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Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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27/03/2015 01:40
Today's fast tracks have been sent.

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We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).

Upcoming debt swap facts:

1. We will be swapping all BAP & FTQ investments for shares, at a rate no higher than $0.35/share, between the following dates: Apr 6th - 10th

eg. For every $350 you are owed from the fast track queue, you will receive 1000 shares.

eg2. For every 700 BAP you have, 1 share will be issued.

2. Your account balances will not be touched. That's your money, and can be cashed out at any time, or saved in your balance to be used after the swap.

3. When we initiate the swap, the BAP marketplace (ability to sell shares directly for BAP) will be suspended for 60 days. You can still sell shares for cash during that time.

4. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting PV Bulk Ad Purchases to 1-5 ad packs per day, per user for 60days. ($1.05-$5.25/day maximum)

5. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting 170/200/250 plan investments for 60days. $1-$10/day per user for 170 + 250 plans. And $1-$250/day per user for the 200 plan.
* 250 Plan Upgraded users will have their upgrades extended by 60days, as a result of this limitation.
* The 240% plan upgrades will be exempt from these limitations.

6. Up until the swap, Fast Track Payments will continue as normal and there will be daily ad issues from Monday to Friday only (cron permitting!), with a guaranteed minimum value of $10k per issue.
Traffic Value: $3,133.18837 Pakistan
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27/03/2015 01:49
wow very good paidverts very early provide us news.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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27/03/2015 02:01
Nice to read you once again for a change smile
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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27/03/2015 02:03

I am slowly starting to get back to work now, in anticipation of the swap in 10days time or so... I'm currently in Australia visiting my parents... I'll pop over to New Zealand next week for a couple days, and then towards the end of April i'll be back to spain for the foreseeable future hopefully.
I'm going to try and buy a new laptop in the next day or two, as you will not believe how difficult it is writing this update from the one I've got! Once that's sorted, i'll have no excuses not to be back to work as usual!

slosumo & lucas are doing a great job... I see they're working directly with Carlos to add more payment processors and other bits without any input from me what so ever. Which is great!

I'm still trying to catch up with Carlos and push for progress on the banking & paperwork front. But what I understand as of writing is that our relationship with PayPal is basically broken. They don't want to work with PV due to it's links with MTV. Or something like that. However, they're happy to work with us in other businesses??... But that battle is ongoing. We'll keep pushing until we negotiate some means of working together.

I believe the next step is to register Paidverts as a separate business. And see if that yields any results. But we have more payment processors coming online, and I believe there's a credit card facility about ready to install. We'll work around paypal in the mean time.

Carlos has been to Mauritius, and I beleive we have a bank account there now - however we're waiting on a 10k deposit to arrive, required to activate the account or something... I do not know any details regarding the account just yet - but hopefully it won't be long until we have a banking option again!

* PayPal is also releasing our $1.2m there over the next 6months -- so we need a working bank option to receive that!


Meanwhile, business as usual!
The swap is coming in the next 10days or so. We'll see how that goes.

And I think my main focus in the coming weeks will be to continue designing that new members area template to take the business model to the next level -- focusing on account verification stuff (required for credit cards & regulatory red tape) ... and to bring the programming queue on-site, get user ideas rolling + rewarded. And to create the product ownership marketplace. Enabling users to buy & sell stakes in individual portfolio products ...
Basically I'm working to "complete the MTV business model" ... make this a true crowd machine / platform. That processes both investments, and your ideas. And links the two directly with the people who will build / make it reality! With the appropriate accounting & legal nonsense built into the platform; to turn that into a fixed process.

Once the platform is "complete", then we'll focus entirely on products! But right now, that's not really my concern -- I want to complete the foundations, then the entire crowd can figure out how to actually make money!
Traffic Value: $2,066.50335 Korea Republic of
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27/03/2015 02:14
Hello, Jo smile
Traffic Value: $3,170.45051 India
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27/03/2015 02:17
My dear jo

Happy to hear Paypal is accept your ( othe Business ) proposal , any way it's good for all members ....grin
i know Credit  / Debit Card purchases for PV only , but it's OK , it's good for PV and for us ,and Thanks for Adding Credit /  Debit Card purchases For us......  Heart fully many many Thanks for Programmers and Corlos for their Hard Work .... Have Safe Journey and get back to home ASAP ....grin
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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27/03/2015 02:22
Strange thinking of you being in my country ... pity Im stuck in a hole in the middle of it. It would have been a nice to make an opportunity to meet. Anyhow, safe travels ... i hope you enjoy your time here.
Traffic Value: $48.06044 United States
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27/03/2015 03:02
you stated 

" I believe the next step is to register Paidverts as a separate business. And see if that yields any results." 

do you believe that paypal will work with paidverts as a separate business ?

also i see you will be adding the debit card option , will you be puting that in the " buy ads " section of paidverts ?

do you think we can have paypal back that way ?  
Traffic Value: $3,553.39286 India
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27/03/2015 03:30
i belive paypal will be back one day sure.grin many thanks to jo for making efforts in this regardgrin
Traffic Value: $2,799.27241 India
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27/03/2015 03:31
Hello Jo , nice to see you back .
Well as you mentioned the verification process is for everyone ? or those who only use the feature of CC funding .

Paypal releasing funds to us that is very good news at least smile
Traffic Value: $18.38469 Algeria
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27/03/2015 03:59
Welcome back JO we miss u
I hope paidverts will go better again
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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27/03/2015 04:09

The only way that PayPal will feel comfortable is:
1) Only Paidverts Balance can be transferred/cashed out to PayPal.
2) The ONLY way to add funds to Paidverts Balance is through the clicking of ads or acceptable offerwalls.
3) Paidverts Balance CAN be transferred to MTV Balance (or purchase MTV products), however, MTV Balance can only be used in Paidverts to buy ad packs. It cannot be transferred to Paidverts Balance, directly, because it can then be withdrawn to PayPal, which means possible direct earnings from gambling, which is against their TOS for Paidverts.
4) Share/BAP trading methods are unchanged, as the only way to earn PayPal withdrawable funds is through the clicking of ads.
5) No direct Game playing with BAP, as they may see this as direct Gambling with PayPal purchased assets. (Best Method:  BAP -> Shares -> MTV Balance -> Game Chips -> MTV Balance -> Shares -> BAP. Using more than two justifiable medium changes (each medium has its own uses and modifiers) between their asset and Gambling should satisfy them.)
Traffic Value: $318.52242 South Africa
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27/03/2015 05:36

I referred some programmers/designers a few weeks ago. They sent in a support ticket under username Designli, did you get it?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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27/03/2015 05:55
10 days to go! it seems we have been wandering in the desert for months but the oasis has been sighted and there is pure sweet water ahead everyone w00t
Traffic Value: $199.61245 India
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27/03/2015 07:32
ads are missing yesterday
Traffic Value: $346.1741 India
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27/03/2015 07:42
@Jo - Any news/progress on the "Yan incident / Iweb" ?? wassat
Traffic Value: $1,068.2225 Romania
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27/03/2015 07:57
group 9 got

1 x 0.443$
3 x 0.25$

Traffic Value: $327.44077 Bulgaria
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27/03/2015 08:20
so the money from paypal is going to be cashout to the new bankaccount in proccessedi n the next 6 months lel grin PayPal..OMG: D
Traffic Value: $791.53936 Moldova Republic of
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27/03/2015 08:43
I think if MTV add auctions, we will have more action
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/03/2015 09:01
You received the extra ad properly:

26-03-2015 23:56:01 -400 Ad issue: BA-1877642 / 790059148 775741
26-03-2015 23:54:01 -400 Ad issue: BA-1402394 / 790057431 776141
26-03-2015 23:45:01 -400 Ad issue: BA-1768384 / 789491290 776541

As I've said in yesterday's news some of the groups might not have received all ads from yesterday's ad issue as I had some net problems again while doing the issue and it sometimes stopped half-way through. I'll have a look at that and re-send any missing ads with today's ad issue, which will be a $10k one again.
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