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20/01/2021 00:20

The volume on Play Payeer Games (PPG) is essentially zero just now.  Look at the 'Top Wins' and there is no information displayed.


Payeer have an affiliate program, where you can get up to 25% of the fees generated from the people you refer.

I'm not promoting it, just type payeer affiliate into Google and you'll find it yourself.

They even have banners available for download, so there is no work required.

I'm suggesting that MTV use some of the empty ad slots to refer to Payeer. This costs nothing.  The MTV Payeer account will start to generate referral income, which I'm sure will be slow at first, but not nothing.

It will also mean there are Paidverts or ptcShare users who are then also Payeer users and hence more likely to to use PPG.

This is free for MTV to do, but any user could do the same and if they used bulk ads to advertise, over time they'd get all their money back too, plus all referral fees at Payeer.

I know there are many users who want to build a BAP position but have 'nothing to advertise'.

Here's your solution and it's pretty much done for you!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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21/01/2021 23:31
On our sites we show our deposit methods on the bottom of our website. Those are ref links.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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22/01/2021 00:35
How many people actually find them though?  I'm talking about an ad that is in their face, maybe a login ad.

Run a Payeer login ad for a week then run a PPG ad the following week.

(obviously not in front of those ads bought by paying customers)
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22/01/2021 17:13
The idea of running log in ads is non productive. You are facing the product in the wrong direction. Revenue sources should be projected outside the group, not into the group. Members are the company's advertising force to the world, and can earn money based on the success of those products. You can't make much money if you are trying to convince your advertising force to also be your primary customers. If you think you can attract customers in a different way, create a page to attract them and funnel them to the product you are attempting to attract them to, then post it to outside sources.
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