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Traffic Value: $1,859.69963 Canada
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10/02/2015 18:11
after looking at the licence plate it seems that this guy live in my country and my province,also the picture is not enough clear to show what city he lives in,the plate is very clear,but i would need a police contact for his addresss,just cont the rcmp fraud section since it is a federal plus provincial problem,also go very fast because people usually transfer money to somebody else to evade any claims,also get a court order to freeze all assets until court decisions that can take up to two years and more...
Traffic Value: $26.92416 Norway
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10/02/2015 18:12
Yans facebook:
Facebook of his gf:
Link to the photo of his license:
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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10/02/2015 18:13
All photos are from facebook. View his profile for yourself! I'm not his friend, and I can see all that info.
Traffic Value: $112.59583 Indonesia
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10/02/2015 18:17
can you give me link to yan fb? or his name in fb... thanks

edited:sorry im not see post above me 
Traffic Value: $1,793.38751 Italy
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10/02/2015 18:18
Traffic Value: $59.65253 Venezuela
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10/02/2015 18:18
Thanks for reporting. I'm still waiting on $, to my referrals if they come 
Traffic Value: $911.04588 Pakistan
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10/02/2015 18:18
Are you sure this is yan's gf pic jo? Looks more like her mother 2 me bt that is my guess :p. Thanks for following yan's bread crumbs doesn't matter if they look bit "old" :p
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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10/02/2015 18:19

Loads of money in PayPal. But we can't send it out just yet per the PayPal paperwork block. Carlos is working on this and it'll be resolved sooner or later.

So please be patient with your pending cashout requests. We'll get to them ASAP!

Furthermore, I dont want to process any cashouts for the next 48hours to allow the support staff and programmers time to ensure that no other accounts have been hijacked whilst Yan had access to our servers again the other day (when he stole the PM). I doubt he'll have wasted his time with user accounts this time around; seeing as he nabbed the PM API instead... but better to be safe than sorry!
Traffic Value: $4,392.68844 United Kingdom
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10/02/2015 18:21
Please Can All Members And Me Have Some Ads  smile

Retire Early Who Me No Way

Traffic Value: $1,270.85786 Morocco
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10/02/2015 18:26
when i try to buy bulk ads via paypal a get this message :
Error: [{"L_ERRORCODE":"10002","L_SHORTMESSAGE":"Restricted account","L_LONGMESSAGE":"Account is restricted","L_SEVERITYCODE":"Error"}]

whats the problem ??
Traffic Value: $1,793.38751 Italy
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10/02/2015 18:35
Nothing is illegal about showing public photo, because as is written in facebook TOS:

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).
Traffic Value: $8,460.97212 India
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10/02/2015 18:38
Check this..
Is it bug or something else..?
Traffic Value: $71.81537 Portugal
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10/02/2015 18:41
I hope paidverts/mytrafficvalue starts having a little bit more good luck from now on. sad
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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10/02/2015 18:41
OK, the second bad news of the day!

PayPal is apparently no longer accepting Paid To Click advertisement websites. NeoBux and Clixsense will also be losing their PayPal accounts also in the coming days.

PayPal is now a bank in Luxemberg, and is quoting all sorts of nonsense European Legal justifications. But ultimately they don't want to risk their "prestige" serving what they perceive as high risk businesses, that upon potential bankruptcy could hurt their reputation.

And even upon proving that bankruptcy is impossible under a business model where the advertiser simply pays for a user to communicate. And PV takes a cut. They are being stubborn.


We have not lost the money or anything. And we have not given up either, we will keep pushing to get PayPal re-established as a deposit & cashout method. There'll be a way to do so, it'll just take some time.

Let me keep talking to Carlos & PayPal, and then we'll figure out a way forwards. And an alternative means of cashing out your PayPal balances.

I'll get back to you!

ps. If you file a chargeback at PayPal, we will dispute it, almost certainly win and ban your account. So don't do that!
Traffic Value: $5,543.38944 Canada
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10/02/2015 18:42
Please can somebody tell me how long support tickets are being taken to answer, I have an urgent issue of missing funds but I have had not answer now for a week, can anybody help me?


Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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10/02/2015 18:44

Your answer is 2 posts above yours.

Edit - Also 4 posts below yours.
Traffic Value: $108.96522 Pakistan
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10/02/2015 18:46
Already Told You ............ More Problems Are Coming .............. whistling
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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10/02/2015 18:46

Re: Yan Iwebs

Now THAT is an example of how to use the STICK!
Traffic Value: $1,312.65076 Bulgaria
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10/02/2015 18:50
Please press on with getting our own MTV debit card established. In the long run it will save us time, money and headaches.
Traffic Value: $108.96522 Pakistan
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10/02/2015 18:50
paidverts - Administrator
This Is Bad Bad Bad Bad News For Paypal Users .......... 
I Think It Is Shocking News .......... shocked
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