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Christmas comes early!

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Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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05/12/2014 19:22
I am a BAP multi millionaire. This is quite a blessing and I am so grateful for this site and how hard everyone works here. So grateful that, with 22 ads left to click for $2.38, I decided to hit 'recycle all' and send them to the people in the recycle queue.

So, Merry Christmas! LOL

And I want to challenge other BAP millionaires to do this too. It won't cost you much. Maybe a few percentage points of what you are earning. Take a few of your ads and recycle them every once in a while. It should help to enrich some people on lower levels. This will spread cheer and goodwill throughout the site. Sort of a paidverts pay it forward plan as people get those bonus ads.

As I climb the BAP levels I think I'll start to make them bigger as this will be a great surprise for people. I'm earning quite a bit here due to referrals and BAP millions and I want to share that. So thanks everyone for all your hard work
Traffic Value: $8.80389 Romania
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05/12/2014 19:24
So nice of you to do this kind of stuff grin You're like a secret Santa, but known for some people grin
Traffic Value: $1,644.97961 Poland
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05/12/2014 19:42
dguy if you're playing in a Santa Claus, and you have many referrals, please tell me what to do to have a lot of these referrals, because I only have one and it is inactive and can do sad advertising my reference linkwink Please Help Santa Claus (dguy)! smile
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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05/12/2014 20:00
Hi todzio78,

Though referrals are great and I have a few stars, getting BAPs are the best investment for the site. That is almost guaranteed whereas with advertising on other sites, you could wind up against a competitor and your money wasted

I have thought about putting a rotator together for people to get referrals but it wouldn't be free because advertising costs money. It would lower costs though because we could buy in bulk and it should get results for people.

I'll definitely think about it because I do like to help people
Traffic Value: $3,834.0699 United Kingdom
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05/12/2014 20:26
I got $1 ads from recycle today smile  someone either did not have a time for ads or give me a Christmas gift.
Traffic Value: $1,644.97961 Poland
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05/12/2014 20:32
You're a good man dguy smile
Too bad you can not buy rpoleconych, he quickly turned the investmentwink I'm just getting started in this business, from 2 months to PV and I am having trouble downloading advertise and people, because a lot of teams that are already recruiting for myself, I have no breakthrough but alas ... no reinvest patiently, and I hope that within 10 months attain 11 group, and you can pay somethingwink much slower without referrals, but patience pays off smile
Good luck smile
Traffic Value: $4,013.67386 Canada
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05/12/2014 20:35
no referral commission kinda else i woud 2 :p
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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12/12/2014 19:36
I can't stop doing this. I love spreading goodwill throughout the site every time there is an ad issue now. I hope other BAP 'millionaires' join me. I challenge you to recycle a couple dollars of ads every issue. It will make us all richer as we spread the wealth through the site.

Today for me it was 2 x $1 ads and 3 x .20. So someone got a big a surprise today I hope. It is such a great feeling to give and I know what it is like to get surprise money like that (MTV is like a giant surprise money site! cool). It is almost as great a feeling as giving

Enjoy your surprise money friends! smile
Traffic Value: $983.3735 Netherlands
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12/12/2014 19:43

Do it for us...
Traffic Value: $525.44966 India
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12/12/2014 19:49
wahh wat a grt thinking three chrreees for u..merry chrismas..
Traffic Value: $373.85506 Malaysia
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12/12/2014 19:56
thanks DGUY....

when i reach the higher group,i'll do the same
i'm in the group 6 now....
yeah,maybe i need a year to climb upgrin but someday i will be there..
Traffic Value: $2,697.0796 Denmark
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12/12/2014 19:59
pedrovigario you suck! 
Traffic Value: $2,545.40766 Turkey
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12/12/2014 20:22
I am buying a Recycler Upgrade right now!! smile

Well done man, nice thought...

Good luck in PV.
Traffic Value: $120.85404 France
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12/12/2014 20:59
Impressive! You are really kinda.
I wasn't that surprised to see that you are from Canada though x).

I've been in paidverts for around a month now and i bought the recycle upgrade twice, and once got a 1$ ad which is higher than what I was used to get - 15 cents max (group 1 or 0 sometimes). 
I'm glad to think that i probably got that 1$ from the generosity of some1 like you.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work
Traffic Value: $525.45188 Serbia
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12/12/2014 21:03
This challenge indicat MikeMazzone SOME look up to you AND SOME ON RECYCLED your adgrin
Traffic Value: $3,036.0835 Spain
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12/12/2014 21:07
Not much but... I've recycled this.

36 ads, totalling $0.565
Traffic Value: $525.45188 Serbia
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12/12/2014 21:09
actions help lower groups as a Christmas present<3
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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12/12/2014 21:41
golijat it would not do much good for Mike to recycle any of his ads unless Jo gave him a few in the 20  to 40 dollar range cause all the other would end up only going a couple groups down cause there would be no one that would have the BAP for them
Traffic Value: $11,038.09657 Slovenia
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12/12/2014 23:14
well i sure would for some hahagrin Next Christmas i will be recycling for sure sometongue And till then i climb for higher groups smile
Traffic Value: $2,293.16914 Netherlands
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12/12/2014 23:20
Actually i was doing this for months allready,everyday i recycle the 0.01 ads and sometimes 0.02angel
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