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New MTV website instead of all current ones

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26/01/2024 22:08
Hi @all!

I dragging this topic forever, and I just see no other way than to go all way out/in!

So I offered a lot of times help, now I offer something else, full project specs to Mark/Slosumo, which can be reviewed, and for all interested people to reviewed it behind closed doors (to be fully secret to outside competition that is building scripts), improve it to max (there is always something to improve), and see if is possible to make one more giant move in internet marketing.

As we know since decline of MTV which should not happen, as such, sadly all went downline. That can change. My idea is now 10 years old, improved is all in MTV-PV allready before 8 years, and upgreaded all before 2 years.

Difference is, that you do not need anymore websites like MTV, or PV individually, it is possible to build all in one. Big project, but saves you a lot of hussle, maintenance and extra costs and worries.

I do not want to go into too much details, but I know how it is when you drag for years something what stresses you for low rewards...... Been there........ And it was only project, not imagine what they deal for 8 years, and we still do not have FTQ paid, or Royalties paying again.........

And please do not make mistake and do not repay other sites with revenues of new website, you know that would be dead road.......

No point to make gigantic thread, except that I would want to go into that project, and invest into it, and I know a lot more people would, who wish to revive golden era of PTC-REV SHARE projects from 2010's, this time with sustainable, and trully non ponzy concept.

This is my last try to reason people, only reason is because I have no time to build my idea, nor knowledge to deal with database structures for such project, but I also do not ant to sell it to someone who I do not know.

I want to be sure it is n community which wants something big and long term. I trully believe we can build one huge giant, bigger than MTV in his best days.

Just listen me for a change, and do not build ponzy sites as MTV-PTCSHARE OR PV. There is lot better setups than those there. And they are indeed possible. Lot more is possible than what you imagine.

If you want to comment fine, if not, well I will support project further as I do all those years, I just think we all deserve better than just scraps which Jo left.......

Let's be honest we are saving scraps, and ALL OF US, deserve more, when I say all of us, I mean it. Most of us are like decade in internet marketing, and we deserve more than just brag, we used to be good back then. No my dear friends, we were not good, we still can be good.

If we fail, who cares, one more website in portfolio with average results, difference will be, that site will still gnerate more profit than all current ones together. Reason? My idea of ROYALTIES is way better than Joels, and if nothing else, DO NOT modify that part of idea and you will have amazing project. Just never do any kind of debt saps, and you will kick ass.

I really tried, who wants to listen fine, who not...... well..........  cool smile

If Slosumo/Marc, want specs, meeting, koffie convo, just say it, lets do it. And yes, I know that costs, but there are always ways to fund something and return money back on best way, and best way is not 150 % back way.... I am just tired that we saving past projects when we all can build something better. I am ready to share my part, if 10-100 others want to jump in review idea, we can do it easily, do huge marketing on big baby and make something new for new decade.

Stay cool  cool smile
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