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slosumo - Administrator
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14/06/2015 15:58
There won't be any fast tracks until 16th, as when the site was in maintenance there were 0 revenues.

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Firstly, I apologize for the bit late news, but I was waiting to see how the PaidVerts situation evolves. The programmers have been on it since late morning, but another issue popped up, as there will need to be some more adjustments in the ad crons, to make the code compatible with Galera.

The programmers are going to have a long Sunday adjusting the code, but it's now apparent that PV won't be able to go live today. Best case scenario the code adjustments will be finished some time tomorrow. Everyone's doing extra hours to get things working, but these are complex issues that unfortunately only appear on live testing and can require quite a bit of tweaking. I wish things were as simple as everyone here with no techincal knowledge think they are, but with even some top-of-the-line DBA, Sys admin and programmers working on solving them and running into these issues, it's not all that straightforward. Hence the constant prolonged ETAs, that are impossible to predict exactly.

Plus Jo's "perfect" timing of announcing that he plans to leave MTV reigns to others, doesn't help either. But be sure that we're doing everything to get PaidVerts back and running, as it is in everyone's best interested to keep the downtime minimal.

And regarding Jo's announcement of leaving MTV - this is for the best of the company and is in my honest opinion long overdue, as he's shown no interest in leading the company for at least the past 6 months. Him leaving doesn't change anything - everything ticked over the past 6 months, during some of the biggest hardships MTV has endured, and with hardly any intervention from him.

There are a lot of capable individuals amongst our midst to take over what Jo's role was, and do it properly, with determination and positivity, to bring MTV forwards. Jo just started everything, now others will continue. If he isn't prepared to lead things onwards, others will. This is all for the best - if Jo's lost his motivation then there is no point for him to keep running things. Let others take charge, it's about time.

So Jo's lost his motivation, but Carlos is more determined than ever to get things rolling in the right direction. Things are very complicated in the banking/legal arena, but he is slowly making strides forwards. Several shareholders are now starting to cooperate with him to get things moving, and we are also in the process of selecting the new CEO. This ought to have remained behind the curtains until we settled on everything, but based on today's events and the panic that Jo's comments have caused, I feel it's better to at least mention it.

Based on current discussions with Carlos and some of the top shareholders, that position will most likely be filled by MarcDeKoning. I do not intend to go into too many details (at least until the decision is definitive), about who he is and why he is currently our top candidate, so I'll keep it short today.

Marc has been with MTV almost since the start, and he has been an avid member throughout. He has the passion and sees the potential of MTV, but perhaps more importantly, he's also an experienced entrepreneur. That is a needed attribute for someone that is to lead MTV and help in pursuing legal and banking solutions, something that Jo wasn't particularly interested in helping doing.

It's time MTV moves forwards, and fresh leadership is exactly what we need. Marc not only has my support, but also the support of several of the top shareholders, and by the looks of it, his support doesn't end there smile

At this time nothing is final, but I hope we'll be able to make a final decision in the following weeks, when we'll also make an official announcement.
Traffic Value: $10,606.29548 Viet Nam
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14/06/2015 15:59
Thank you grin
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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14/06/2015 16:02
Seems my topic was not as ill-timed as vecors make it look angel
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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14/06/2015 16:02
Too cool--I'm impressed!
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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14/06/2015 16:02
I just can say: slosumo you do not deserve jo's destroying all you are trying to solve. If i were you i'll be really angry with jo and his bad mouth.
Traffic Value: $50,903.64953 Brazil
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14/06/2015 16:02
Marc de Koning - New Ceo! Thanks
Traffic Value: $861.47812 Pakistan
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14/06/2015 16:05
Marc , the new CEO . well
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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14/06/2015 16:06
Thank you for the update Slosumo. And I believe that I have noticed one thing about when Jo does show up that maybe others have not noticed. That is the fact that when he shows up the site always has issues. When he is gone things run smoothly. Marc sounds to me like he has a good head  on his shoulders, lets hope if he does take over that he can make PV and MTV into something beautiful.
Traffic Value: $13.93449 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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14/06/2015 16:06
Again we read tell why I keep saying to go out some kind of problems in paidvertsa as things stand we are sure 300 percent that you will never again let go online paidverst seems to špaidverst failed but rather tell the truth than every day lying to us will be paidverst online when it is not so of your program, this is a shame what a shame we are lying.
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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14/06/2015 16:06
Great post Slosumo, just what we needed. All in all, exciting times, and I think those with some money in their balances could be making insane amounts of money if they've a little patience and bought shares ! 
Traffic Value: $221.35504 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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14/06/2015 16:07
Great news, ty Slosumo grin
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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14/06/2015 16:08
Thanks Slosumo for the transparency! You own.
Traffic Value: $161.87766 United States
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14/06/2015 16:08
Lets move forward and maintain integrity.
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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14/06/2015 16:09
Ok PV online tomorrow probably ok .....
Traffic Value: $6,854.66221 India
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14/06/2015 16:10
I'm very happy
Traffic Value: $9,354.801 Slovenia
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14/06/2015 16:10
Congrats Marc! grin Finally a positive news for our future!
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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14/06/2015 16:11
Ok so this is how I see it. New week coming up, new site manager aka CEO Marc, and new PV coming, so lets all make some new money and start some new dreams. Out with the old, and in with the new.
Traffic Value: $4,349.77461 India
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14/06/2015 16:14
I think with new CEO we should have Board of Directors team setup.angel
Traffic Value: $893.48155 Slovenia
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14/06/2015 16:17
The programmers are going to have a long Sunday adjusting the code, but it's now apparent that PV won't be able to go live today. LOL

You sure are inlove with "TOMMOROW"
Traffic Value: $251.50076 Canada
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14/06/2015 16:18
Thanks for the enlightening post, Slosumo. I am sure that your words have pumped new hope and great expectations into the minds and spirits of many if not most. I'm looking forward to a serious and focused individual along with you and the rest of the team who can take this journey to the highest peak.grin
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