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Neobux is a scam

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Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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21/03/2018 20:48
This has been bugging me for a while now but with the recent payza news I feel this is a good time to write about my experience with neobux.

In short, neobux 100% manipulates rented referral averages. I know this might come off as obvious to a lot of people, but I personally was never fully sure until a few months ago.

I was an ultimate member there for quite some time with 20000 rented referrals. I advertised neobux on paidverts and got a lot of direct refs over time, roughly 20 per day. And I can tell you this, when it comes to direct refs there are two groups: Zero clickers and people that click all their ads if they actually click for the day. That's it.
When you look at a typical rented referral list you will notice a lot of people (bots) clicking only 3,2 or only 1 ad per day which is simply not normal behaviour when I compare it with the data of 1000s of direct refs that I had over time.

But that's not all the evidence, we are just getting started. The higher my direct ref earnings got, the lower my rented ref earnings fell to compensate. My average was about 0.05 lower than what was normal for an ultimate member at the time.

But the real drop happened when neobux lost paypal. My averages had gotten so bad, that I didn't make profit anymore. So I wanted to withdraw, only to hit some arbitrary limit that they put in place supposedly after the paypal incident for 'security reasons' (yeah right). So instead of one cash out, I had to make multiples. And after every cash out my rented ref average dropped further and further. Wanna guess what my final average was on my last cash out? 0.1! Just as a reminder, a 'normal' ultimate average is between 0.65-0.7 per day.

I of course tried to post my stats in the forum, only to be greeted by an endlessly spinning loading circle when you try to create a post. They do it this way so you think it's a problem on your end, like maybe with your browser or connection or your computer. But essentially, they banned me from the forum. And no, I never posted anything before that would have justified something like that. I made maybe like 10 posts or so over there to ask some simple questions in my early days.

Now with payza having problems, neobux will for sure try to manipulate the rented ref averages even more, so if you have rented refs over there, I urge you to get your money out of there any way you can. They will manipulate your averages sooner or later, I can pretty much guarantee you that.

Like I said before, my rented ref average by the end was 0.1, my direct ref average was roughly 1.00 flat for comparison, so a huge difference. Stay clear of their rented ref system, it's completely bogus.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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21/03/2018 21:16
I just checked the data for my final day on neobux. My last rented ref average was 0.087 and my direct ref average was actually closer to 2.00. Get your money out of there people.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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21/03/2018 22:09
Here is an example for what actual human clicking behaviour looks like. These are my best direct refs that I had over time. If you look over your own list of rented refs, I am very sure you will find nothing that even remotely looks like this. I had 20000 rented refs and even after years of auto recycling nothing came even close to this in terms of activity:

Also, see all those green dollar symbols which are supposed to show that you can sell this direct ref to neobux for money? Guess what, it doesn't work. When I tried to sell off all of my direct refs before my final cashout, it just gave me an error, saying that all these direct refs can't be sold, even though it's showing the green dollar symbol. I was able to sell a single direct ref for $2, that's it. No idea why, but the remaining ones just gave me an error.

And to be clear, all these direct refs came from paidverts and are what you call 'junk-traffic'. I don't have contact with any of them, they are all just random people, the same type of people that you are supposed to get when you rent referrals.
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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21/03/2018 22:10
@DanTheMan I believe on what you say I quit Neobux 2 years ago I think...and yes their RR are 100% bots.Anything you say,post about it etc in their forum,you might as well say good bye cause they can mute or banned you.Or maybe both...

I have cashed out and left.That was my final good bye to them,but all in all they do pay.
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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22/03/2018 04:11
You are absolutely right. NeoBux doesn't let their members make money.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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22/03/2018 04:32
I notice that too about 5 years ago. This is what every ptc does, if you want to make some money with ptc the only chance is with direct refs only.
Traffic Value: $161.4654 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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22/03/2018 07:56
I had the same experience with neobux too. I managed to withdraw measly $5 through paypal over some guy from Turkey. I will never ever get back in to neobux. I do not understand how did they survive all this time.
Traffic Value: $32,534.99937 Greece
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22/03/2018 08:24
They use to give something from renting a lot of rented referrals and getting more than the break average point... (if one renewed them for 240 days... ) But suddenly they changed this to being under your break even point from when paypal blocked them... So now from over 20000 referrals that I had... I am getting even punished more for letting them get expired!!! I can not renew them in any way!!! They're giving profits in the negatives for them!!!  I could see that their "referrals" did give profit as an "investment"... (In the past).  Did not think they were real referrals... But thought since one would invest in so much money... they could give some return to us users... But I was wrong!! Even after trying them for 3 years! They changed after paypal banned them!!! In their support they keep saying about "unpredictable referrals" and that they are "real people" etc... Even though I never questioned their "referrals"!!! I just said to them to give me a portion of the money I "lended" them, something like an "interest" !... So looks like they are not in profit... or they "spent" our money and can not pay us!... So far in the past every cashout I asked was paid!... But now am not in profit... so  I can not make a cashout anymore!! So away from rented referrals my friends!!! Only get your own direct ones for the moment!! Neobux still manages to get a lot of traffic and a lot of views somehow! It still is a good place to advertise too! Just I will see my 20000+ referrals (rented) down the drain... And I do not know how many will last (Maybe even 1000 ???) since I have them at auto renew for 240 days... The only thing I can do is wait and see where this will go!... I lost 25% of what I invested... Lets See...
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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22/03/2018 17:02
Honestly,if it works that bad,you should cut your losses now sooner than later.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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25/03/2018 16:05
"But the real drop happened when neobux lost paypal. My averages had gotten so bad, that I didn't make profit anymore."

before there were full 'revshares' , rented referrals was the 'front' to hide the concept of investing inside ptc programs. 

just like the '10 ads a day' slogan. Saying one thing, while doing another in the background.
Traffic Value: $3,964.94338 Latvia
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25/03/2018 17:10
I noticed this exact same thing started happening to my 5000 rented ref ultimate account maybe a year ago. Sudden declining averages down to 0.1 per day, inability to post on the forum, and with the changes that they made, it became impossible to keep withdrawing, since it was impossible to make any profit at all.
I was a fan of neobux for years, but when I noticed these changes, I just gave up. Money lost, experience earned.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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30/03/2018 13:36
The newly introduced rule that you can't cash out if you let too many referrals expire screwed me over big time too. Lost all of my direct ref earnings because of that. That's a major red flag for the site right there. I can really only recommend everybody to cash out from there, no matter what your membership type is.
Traffic Value: $107.44179 Czech Republic
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30/03/2018 16:03
Thank you for opening this topic. It has clarified many things to me.

I was member of Neobux few years back and had some rented referrals but I noticed exactly the same weird behavior - referrals who click one or two adds daily once a week. Who does that? Why would you login into your account just to click one add? 

But actually, I reopened my Neobux account last week and made some investment again ($50), just to see what changed. I am monitoring it. I was even thinging about huge investment there, but thanks to your post I won't. grin

But in general - PTCs or buxes just don't work. I was scammed with Probux, Wad.Ojooo (ohh - those are huge scammers) and few others. And after all it didn't go so well with Paidverts too, did it? The only site I actually believe is Clixsense (I am not advertizing, just saying) - and even their rented referrals program was a huge failure. They had to totally change their structure from PTC to offer walls and tasks.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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30/03/2018 18:03
Don't go lumping PV with the bad.

PV has a different structure than the "rented refferals" type sites.
We don't have the advertiser base to give out ROI in a year, but if it did, we'd be just fine.
Plus just like CS/NB we also have Cash Offers (promises to work on them some more).

We only not paid (and we were very upfront) due to previous management "cooking the books".

I never joined CS or NB etc esp due to rented refferals always being mostly/all bots and not genuine refs that signed up under Admin, that on it's face is "scam". If you like rented refs so bad, petition MTV to go with the idea of being the default ref (Admin) for a day/hour going to you.
Traffic Value: $107.44179 Czech Republic
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30/03/2018 22:15
Oh, I didn't want to compare PV with CS/NB. I was just pointing out, that every PTC site had some issues.

When I said "it didn't go so well with Paidverts", I meant - I think November 2015 it was - when my PV balance was swapped into RPs with HIGHLY questionable exchange rate (0.10$ for one share - today's prize is 77x (!!!) lower). And it was called, and I quote, "debt swap". So there had to be economical glitch somewhere. Debts are never good.

It is true, that you were very honest and you wrote about debt swap all over your pages a week before it happened. Well, nice, but I still lost my money and there was little I could do about it.

That was when I left PV/MTV. I am pretty sure I wasn't alone. I came back just recently.

So please, as much as PV really IS unique, it hasn't been perfect.

And I never said anything about demanding RRs on Paidverts. That would be nonsense.
Traffic Value: $32,534.99937 Greece
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30/03/2018 22:35


Disappointed in PTC's, Cryptocurrencies, and all types of "investments" on the internet...

Wish I never got into any of these things!... Started from making websites... to... "why not make money"...

Everywhere money is "stuck" with "waiting" when things "might" flourish!... Even here on PV-MTV...

This all is just taking up much of my time... & actually not making me much money.

& you are not talking to someone who started using a PC like 6 months or a year ago!...

Hope I see some light in the future... But I am years here and I only see Scam to Scam everywhere from FEDS, to Governments, to companies, to people...

& just lots of our hard earned money just disappearing from all these thieves everywhere around us!!! 

Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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30/03/2018 23:28
@grandbeach I can relate to you as well man.And I know exactly what you are talking about and I have been online for years.I also have been scammed multiple times in the past.It sucks that's all I can say.And Neobux reffs are nothing but bots.Cashout and forget Neo.They are fake reffs and controlled by them.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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06/04/2018 07:27
@SakalCT Glad to hear that, if I was able to at least help out one person with this post it was already worth making it. 

It's also nice to see other ultimates speaking up about their experience with neobux, because last time I tried to search for other ultimate stats to compare to mine, I could hardly find anything. I found only one other person on a random forum talking about the same stuff that has happened to me. More (former) ultimate members need to speak up, because otherwise more and more people are gonna fall into the same trap. 
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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07/04/2018 06:13
FTQ: I doubt that we will see our money again. The same like NeoBux etc.
Traffic Value: $219.3603 Serbia
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07/04/2018 06:38
Ahhh the classics: Neobux (still can't get over the Premium membership I bought back in the days for 90$ cwy), Probux, TheBux, PTCSolution... brings memories (of my old stupidity)... ermm grin

p.s. I would only recommend PTCs for advertisements.
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