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09/10/2015 02:15
@Catt: Well I did understand your point from the beginning. I suppose what annoyed me is how you brushed it off as mere felt to me like you had overstepped boundaries.
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09/10/2015 02:17
if thats how it came across I probably have to apologize. The intention was to try to make people see that its was NOT a priority while bringing paypal back was not only that but very important according to most of our users... 
Its a good suggestion... just don´t really seem relevant against the full measure of things at this moment - after some bad times we should concentrate and spread the good news instead of worrying about it.
Again, of course this is IMHO
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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09/10/2015 02:32
It's actually super easy to do. You have all three boxes stacked and a little javascript to only make them visible if the box has text in it. I could code it tomorrow in less than an hour. 
Traffic Value: $402.25802 Macedonia
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09/10/2015 02:33
@SAnyone you obviously don't know enough programming, nor the structure of MTV if you claim changing color is a hard thing, Changing the color of the current announcement will take 1 minute. And you are making a 2 hour fight about it. 
Catt, a small advice... It would be nice if you wouldn't talk about things you don't understand. I don't think the dislikes are about the color of the announcement, it's more about the way you attacked everyone in that post and also showed your shallow knowledge on the topic you were arguing about. Now, as you asked everyone to take some time and think about your words, I ask you to take some time and think about my words.
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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09/10/2015 02:55
There is a joking phrase that I think about when it comes to being a Mod. It's mostly due to the months of experience I have had here:

"No matter how good the news is, someone will find something to complain about it."

When Cat wrote what she wrote in the previous page, I believe she was simply thinking along those lines. I have read her post several times and this is what I get from it. I do not believe it was her intention to cause offense in this instance.

That said, it is probably best if we, as Mods, refrain from voicing [within the forum] the oddities of human behavior we notice due to our position and the work we do here. 
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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09/10/2015 03:30

Possibly it would have been a suggestion better made in the brainstorming section rather than in the daily news. It may be an impression thing but I can see how with the way it was written and where it was that it could be taken easily either way as a complaint or an idea. I had read it a couple of times myself and yes I first felt it came across as a bit of a complaint and thought OMG are you serious as to me at first it just showed a lack of appreciation considering it was way off topic for the daily news section, thats just IMO. I read the following posts and went back to it, its borderline to me at best in its delivery. 

I mean no offense, just hoping some understand how perspective plays a role in how a comment is taken. With a perception issue there are no right or worngs, it means clarifcation and understanding needs to be sought rather than hounding someone for not seeing things the way you do. However a certain few make a hobby out of hounding particular people in here which is quite sad and disgusting trait of human nature to watch from the sidelines at times.

Personally I dont think majority of members will even take notice regardless of what colour or how many pretty flowers and silver spoons we put around our boxes. There will be readers and there will be those who simply pay little attention regardless of what is on offer information wise. 

Regardless of whether its a great idea or not, how about if you have an issue with a mod decision you adhere to the forum rules and address it in a support ticket as ou are supposed to do. I know you will all likely disagree but hey .. its written clearly in the forum rules which people either forget or simply dont care to abide by due they feel they have a right to publicly attack others over things as simple as a mere perception misunderstanding. Dont forget we have many countries and cultures, some things can be taken out of context so easily. 

Instead of creating negativity how about we all handle these things as they are meant to be, VIA SUPPORT TICKET. 

I will now be removing any negativity towards mods and others and you can address your issues the correct way which is NOT in the daily news. Please help keep the daily news section relevant and on topic. 
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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09/10/2015 03:42
Traffic Value: $318.52242 South Africa
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09/10/2015 05:13
My 2 cents

Considering how much value most members place on the availability of paypal I think it's important to to emphasise the notification about it. Because, speaking for myself, I don't even read what's in that red box anymore. If it wasn't for the thread "paypal is back" someone put up I still wouldn't have known. Unless I filtered the administration posts, and we all know how many of us does that.
Traffic Value: $894.23418 India
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09/10/2015 05:25
I think that the change of colors is a very good suggestion.
Also, druth8x made a comprehensive suggestion in this regard...the 3 colors thing. I agree to that.
Traffic Value: $6,650.95153 Finland
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09/10/2015 05:35
This color conversation is interesting.. However there is reason it is in RED.. It is because in our genes red is coded as something to be noticed. Thus it is easier to make people see it as red. 

This comes from our ancestral times with the fires that needed to be spotted and fast. or otherwise whole village burned to ground shocked
Traffic Value: $318.52242 South Africa
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09/10/2015 07:03
That may be correct but it's also in our genes to disregard something that has become too familiar.
Traffic Value: $6,650.95153 Finland
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09/10/2015 07:08

You are correct in that. smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/10/2015 08:11
Asked a programmer to make a quick effort to improve the announcements to make them further more modular and case/purpose specific.
Traffic Value: $460.96933 Armenia
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10/10/2015 14:11
hello everyone, i am replying in the comments for the first time and i would like to ask you about the total daliy ad issues. I remember that in july or june those total daily ad issues were almost $15000 and more per day. Why this daily ad issues have been dicreased almost twise or more and our profit dicreased at the same time? When is this going to be as it was during the spring or during the beggining of this summer? Thanks.
Traffic Value: $169.03014 Brazil
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10/10/2015 14:23
The dislike's age started @catt xD
Traffic Value: $459.892 Pakistan
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10/10/2015 14:29

In June or July Paypal was supported for add purchase, but due to some issues it was closed down for period of month or two.

Now its enabled again and we hope to have add issues of $15000 again soon ..

Long live MTV / PV
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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10/10/2015 19:50
Well deserved, for sure, lemao08
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