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19/01/2019 01:19
"whereas ads I can watch them while watching an anime, my brain can effortlessly rest while I make money."

And advertisers that pay you really like that.

If you could answer a question about my ad I'd be ok with you splitting your eyeballs btwn both endeavors otherwise why am I paying you?
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19/01/2019 09:06
Because I can do both. Every ads shown to me gets screened trough my eyes but a lot of them are crap or I am not interested in. After a few years your brain should be able to spot the good stuff immediately like in YouTube rolls. Are you going to say to me you are paying attention to all of them in youtube ? Definitely not and same is for every ads you see on streets, cinemas and buses. If you are interested you’ll spot the ad because your eyes will tingle. So don’t worry for your ads I know what I am looking at druthx.
On the other subject it would be great if people from paidverts could by ads for our other products like warcliks and the casinos. We could this way bypass the google fee.
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