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over 120 ads clicked

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Traffic Value: $258.73426 Germany
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30/09/2014 17:39
today I made it! I clicked all the ads I got and it was over 120 tongue rolleye
Traffic Value: $2,211.17614 France
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30/09/2014 17:58
you are brave 1 hour of  cliksgulp
me i   clicked 40 ads today , I was tiredermm, luckily my upgrade option expires tomorrow and I will have much less ads 
Traffic Value: $6,016.01548 United States
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30/09/2014 18:11
I've noticed that since Jo has installed the solve media captcha, the amount of lower value ads has exploded, and the higher and medium value ads has decreased a bit.

Total value is about the same, just alot more clicking is required. I hope this isn't a strategy to increase the revenue from solve media.
Traffic Value: $6,128.74944 Portugal
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30/09/2014 18:27
Good one my friend. Just keep up the good work.

I click more than 100 today (with ad filter) too and it's an hard thing to do.
Traffic Value: $1,498.42867 United States
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30/09/2014 22:00
I am getting soooooo many more 1 cent ads than I used to.. it seems like I got over 100 1 cent ads in the last couple days. Its almost not worth it anymore. 3 copy and pastes, some stupid 20 second commercial captcha then a 30 second ad. do this 100 times for a dollar?
I already bought the adfilter and it was good till this week. a nice blend of ad values. Now its way to many small ads eating up my bap. I think it has to do with the new captcha thing.
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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30/09/2014 22:06
it does.... the captcha thing makes money for PV... the more ads, the more money
Traffic Value: $1,498.42867 United States
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30/09/2014 22:41
Yah Catt, I understand that, but where does it stop?

It wasn't good enough just to add the extra step but then change the ad make up to artificially increase the use of the solve media captcha. I was all for it until I started getting 50 1 cent ads to click or lose 2000 BAP. 

That is all I was saying. It was either quite a coincidence, or something was intentionally changed.
I just don't want PV to get too greedy and make us jump through more and more hoops.
I can't afford to get into group 9 or 10 right now, so I have to work at it. It seems like every week it is taking more and more time to make the same money  (or even less with increased fees, taxes etc.)
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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30/09/2014 22:47
I am also overflooded with small ads, that is why I am buying the ad filter. Maybe you should change your settings, it might help.
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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30/09/2014 23:09
Yes there is a lot more lower value ads all of a sudden, I have ad filter at 1cent and for first time since Ive had it Im seeing 40+ ads daily again. 

Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining, Im ok with what I get and it wont deter me from continuing on this path of earning. 

JO should really consider the smaller ads, anything below 1 cent not carrying the full and quite unnecessary captcha process as it is now. I say unnecessary as no other PTC needs to have such a BS captcha process just to prove theyre human. I do accept some type of anti bot/cheat mechanism should be in play as I too hate people getting a free ride doing the wrong thing while others work hard and as much as I hate solvemedia captchas I see the benefit to PV in earnings from it.

The length of time the captcha page takes plus the 30 second timer is just  ridiculous for getting less than 1 cent. 

Some will say simply "get the ad filter", but low end users need to get to $10 in earnings before they can purchase it (unless that has changed since I last used it, but when I purchased it you could not use your pay processor) so that solution for the low end user is out.

The freebie users get a lot for free compared to other PTC's agreed but they are also important and dont think we should think its ok to be making people waste a minute or more (depending on how well solve media captcha is behaving)  on such low value ads. 

These captchas to seem like another punishment to everyone just because of a few assholes that did the wrong thing by the system.

Still. for me I have no issues. I just can't help but feel for those who cannot purchase ad filter yet.

We want to encourage people to use PV not give the new users reasons to think this system sucks and time wasting for very little right from the start. 

Many new users are likely throw the towel in pretty quick unless they are lucky to have a good guide to the program or are lucky to just get the big picture straight up, which not everyone can do.

A lot can barely grasp why they dont earn daily when they dont have enough BAP and how to climb.

PV could be shooting itself in the foot and scaring away more new users than it needs to with this ridiculous captcha system but I am anticipating this will be overlooked as too trivial for Jo to care about 
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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30/09/2014 23:21
@missi couldn´t agree more... I was all happy about my $11 balance for the first time and saw it all go downhill because I just had to buy the filter in order to stop getting 35+ $0.0005 ads....
Couldn´t agree more.....
Traffic Value: $5,278.37238 Germany
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30/09/2014 23:59
The number ov low value ads increased simply because bot users stopped.
Since bot users are those in the lower groups there are only more low value ads.
I got like 60 recycled ads from yesterday until today and the overall recycle value increased by quite a bit (from like 0.3$ to 0.6$)
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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01/10/2014 00:01
Actually to ones who don´t have recycled ads that explanation makes no sense... I don´t receive any recycled ads and still got a huge amount of low value ads.
The low value ads were enhanced so the system will make more money with captcha, that is pretty obvious.
Traffic Value: $26.92416 Norway
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01/10/2014 00:42
@TheDarkness The bot users didn't stop, the bot made by bloons97 still works.
Traffic Value: $6,467.88006 Germany
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01/10/2014 01:14
Yeah, but they still have to enter most of the solvemedia captchas manually, which is at least somewhat of an improvement.
Traffic Value: $975.91894 Canada
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01/10/2014 01:17
since scripts are allowed one could take advantage of that
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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01/10/2014 01:46
That bot has autosolve... so they don´t even need to solve captchas
Traffic Value: $6,467.88006 Germany
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01/10/2014 02:06
It has, but it still doesn't work as good as they'd like. And yes, I checked the topic to make sure.
Traffic Value: $3,261.99794 United States
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01/10/2014 04:57
The members used to promote Paidverts as "the only site to pay more than a dollar per click". It was as such in the past. Once Jo mentioned the $0.0005 will be issued to the members who have only one BAP so that their account balance is nullified(If I am correct).  But now the members are getting bunch of $0.0005 ads. This will drive away the new members from the site. Because no one will like to enter 3 text lines + 1 captcha + 30 seconds , just for $0.0005. Let the solve media income be nominal. Don't split the ads too  tiny just to have more solve media entries. (I know only the members who are willing to click such ads are to be here. I am mentioning this here so that everyone should understand the reason for the inactive new member count which is going on increasing)
Please avoid comments like " If you are not interested then go away or stay away from the site". . "Don't spam". There are lot of members here to reply like this for most of the members questions / posts/ replies.
(N.B: Fortunately I have an ad filter set to $0.04 even though I have only around 600K BAP. )
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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01/10/2014 05:11
Ever listen to music when clicking ads?  I listen to music a lot more now.  When I get a video ad, I just imagine the music is telling me "here's some money".
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