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Traffic Value: $733.34291 Viet Nam
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07/01/2015 17:50
Hi Jo, how are you today? grin
Traffic Value: $7,146.80836 India
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07/01/2015 17:50
Atleast today ads issue ....thanks jo but , why disable ads purchase ?
Traffic Value: $3,866.40125 Nepal
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07/01/2015 17:50
Lol Today @colasander got More likes than Jo
Look them Both
Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/01/2015 17:51
You guys can criticise administration as much as you want, but you wont find any perspective online earning site on net besides this....and i dont find lack of proffesionalism an issue as much as complete lack of patience of modern man, i would fry all high speed connections, settle modem connection to all people, and set upgrade period of waiting for one week, then people should renew gratefulness for things again as it should be.
Traffic Value: $3,515.97345 Canada
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07/01/2015 17:52

We only want PV/MTV the BEST of Internet business and help Jo to explode revenus and projects. We appreciate what he does. This not the matter. My point of view is that he doesnt seem to priorise what to do or doesnt not want to take actions to correct the situation. The more PV/MTV grows, the more problems will occur. That's why we need a solid basis with a steady team. Some members are in business and can help him. I am just wondering why he doesnt request them advices, support or hire some of them. 
Traffic Value: $4,129.21683 Netherlands
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07/01/2015 17:55
Jo have been putting his effort in MTV since 2012, there were daily results of 30 bucks and even negative days, and he was always here always attentive, ready, analytical developing, testing and asking everyone's attention and ideas collaborating always for the growth, I think he maybe didn't took a fucking holiday for 2 or 3 years..
He increased his fortune and MTV fortune more than 10x in less than 6 months, if he wants to shutdown the website and go live to ulaula he can do that

just don't get it who the fuck cares about his personal life and why the heck he is sharing it..
Traffic Value: $322.69305 Italy
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07/01/2015 17:57
Jo can you take an administrator that can do this work for you? 
we can't wait every time
Traffic Value: $1,699.92249 Lithuania
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07/01/2015 17:59
Just 1 small day and people are already saying how bad Jo is doing his bussiness. I don't know why you people say that - bugs I see are virtually non-existant and easy to ignore if they appear. I have no captcha problems; if i get it incorrect, I just hit refresh 1 time and type then. Quick enough.

On the other hand, Jo could hire an assistant or anyone to make things while he's too busy. That's a needy thing, but I personally don't see where's the harm in delay of all things for 2 days or similar.
Traffic Value: $259.79288 Ghana
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07/01/2015 18:00
good luck Jo. hoping for bigger one tomorrow

Thanks for the update..
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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07/01/2015 18:08
Got my ads.
Traffic Value: $11,038.09657 Slovenia
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07/01/2015 18:10
colasander pls go buy a new house and move in it.And in this house you wont have anything there and you have to buy tons of stuff for everything, maybe beds to sleep , blankets clothes and all other stuff and we will see how much time will you have to do business then. will you say fuck it i will sleep on the floor so and i will go somewhere where they have Internet and push programmers to fix all bugs and spend whole day there asking if they have done yet or not. if you will then you have my respect. But i doubt it.
It takes tons of time to move in new house and to get all that is needed, and if you are new somewhere will you just fucking go to to neighbors and ask can i come in? i need intrenet now. While you wont even know any of them?!? you first have to know someone to ask a favor.
I agree that he needs someone more to deal with all this but hey if you are willing to spend whole day on computer the first day you get house then just get a fucking life.
Traffic Value: $1,085.59156 Germany
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07/01/2015 18:10
Noone complains because of one day with low valued ads.
The problem is, that jo isn't doing his job here. It's ok to need time for his reallife, but this project is too big to handle from only one person. We need people, who can do all the stuff without Jo. So he can make holidays, take more time for reallife, ... But it doesn't work this way for a long term!
Traffic Value: $249.68549 South Africa
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07/01/2015 18:12
Even if Jo agrees that he needs an assistant/help, he's not going to be able to just snap his fingers and somebody will magically appear. 

So while there is nobody else, we will just have to live with it. 
Traffic Value: $819.63781 Pakistan
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07/01/2015 18:17
Thanks.....Jo always be happy.........
Traffic Value: $3,515.97345 Canada
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07/01/2015 18:18
As I wrote a few lines above, there are members who are yet in business than can be hired in just a few days. So dont say there is nobody available to help him.
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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07/01/2015 18:19
now captcha is incorect after i click all already have improvement...Good job Jo and programmer...waiting for next project...Multiplayer poker...
Traffic Value: $284.35377 Slovenia
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07/01/2015 18:19
Coolosander is not whining about the ad issue and me neither but we all want that JO pushees paidverts to the NEXT level and be in it 100% for this few weeks then he can enjoy spoils of his work a lot of things has to be done i dont question his abilty,he just puted the ball in the corner for some time and were all in oblivion but thats how it is about this sites(but this site is not like others this site IS MAGIC)i hope from tommorow on he gets the ball in his feet and start kicking big ASS! grin About the net today bro with that kind of money you could have internet from a satelite haha winkjoke

Long Live KING Jo.
Traffic Value: $284.35377 Slovenia
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07/01/2015 18:21
Killa-07 you dont need favors when you got $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Traffic Value: $249.68549 South Africa
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07/01/2015 18:21

I'm sure there are plenty of people that can be hired. 

Are all of them the right people? 

If they hire somebody quickly and he/she screws up, do you think these members are going to be forgiving?

I would not make a quick decision for such an important job.

That's all I'm saying. 
PS. I agree that a Second in Command/Assistant is needed. I think however it's is important to make 100% we get the best person for the job
Traffic Value: $543.62195 Greece
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07/01/2015 18:25
killa-007   Business= Business and Life=Life. Because maybe there is a change in somebody's life doesn't mean that the business should also change. And the reverse. In any job.
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