculates?

Bfff my head is gonna xplode :/, explain this, please :S sad
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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27/12/2014 23:39
i just got to group 8 would HATE to lose all my BAP right now
Traffic Value: $1,695.79075 Egypt
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27/12/2014 23:39
it is a bad idea please Dont make it 
Traffic Value: $2,368.44924 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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27/12/2014 23:42
why u wanna do this

what about liquidity report??
Traffic Value: $4,897.89575 Italy
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27/12/2014 23:45
The only thing... MyTrafficValue depends 90 % on Paidverts. Without its revenues Fast Track queue with current Investments would jump to years. In this way it would slow down MyTrafficValue too. In my opinion this would have been good only if MyTrafficValue had at least 2 other big products. To afford the loss and give Paidverts time to get back on track.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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27/12/2014 23:50
couldn't you just sell your shares and get buy ads to get yourself back to your spot? Or would you not have equivalent funds to do that?   If it will increase the profits of both sites tenfold idk...
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