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Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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30/12/2018 21:55
Hey all,
I ramble on here constantly but I wanted to open a discussion about PV. I was around for the last few years even the beginning times when people in even semi high BAP groups would be making like $25 a day from ads. To be more sustainable and not make it a HYPE like Jo did before he left, I completely understand and support the lower add issues.
Here is my only concern with the future holding higher daily ads.

There used to be a formula that would determine the day’s ad issue, it was something like a certain percent of the previous days purchases plus some other stuff. Anyway that is gone now since we need to have stable issues over anything.

When people were buying ad packs instead of just selling RP for BAP, this created much higher add values.
The reason people bought packs was because the difference between doing that and buying RP and selling for BAP was basically the 10% in ads you get back so it didn’t make sense.

The issue now is that to go from 0-1000000 BAP, it is close to half the price to just buy and sell RP to BAP, then to buy ad packs to get to that level.
This is a huge issue since ad values are determined by the income PV is bringing in.
It’s the obvious choice to exchange RP to BAP since it’s so much cheaper. That is like biting ourselves in the foot.

Is there a way to fix this?
I’m not sure, we need more people buying ad packs but why would you when you get 2400 bap for a $1 ad purchase. But around 3300 when you buy a dollar of RP and exchange.
Just wanted to open up a talk here since the PV forum is dead.
This is no hate on PV or MTV this is the only legit company taking on this type of endeavor.

Not sure why it is in monitor forum my mistake.
Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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30/12/2018 22:16
I do not usually post in the forum, although I do read what the rest of the users are posting. I totally agree with you Tony. I appreciate the work being done by the current management of MTV and Paidverts, but the reality is that the purchase of ad packages is not encouraged, except for the obligation to have at least 12,000 baps to be able to make exchanges in the rp market. Maybe we should rethink something in that question. Greetings to all.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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30/12/2018 22:24
See I was worried to bring up the whole bap/RP exchange issue as to not rock the boat. Simple answer is we need more actual ad packs being bought. Hard solution is how to have that happen.... I do it every so often instead of buying BAP with RP but that’s to test out a new site or even sometimes just add to the days PV income.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/12/2018 22:42
A LOT of people either don't understand or don't know of the existence of the BAP market.
On top of that many people actually enjoy the results paidverts advertising brings them, which might not be of much value to you if you don't advertise things yourself.

The BAP market is a key element in keeping Paidverts as sustainable as it possibly can be and thus far it has been quite successful in doing so.

We are experiencing more ad pack sales lately as user numbers are growing again and since most of them don't even know about the relationship with MTV and its subsequent market, the odds of everyone switching to such a method is pretty small.

Also, we do not want Paidverts to simply be a ponzi in which people only buy bulk ad packs and are there to make money, we actually prefer selling and delivering traffic to advertisers as that's what keeps the business healthy.
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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30/12/2018 23:16
Tony that will happen when someone buys RP's and sustains that price for a week. If i hold the 0,001 bid, the guys seeling at 3 would be losing (because of fee) so nobody will sell for 3, only buy at 4.
The main problem and the reason why we're at this low prices is, the temporary leaving of some big members. Lot's of RP's in circulation and few demand. It was predictable but should we be worried? Of course not. We are here, appart from what Jo and most said, Marc did it! The structure is sustaining itself! It only need's a new product to start paying the debt and then what? Much more to come. 
Saying that, who do you think that will be the first to come back to MTV? Yea, those big investors that left, because they know the system pretty well.

It's a cycle, if you wanna reverse it, just do the opposite, HODL wink
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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31/12/2018 00:08
There are too many RPs in the marketplace right now which is keeping the price down. 50 cents on the dollar is a good thing for the price of BAP in my opinion because if we didn't have that price PV would need to deliver them at full price. The fact that people are willing to take a 50% discount or more to make quick money serves the whole site
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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31/12/2018 17:36
Message received. Ima DCA 17,000 share purchases a day since 17 is my lucky number and only gamble enough to do that. Thanks for the constructive comments and nobody bashing me for being a FUDer.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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31/12/2018 18:07
Random question here... is there a way to see how much my referrer has gotten from my commissions? Whoever you are you made an amazing investment with that neobux ad 6 years ago
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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01/01/2019 01:58
Tony, go to the shareholder panel, write down your name in "Users" to find your referrer. Then search their name and you'll get yor answer.
Traffic Value: $53.1434 Czech Republic
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02/01/2019 00:12
I have also one about PV. Can you check somewhere whats the average ad value for each BAP group, let's say for last 30 days? Or some similar useful stats?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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02/01/2019 05:09
You can check the ads here
Traffic Value: $139.48404 Hungary
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02/01/2019 05:13
in my opinion, since you lead APS system, the gap had been bigger between low and high users. as i said some weeks ago, there is less different between bap groups than between aps groups. and who can earn more aps? the big fishes. every system is really made for big fishes because management thinks they are the real valueable users. but the history of the history, or of the paidverts can show easily, the big fishes only ride the big waves and then stay in background, in silence.. they are waiting only for the big opportunity to earn lot and after it waits for the next round. in this way we, the much more low fishes are only agonizing. aps system is still not transparent like bap groups. and gives more income for who has higher aps. but who can earn more aps? the higher level users.
so while this shema is being forced, every try for making bigger traffic and interest, will ocuur the big fishes come forward, make bigger profit, and hide back. 
just show me if its not true.. i am here since many years tongue
Traffic Value: $139.48404 Hungary
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02/01/2019 05:21
to prove myself look this:
24k to 48k …........... 0.104 …........... 39.832 …........ 2007 …........ 0.0198
48k to 96k …........ 0.105 …........ 40.215 …........ 1372 …........ 0.0293
so only 0.001$ is the difference between my and next group which needs 24k baps (10bucks). so if i do not receive ads it needs .. how many days guys? to be in 0. if i allows, more, because of 5% ref for nobody (my ref upline is already banned)
and what about not transparent aps system?
Last time 10% of users were sent $0.009 worth of ads each 
Top 5% received $0.0225 each
0.0119$ difference. who knows how much bucks should i spend to climb upper? i do profete, nobody. if bosses did not answer to my question (where is the aps group list or aps point needs list) i m afraid no can tell exact true infos.
so..? still big fishes grin
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/01/2019 05:41
So what exactly do you want? That people who spend more money earn less that free users? That's not how the world functions and it never will. Also, there are only five levels in APS (if I'm not wrong) so it's logic that it has bigger gaps between groups than BAP levels. However, APS rewards activity, not only spending money, which means that you can just click ads day after day and keep collecting APS and if you have few extra BAP you can get much more APS by playing games, even with minimum investment.
I know it's not easy to earn money if you have only 10$ to invest and it takes ages to get to 20$, while big fish invests 1000$ and he/she is soon at 2000$, but you have to accept the reality. You mean that any online earning website would have future if it would rely on free users and ignore those who can invest serious money? As I said, I know that it could be frustrating, but that's the reality.
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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17/01/2019 10:31
This is the reason why small ones need to get paid to click ads to make a quick buck. I don't understand why it's so hard to implement an option to buy paid to click ads. I am sure they would be people who would click them. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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17/01/2019 13:01
All ads are paid to click ads.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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17/01/2019 20:00
I think he meant what you'd call "cash links" elsewhere.
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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18/01/2019 11:02
Yes, I was implying cash links. I believe that if we could implement a few good ideas from other businesses it would only make us thrive. rotators would also be a great idea as creating monetised links (like adfly) or making paid videos to watch. I would really like to see our opportunities to grow and especially create real incentives for free members. Because offers aren't the best way. I tried a few and it's sometimes a real hassle to earn a couple of money. You need to be into it, whereas ads I can watch them while watching an anime, my brain can effortlessly rest while I make money. Something similar to the BAP system should be the next priority once warclicks is in a good state. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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18/01/2019 12:27
Good points, I will definitely discuss them with Andraz as we continue to invest in improving Paidverts.
The offers might be a bit harder, but the money is A LOT better on some of them.
Some offers pay you a few dollars for 15 minutes of work or playing a fun game for a few levels.
It´s a lot better money for a free user than watching some ads, if you find the right offers.
Especially our newest offerwall has some very good payments.
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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18/01/2019 19:09
I don't think its understood that the problem with the offers, is that not all the countries qualify or even receive them.
Central America here, if I ever get anything is pure crap. Polls that after 15-25 minutes filling data, you get the dreaded "you don't qualify" message and all that time is lost with no income, or shi*ty phone apps that fill your phone with malware or virus.
At least the ads are there for everybody and are safe.

There are many ways Paidverts could grow beyond "selling ads"; the ultimate would be having an ad platform like Propeller Ads, A-Ads or Mellow Ads, but there are other ways:
I liked from timebucks that paid its users to view youtube videos and read emails. Why don't we have something similar? We already see videos to unlock stuff in Warclicks, Paidverts should be the one sourcing those videos!
Alternatively, we could make a product to sell social media likes and get people earning for that -it has been done before-, and well marketed and priced, the service could be put to good use by local business marketers, influencers, etc.
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