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finally i am leaving PAIDVERTS

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Traffic Value: $1,859.69963 Canada
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08/10/2014 15:12
nobody should judge his brother or sister,nudity has no place on this site,something should be done,for members who dont like that
Traffic Value: $3,261.99794 United States
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08/10/2014 15:17

Hi ,  I am not mentioning only about this threads. Here some members  are replying very rudely even for some new member's normal doubts. They want to behave more than Jo ( Fortunately Jo is very kind to members). Due to this members like me are to be less active this forum. Thanks for your concern about others.
Traffic Value: $16.1889 Canada
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08/10/2014 15:18
I Agree

If this is what paidverts is heading towards its not right.

There are other programs out there without having to watch pics like that.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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08/10/2014 15:19
Every new member has same right to be here, just as any other member which is here from day one. You have right to say your oppinion. We must be strong and friendly community.
Traffic Value: $23,532.27415 Netherlands
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08/10/2014 15:22
@misterDD: you say that colasander should be banned for his reply.
But why? All he said was: Bye, i dont care..
I searched this topic for an insult, but this was his only reply.

How is this insulting?
Why should he be banned for this simple comment?
I really don't get it.
Traffic Value: $50.01052 Singapore
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08/10/2014 15:22
I can understand the reason: because he came from Muslim country which tend to be very conservative about women and nudity.
Traffic Value: $605.49135 India
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08/10/2014 15:24
Hope that members who are out of control of temper in using words in posts here would give a look on the TOS part
"------------defamation, harassment, foul language, inappropriate conduct in our forum or helpdesk or any type of account activity deemed to be inappropriate or illegal in the sole discretion of PaidVerts, these actions may result in member termination and possible legal action as well as forfeiture of any earned commissions------------ etc"
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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08/10/2014 15:28
First of all I have nothing against Colosander, and I do not want to see him banned, or anyone else. Point was that he has not reacted well. When new member overreact, you must say them on calm way, please do not leave, give time to admin, hes cool person, we can solve all together, and not just go I do not need you. And besides it is not first time he attack someone on forum. But I will repeat, I do not think bad about Colosander, or about any involved here. I respect Colosander, I respect you, I respect all. We all are humans, we all do mistakes, but I think we really need to have moderator here. His nick was just example. I also said one time on forum BS, so I should be warned as example also. No worry, I do not want ban for anyone. But you must admit, that will be cool measure and MTV/PV will earn more when we run out of control, and when we receive ban for 24 or 48 hours  smile

I just want that we all are cool community and in friendly mood. All people are cool for me.
Traffic Value: $23,532.27415 Netherlands
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08/10/2014 15:38
it was a useless comment to a useless topic.. so i don't see harm in the comment of colasander
It is said before in this topic: The person who created the topic should have just replied in one of the many topic concerning the so called 'nudes'.
If the person who made this topic did some research he would have known that the programmers working on a solution..

Back to your comment: I agree with you completely that we should all respect each other and stop insulting each other. The problem is: where do we draw the line, when is it an insult?

personally i agree with colasander, i am getting really tired of these idiots who keep making unnecessary topics and spamming the forum. If they took just took the time to create a topic and started looking for a solution instead of crying about how this site is so wrong..
If they really dont want to help out, then shut up or leave.. If you are really helping out and contributing to the community, then you are free to complain.
Traffic Value: $97.45308 Pakistan
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08/10/2014 15:41
yes we Muslims are conservative about nudity,,
there should be some discipline here on paidverts/mtv its such a big site,, its not the way to promote your business with the help of pornography,
this should be stopped,
Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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08/10/2014 15:42
It would be better for all to see more topics with ideas and suggestions for improving site than this sad and empty discussions...more creativity, less arguing smile
Traffic Value: $29.85337 Pakistan
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08/10/2014 18:02
@misterDD and others thanks for your positive and meaningful response..
thank GOD there are some ppl who really care about others feelings....
thank GOD  there are some ppl who have got some sense to understand such sensitive issues...
thank GOD there remains some hope for a better future and a successful buisness...
Thanks everybody for showing there thoughts...
Finally i hope for something that would solve this sensitive issue....
Traffic Value: $6,128.74944 Portugal
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08/10/2014 18:05
WOW, I miss this post for so many time.

You will leave the site because you don't wan't see nude photos of females? That's awesome grin Enjoy your trip to home again my friend. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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08/10/2014 18:12
15 pages i'm most definitely not reading.

I'm so sick of the 200 topics a day about the ads, alongside the other 100 daily topics of spam.. It's not new anymore, we know! Jo is fixing it! Now stop giving me a very hard time to find the actual usefull topics/comments in this forum.
Traffic Value: $307.69043 Greece
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08/10/2014 19:12
Ok, guys, since this has gone too far, it's not worth arguing over the problem.. I respect everyone has his own point of view and we should all respect each other as we are practically partners here. So, instead of fighting I think we should focus on finding some proper solution to the actual problem.. not just argue over it as that doesn't help anyone and especially the admin.

So, after searching for a few hours here is a workaround you could use to block those ads from showing up if they are offending you. This should only be used temporarily until a proper solution is found from the administration of the site.

This works on chrome browser but should work on other browsers as well that have the adblock plus extension. First of all, go ahead and install AdBlock Plus and REMOVE ALL THE FILTER SUBSCRIPTIONS. This way paidverts' ads would NOT be prevented and your viewing ads process would NOT be blocked at all. Adblock Plus does not block any ads without subscription filters. Now..:

Option 1:
One way is to simply right click and copy the image link whenever an offensive 125x125 banner shows up. Then open the Adblock Plus Options and go to "Add your own filters", paste the offensive banner's link there and add it to your list. This will prevent that specific banner from showing up again. If you refresh the page it will be gone. However since people run multiple campaigns you might have to do that a bunch of times until all of them are blocked, but that's better than nothing.

Option 2:
If this still leaves you offended, you could add the following line to your personal adblock plus filter to prevent all 125x125 banner ads from showing up.*

 This will still ALLOW you to work on the site without problems and you WILL still view the rest of banners that are of different sizes 468x60, 728x90 etc.)
I do not recommend the second way as this will also prevent banners from legit advertisers as well (and yes I'm one of them so, yes.. I would like you to view my ads). But if you can't go on like that, that's also understandable, provided that it's only a temporary workaround, until an official solution is provided by the administration.

I hope this will help in preserving the image of the site, and prevent people from leaving it due to this issue. Good luck with your earnings everyone!
Traffic Value: $29.85337 Pakistan
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08/10/2014 20:11
@solid snake i think its not a proper method and still my new referrals would have the same problem and they will simply leave PV and it would be a loss for me and in this way i cant invest here and it would be difficult for every newcomer and like me many ppl would not like to invest here ...
anyways thanks for your positive response bro smile
Traffic Value: $1,295.02281 India
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08/10/2014 20:50
Believe me i read thru the 16 pages!!! i dont know why this community is not so friendly!!! people with  higher traffic value : if only this amount of money has made u this arrogant i dont know how u will be after a year with MTV growing so fast!!!(i guess 2.5x more arrogant each time when fast tracked!!)
The member has opened a repeated topic and has taken a stand thats it.. his opinions...
AND i totally agree newbie questions should be answered without insulting or giving rude replies..
I say make a huge collection of FAQs gathered till now at one place and make every new member read it so that it can be one stop solution for a large number of requests!!
AND it is disappointing that in 16 pages i could only find one  or two solutions to the problem... the guy who gave the buxp solution ... very nice man... u tend to find the solution instead of wning about the problem...
Traffic Value: $6,673.1326 India
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09/10/2014 08:54
neutron55 - 2 days back you said, "finally i am leaving PAIDVERTS". And you are still here?
Traffic Value: $587.45852 Bangladesh
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09/10/2014 09:39
@iamliger last time i checked this site was MY TRAFFIC VALUE  rolleyes
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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09/10/2014 09:39

Why wouldn't he still be here?

He is hoping for things to get better.

And they will get better when programmers implement shareholders control panel 
from where we will be able to block/flag/report such crappy banners.

Personally I will flag all of them if I stumble upon them,
and hope others will do the same.

In the end we all want PV to be exclusive advertising site without such adult related and misleading ads, right?
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