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Traffic Value - According to Tech Companies

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/02/2014 20:56

So this article shows that each "active user" of a given free service is worth between $40-$200 each. With Facebooks 1.1billion users being valued at $150 each.

And these are companies that make their money solely out of ad revenues.

Thereby, seeing as MTV profits from its users DIRECTLY. Every user we have, should in theory be worth far far more than the $40-200 values shown... How much more is anyones guess!

But 5000 users (active shareholders) would be $200k-$1million valuation... The lower end of which, is actually what our current $0.10 share price ($380k value) currently represents... And that's even with an entirely negative outlook by the majority of our members right now, on the back of the debt swap at the beginning of the month.


A second way of looking at things; WhatsApp had $20m of revenues. But worth $19billion via traffic value... So thats 950x turnover in value.

Our turnover last year, and the year before that was over $500k.... So the same calculation puts our value at $450million LOL
Bit extreme / optimistic this early in the game; but I suppose it's towards the upper bounds of our potential. Presuming a successful outcome.

Anyway, all meaningless numbers of course. But some perspective at the same time... Traffic Value is definitely over-valued on Wall Street in my opinion. Thereby, definitely worth acquiring to sell off to anyone rich enough to pay for it wink
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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25/02/2014 22:32
Two years from now: "Facebook bought My Traffic Value (MTV) for $25B and even more expanding its horizons. Result: FB shares are going through the roof!"

Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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25/02/2014 23:26
Dangerous to dream a bit big...
But what facebook does show you is how many people are now online. Over a billion of them out there... What do you need to do to get a chunk of them using MTV / subsidiaries?

Huge prize if you can lure them in / if we can build the MTV network into the "money network" -- investing, funding, money play etc.

Anyway, some food for thought!
Traffic Value: $27,232.49886 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/02/2014 21:25
I was obviously just kidding, but wonder, if MTV becomes a big success with all of it subsidiaries, would you sell it to some company if it would offer you some big cash (or stocks)?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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27/02/2014 21:32
Anyone can buy MTV, even right now...
Just buy up all the user shares. And clear the fast track queue, and the portfolio is yours! Or just buy the shares, and earn 19% of turnover for the rest of time, leaving the business model as is.

Though there's not a lot to buy right now, other than potential. But once we get some big subsidiaries on there that are earning well. It'll be worth big money for sure.

I'm personally not looking to sell right now. As I think with a bit of time, and a lot of work, this can be worth crazy money. Way more than anybody would dream of buying it for at the moment.

Though I'm sure Carlos would accept $250k+ for his shares if you want them wink

Though more sensible to first take advantage of the firesellers... You can probably buy the cheapest 100k shares for sale right now for about $10-15k. Crazy cheap!
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