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06/04/2014 16:58
A majority of the banners contain outdated information. That kind of makes it hard to promote.

This might be an opportunity for someone to step in and join the MTV team.

I use GIMP, which is a 'free photoshop'. I'm able to small adjustments to banners, but I drink too much coffee to spend more than 30 minutes. on one banner.

Just a heads up for all. Also to not use most of those banners yet.


6/15 are still correct. Not bad.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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06/04/2014 18:08
Yea, we need to find a good banner designer. To overhaul all our banners.

If anyone can make a good professional set, for all sizes. We'll buy them off you.
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