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14/06/2015 18:14
@ mriley

Didn't they delete the thread? I know it was in the top 20 and all of a sudden it was gone like the wind blew it away.
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14/06/2015 18:14
Thanks to God or someone that that happened grin One of the best things I heard in this year. I think Marc is really the best candidate for next CEO. I totaly support him.

Let`s grow bigger, better and faster.

This is my humble opinion tongue
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Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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14/06/2015 18:18
@ EO

Thanks just had to go through history on the computer to find it. By the time I did you posted it already LOL
Traffic Value: $236.92954 Philippines
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14/06/2015 18:23
I will follow JO where he goes. The ponzi effect that MTV PV "was" is the only reason it made money the way it did and im kicking myself for not getting in when the getting was good. JO gone will not make this place better it already died when the ponzi timer ran out lol. 
Traffic Value: $82,499.10416 Italy
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14/06/2015 18:33
To be motivated is the first rule that a person must have to lead a business.
If a person is motivated, that means he wants, and if he wants, he does! Everything starts from our mind. Jo lost his motivation months ago, he's leaving us and it's right he does it, we need someone else.
Nothing is official right now but I really feel that Marc is the right person we need to step forward!
Traffic Value: $120.62272 Costa Rica
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14/06/2015 18:35
And who is mark?
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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14/06/2015 18:39
I remember when Marc used to tell Jo to get a job rather than take a salary at MTV.  If I were CEO I could totally do the CEO job without a salary, because I already have a regular job.

Of course, if you watch the show Shark Tank, almost all those guys won't invest in a company ran by somebody who works another job.  However, those guys are more like actors than investors at this point.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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14/06/2015 18:49
Marc is not good selection for CEO, as per my point. 

Think twice ... and more.
Traffic Value: $468.84016 Italy
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14/06/2015 18:50
CEO must be default reffer here, and CEO earn good money from refferal. CEO need some salary, but only if CEO work for people. If CEO not work, he need only ban!!!
Traffic Value: $236.92954 Philippines
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14/06/2015 18:53
i dont give a Sh&t who takes the job just get the damn SHARES back to normal.. F'in 007 right now!  UGH mad
Traffic Value: $82,499.10416 Italy
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14/06/2015 18:54
If I am not wrong, Marc lost a lot of money on FTQ investments caused by the swap.

Would you lose your motivation guys, after losing 100k in FTQ investments ( I don't know if it's right the amount he lost ) .

Despite this, his motivation still survives, maybe stronger than before.

He has always shown his interest in this business, and in my opinion he deserves that place.
Traffic Value: $437.32954 Portugal
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14/06/2015 19:02
Jo seems depressed and negative, since he realized that what he dreamed about is almost forbidden by the way laws and rules of financial world work.

Jo, you have the right to give your position to other person. But your creativity for this business is something of great value. Just leave the red tape for someone who can do that, but keep up with your creativity and awesome ideas on the business.

Traffic Value: $2,362.00635 Estonia
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14/06/2015 19:02
wow mtvshares website is changed...
damn it was good place to chat with other users sad
Traffic Value: $2,368.44924 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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14/06/2015 19:04
where is the Jo's announcement ?
Traffic Value: $145.32534 Romania
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14/06/2015 19:19
Hello everyone! please tell me why buy advertising in PV and pay with payza possible, and buy shares and pay with payza not? I'm sorry for my English because I use a translator by Google
Traffic Value: $327.44077 Bulgaria
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14/06/2015 19:33
I believe in MTV AND PV that they will be forever....yes it needs more progress so that mtv and pv can get better but it needs..time and believe...and i believe.....! IN MTV AND PV !
and i just want to ask at the moment...does bank wire works 100 procent....
i just need to verify my account yes ?!
I believe MTV/PV are the best...just need time...
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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14/06/2015 19:35
vultcult, in my country and most of nothern sky that is not forbidden grin
is only to create right platform and your company can pay investor money 100% legally here !!!

you only need to create a lending platform that lend companies the money then company pay interest back like a bank but higher interest...they write what they need the money for like our FTQ plans would be if we could decide what to build
Traffic Value: $593.00493 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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14/06/2015 19:38
Jo not care about you,and stop asking whear is Jo.Who cares grin
Traffic Value: $125.24984 Pakistan
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14/06/2015 19:42
I believe he is with his wife and giving her therapy massage since she is pregnant, hehehehe smile
thats all he can do or maybe taking (eating) banana. hehehehe
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