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Ad Issue Profit Margin/Increase?

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30/11/2020 04:52
My power was out for 8 days due to the worst Ice Storm in the Power Company's History.

I ws unable to get online (anywhere) to do my ads/put a vacation hold on, anything.

Support tells me they don't do such refunds.

1. Why not? When the ads get sent to someone else, the BAP is acounted for.

2. What kind of margins are we looking at for how long it will take to recover all that lost BAP?
12K out of 1.5MIL
29K out of 3MIL

3. I am seriously thinking of "going on vacation".
A. How much Profit, on avg (weekly or yearly), is being made doing all these ads?
B. I can still do Activation/Ad Grid/Daily Bonus/Offers, right?
C. Would it make sense to go on vacation or sell my BAP and thus rebuy when I get more BAP per RP?
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30/11/2020 19:48
they must draw a line some place . and its also part of the business model.

you are long enough here to know the risk.

to be honest, i would say close this topic and discuss this with a ticket but it would be unfair to refund you to others

thank god you cant have the worsest storm ever everyday
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30/11/2020 19:55
Unfortunately,its unfair.I would chalk it up as a loss and move on.
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01/12/2020 17:12
Oh, come on Druth8, you already know this....! 
We had two nightmarish huge hurricanes here in Honduras in the last three weeks. If you have it your way, I should be asking for a refund too on the days the phone and internet companies were unable to provide service then!
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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02/12/2020 07:13
Since no one is helping me with my math questions: (close is fine)

12K  = 2K per day = $0.20 = $50 per year = $5 is how much I need to rebuy that BAP I lost

29K  = 5K per day = $0.50 = $125 per year = $12.5 " "

By My Math (based on BA purchase for BAP), the no fault of my own, just part of the business model, means 6 missed days and it will take me 25 days to get back the BAP I lost.

1.5MIL BAP = $625 "invest" with $50 yearly dividend = 8% ROI
3MIL BAP = $1250 "" $125 = 10% ROI

Long Term Avg stock Market, where you just keep investing more and more as you save more and more, and don't login and click ads is anywhere from 4-7%.

So, PV and PTCS currently outperform the stock market, even taking into the fact a 10% loss due to the 8 day no power. Hopefully, in a few years after the extra money is done paying off FTQ, some more and more can go to the Ad Issues.

As long as my math checks out, the question I have to ask myself is it worth it to login daily and do the ads (and the free BAP as well btw) for $50 and $125 per year.

Or, do I convert to BAP (for PV only ofc):
1.5M at 5 BAP = 300K RP
Every $50 yearly = 100K BAP
If I sell at 10 BAP = 3MIL BAP - 1.5MIL BA GAIN aka 15 years of 100K BAP.

If my math is correct this is any easy choice.
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02/12/2020 18:54
Yeah just stop clicking ads and  get rid of bap . way too slow smile 
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