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finally i am leaving PAIDVERTS

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Traffic Value: $29.85337 Pakistan
4 like this post 35 people
07/10/2014 21:09
guys i complained many times about the ads or posts or banners which showed women breasts...
today the number of that nude ads was double...
today i have decided to leave Piadverts,i would also tell my friends who are my referrals to leave and i am the first to take a stand and leave this site and i know that many others who have the same complain will also leave....
i am the first to start this leaving Paidverts program....
And now i Hate this Nude site which promotes such expicit thoughts and feelings...
Traffic Value: $13,962.16825 Australia
18 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 21:11

Soon, the share-holder panel will be able to control the delivery of ads. You don't need to leave ...

Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
11 like this post 15 people
07/10/2014 21:14
I dont get it...its not see nudity 24h all around you in newspapers, TV, internet, etc...
Traffic Value: $386,747.05153 Netherlands
25 like this post 15 people
07/10/2014 21:24
Bye Neutron! I really dont care.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
24 like this post 6 people
07/10/2014 21:26
He might be into men.
Traffic Value: $3.48489 Netherlands
1 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 21:39
Welcome to the internet neutron55, money is money.wink
Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
3 like this post 2 people
07/10/2014 21:44
Meh.....90% of internet is porn, people...there...thats one interesting fact, i surely wont leave PV because of few disposed male and female genitals, and their interactions grin
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
10 like this post 1 people
07/10/2014 21:47
Im sorry to see you go but at the light of some of the comments I see here, it´s perfectly understandable... its not just the fact that is happening but also the disregard of people for your feelings... 
Sorry sad
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
21 like this post 3 people
07/10/2014 21:50
unfortunately there won't be enough people offended by it to make any real difference to PV or its member base. There are more twisted minds online than healthy ones from what I have gathered over the years. 

I have the impression the more complaints turn up in the forum the more the ads turn up. I think some immature people are just getting a kick out of getting away with breaking a rule the admin doesnt care to keep while upsetting a bunch of people at the same time. 

Its not the right place for such material but sad to say those of us who would prefer not to see it have that choices of 
 * using PV in private where the advertisers material can't pop up and embarrass you or compromise your family beliefs and overlook as best we can.  
 * leave 

Respect for others is something a certain portion of people online don't seem to have and would rather get a kick out of mocking your complaints when you make a stand for what you believe. 

Sad that such a topic is why people are chosing to leave. 

Either it needs to be stated up front that you will be exposed to such material before you join or it needs to be fixed so people cant advertise such content, or at the very least have an option to opt out of adult related material. 
Traffic Value: $1,909.96027 Netherlands
1 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 22:21
realise that PV is 1000x better than any other ptc. So its on your chooise.
Still making many dollars daily or clicking other ptc with ads example 0.0001.
Its your chooise, but so far i see PV is the best money making site ever in my opinion.
Anyway i wish you succes in your life and making money with other monetize sites.
Its in my opinion to find very good and really working monetize sites, but ok, again, its your chooise to throw away one of the best monetize sites ever. Ofcourse its possible that there excsts better sites, but i havent found yet. And i am in monetizing now arround 3 or 4 yours.
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
18 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 22:27
@Thuru I think everybody knows there aren´t many sites as paidverts around... still, what people seem not to understand is that the porn issue is HUGE to some people, whether because of religion, culture or just personal conviction. Instead of making fun of the people who are complaining, we should be understanding and try to be cooperative. After all, its in our TOS that porn sites or images are not allowed.
And do not give me that "women shaking boobs is not porn". Just remember: There are places where you cant even see a woman´s hair... I do not agree to THAT extent, but we must realize internet is a global medium so all cultures, religions and personal convictions should be respected. Making fun of them is childish and really counterproductive and not enforcing the TOS might be accepted in a small business, but we are growing faster and faster and TOS should be enforced....
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
5 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 22:42
Actually I don't have them so often really. 
But today there where 4 in row dominating the bannerspace,  this comes across as offense
to people, who don't want even to see one for whatever reason.

I would advice the people who really feel that it is offensive, to write to the sites for whom the reflinks are and complain that they do offensive advertising. 
Let them deal with the advertising boobguyssmile LOL. 

For the rest I don't believe that PV really supports that stuff, ads have been taken down. 
There are just not enough hands on deck , yet. 
Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/10/2014 22:43
Thats nice, but thats wrong perception of internet, its more like dump...for every possible thing you can imagine...and when you step in a dump you just need to be calm and be ignorant for all other things which arent your interest in that mess and keep on moving...
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
1 like this post 4 people
07/10/2014 22:57
@missi and some offended people here, ok, I see you and some people here are smart so I guess you won't mind answering my question, what makes someone's mind healthy/twisted in your opinion?

and sorry but please cut the crap, don't act all like a robot without any feelings or desires, we are all people here.

something you find healthy I find it twisted and the other way around...

and you can't possibly enforce your views on what's right and what's wrong,religion...etc on the internet because of the facts jure25 said before or you might as well stay where you are in your closed minded circle... accept what you enjoy, ignore what you don't, simple as that... not always complaining
Traffic Value: $1,779.68609 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
2 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 23:01
Tupko dont offend, thats not nice...especially if its lady in question ermm
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
1 like this post 2 people
07/10/2014 23:03
no offence intended jure, im just sick of the nonsense complaints...
that's just my point of happy
Traffic Value: $4,013.67386 Canada
4 like this post 4 people
07/10/2014 23:12
u here to cry like a baby or earn money? o right cry bye! send us a postcard from no $$$ land.!

Be happy those advertisers pay us thousands for so many banners double the banners?! then we earned double on em! good! thanks you nude advertisement give us your $$$.!
Traffic Value: $307.69043 Greece
8 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 23:17
Refreshing the page does not seem to be helping either as they keep getting reloaded.. maybe refreshing a bunch of times would reduce their impressions and eventually deplete them but there are also honest advertisers that are not violators and indeed do not deserve their impressions to be reduced along with them..

At least an option to block specific images that one considers offensive would most likely solve the problem.. and since adblock is out of the question some people like the thread starter will eventually leave the site and I don't know how many others we refer to the site would run away from that view.

Of course "sex sells", but sometimes professionalism can prove to be more beneficial in long term for everyone and also some respect to our fellow partners wouldn't harm.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
0 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 23:19
Yes, TBIZ , money doesn't stink, unfortunately people do. smile 

Traffic Value: $164.48277 Algeria
5 like this post 0 people
07/10/2014 23:27
"Websites containing malicious script or code, excessive pop-ups, or viruses are prohibited. In summary, and without being exhaustive, no sites promoting the follow shall be submitted to PaidVerts:
Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material"

first one on the list.... even better, some do promote pornographic websites now directly so ........

i'm sorry but this is becoming very sad as a way of answer others complaints
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