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Is This A Ponzi Scheme?

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22/11/2014 18:15
Well the title kinda says it all, but before i want to go all into this site i don't really see any really solid evidence that this is not a ponzi scheme. Take Paidverts for example, how do they give 155% back, wouldn't they just need more people to pay so those people will get money? As for the other parts of the business how do they make 22k I read the results page but it does not add up to 21k so am kinda confused if anyone wants to help me with that i would be greatful grin
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22/11/2014 18:18
Well first of all you should read the FAQ's here in MTV.
Read all topics and specially this one:

About PV sustainability, read this article:
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22/11/2014 18:23
You say "Ponzi Scheme" like it's a bad thing.

LOL jk. 
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22/11/2014 18:32
you really know how to make some people mad...i have no more words for you as all the facts is in plain view so we don't need more bullshit posts !!!

"a reminder think before you make a post and use a better topic title"
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22/11/2014 18:42
This isn't a ponzi scheme... a ponzi by defition has no way to pay the last person their full return. But our business model does, provided our portfolio products return an average of 3.6x their construction costs. Which they're achieving comfortably to date.
Traffic Value: $2,430.53159 United States
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22/11/2014 18:48
rtrplay first of all i am not trying to make anyone mad I and just trying to get all the facts and such, before wanting to invest thousands of $$$ i want to have confidence in a site.

Jo when i look at the earnings each day i see all the programs but they never add up to the amount  that it says, is this because of the BAP games? can you explain this a little more.
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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22/11/2014 18:55
i am not really mad but we have had to much posts that are similar and i can understand how new users see this site, and a debt swap have reset most of stats before this year so calculations can be little off because of this
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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22/11/2014 18:57
Give me a specific example of something that doesn't add up. It should all be there... We only ever pay out the sum of our earnings. And with the daily result cards & portfolio, you can see all the accounting in as good as real time.
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22/11/2014 19:22
there are some pure profit product in paidverts buddy:

like cheap and targeted traffic ads
banner sellling
ad filters
super upgrades
vacation modes
solvemedia captcha

+ Games
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22/11/2014 19:55
well the portfolio page really doesnt explain anything .    let me give an example . the cashier portfolios cost nothing to build but generate income how is that ?  i can understand stuff like that games but not anything else . JO can you give a little more detail in it ? How does the site generate income and payback 1.55 for every dollar pack ? I honestly would like to know as well.  I signed up to other sites that have given these massive profits before and they in the long wrong didnt payout .  I do now that advertise directly to people to view ads works .  google and yahoo also pay for ad clicks . i am not saying its a ponzi scheme it has been running for 7 months .
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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22/11/2014 20:13

can explain one thing all products with zero cost to build was build before the debt swap in January 2014 and then old data was reset, that's way portfolio cost don't add up for those products

and paidverts 1.55% profits comes from

Firstly, let's take a look at how each 1$ ad pack is used:
- $0.10 of purchases go to portfolio
- $0.10 of purchases go to your upline.
- $0.10 are paid to the user over 10 days, a 1% value ad will be issued each day.
- $0.10 creates 10x1% ads that are issued to "super user upgraded users" at random
- $0.10 are added to the daily ad issue ($0.05 today, $0.05 tomorrow)
- $0.50 is invested at MyTrafficValue to return 2.5x (via the FT250 plan, or buying & selling shares)

$1.55 debt - $0.30 instantly created ads = $1.25
$0.50 invested x 2.5 = $1.25

then we also have this

Currently these mechanisms help reduce the PaidVerts' BAP debt

  • ad recycling (each ad not clicked on within 18 hours, gets sent to another user and this can happen up to 24x times. So each ad is basically capable of clearing 24x times of it's worth in debt!) On average the recycling usually clears 5-10% of overall debt
  • BAP tax – every user has to pay a BAX tax of 100 BAP daily
  • BAP games – users can play various casino/skill games where PaidVerts has the house edge, and this clears thousands of dollars worth of debt each day from the system
  • Cheap traffic and target ads also help clear BAP as the advertisers do not get any BAP for them, yet these ads still consume BAP from users
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22/11/2014 20:19
well you see, main failing feature of ponzi schemes is that they create bigger debts than revenues hence they cannot pay every single investor back.
ponzies have only one source of revenue and mtv has 20+ products earning revenues for it's members, if it wasn't for portfolio products this would be a ponzi.

paidverts can distribute bigger ads than other sites and still be sustainable because it's interconnected with mtv, part of the money is invested in 250% plan and other part in trading shares as rtrplay described
Traffic Value: $314.44564 Japan
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22/11/2014 21:48
that doesnt explain how it generates income at 1.55$ to give to its users for 1$
Traffic Value: $1,367.86746 Romania
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22/11/2014 21:50
You have to understand that it's 1,55 $ potential and if you want to keep earning the same you will have to reinvest 70%.
Traffic Value: $314.44564 Japan
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22/11/2014 21:52
an example would be mcdonads makes a burger for 1$ and sells it for 1.55$  they make .55 cents for each burger is sold to pay for its costs and employees.  how does paidvert do this ? that is what people are asking. mytrafficvalue website doesnt explain how it generates that 186 percent profit and 250 percent profit . 
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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22/11/2014 21:53
I may be stupid but I don´t see why you are so "troubled" about the origin of MTV´s money... it is pretty clear to me... MTV creates products (namely, games, paidverts, etc) and earns from them. In order to create/maintain those products it "borrows" your money and with the earnings from them it gives you your money back.

Not so hard to understand, really... business as anything else.
Traffic Value: $314.44564 Japan
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22/11/2014 21:57
yes i know .  you have to re invest to grow to get to the next group . i was only asking
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22/11/2014 21:58
Actually it does explain that. With each investment, debt as well as development funds are created. The portfolio products give revenues to pay off those debts with a large, well lately not so large, lag.
Traffic Value: $314.44564 Japan
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22/11/2014 22:00
so catt what you are saying it takes my money to pay for other accounts downline ?  thats not business thats moving debt around in a circle like taking one credit card to pay another card. Im asking because i want to know .
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22/11/2014 22:02
All the banner ads you see are an example of the revenue the site creates. Overtime things like this pay back the cost of the ad. It doesn't happen instantly, it happens over time.

Also, people bet money in the casino. Those losses go into the portfolio as a revenue profit. We also collect fees from transactions. Fees to buy and sell shares, fees to deposit and withdraw money etc. These fees are also revenue generating
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