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slosumo - Administrator
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07/10/2021 08:07
@Axianator I'll reply to your ticket so we don't spam here anymore smile

On another note, can anyone who had the same Login days reset on PTC to confirm that that has been corrected for you now as well?
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07/10/2021 16:25
Well, my 365 days on PTC is completed now, but it shouldn't have been, because I missed a day in March (Corona....).

But now I am in top 1%, so who did I kick out? grin
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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07/10/2021 16:56
Yeah Hoppa, that was the only way for us to do this, as it'd otherwise be impossible for us to reset any progress as we don't keep logs of every single daily activity. But definitely this is better to be one-time beneficial to most users, than breaking all of their streaks.
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07/10/2021 17:19
Where can I enable 2FA?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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07/10/2021 17:30
Account data on MTV or PV, this is link on MTV:

*this will secure both your PV and MTV account, for PTC you have to set it separately there.
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07/10/2021 21:14
17066 APS
Top 1% to 5% of users
Same ID PTC too
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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08/10/2021 00:39
You should also make a new password for every site you join. Most browsers will suggest and save a new pass for you.
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08/10/2021 05:08
Yeah Hoppa, that was the only way for us to do this, as it'd otherwise be impossible for us to reset any progress as we don't keep logs of every single daily activity. But definitely this is better to be one-time beneficial to most users, than breaking all of their streaks.

I understand that there was no ideal solution for this situation. 

But I also understand now, why I was suddenly dropped from 1% group to 5% group (on PTC). If there are many more users like Hoppa (and I believe there are), then all these users had a chance to overtake me and others like me, who were on the edge or near the edge of group 1% and 5%.

I don't know when these users would actually overtake me (if even), but this definitely speeds things up, or am I missing something?

My APS on PTC: 16.555

Best Regards
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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08/10/2021 07:30
@bosa you are correct -> it's very likely this caused at least some users to get more APS, thus rebalancing the groups slightly -> added on top of all other potential factors I described in previous replies.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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08/10/2021 11:46
I received detailed info about my APS and everything looks correct. I apologize for any confusion created.

I realized that PV had a huge decrease on active users. Over 10% and you didn't need to be in the boundaries to be demoted. We might get back if activity picks up.

@slosumo I kept the ticket open with a request.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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08/10/2021 20:42
I took a stroll back to the news that all the old debt is gone. I had to go back to February 18th.

What is happening from then on? It is nice to have the score-card, but not even close to everything is on there. The ptc-websites, the casinos, the games, revenue from portfolio referring, paying Carlos?, webhosting, wages. Anything else?

A year ago MTV mentioned that it was saving up for the cold/dark months. Still saving up?

What is MTV netting at this moment, is it positive or negative? What is needed to start the FTQ going?
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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09/10/2021 06:08
Yeah a little update would be pretty cool smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/10/2021 08:03
I'll post this as a refresher where you can follow the results yourself.

You can find our overall results from all sources in our public sheets:

PV/MTV detailed sheet

PTC/total sheet

I suggest looking at the latter one, as it's got all the summed up stuff under the "Dev Funds" tab. At the very bottom of this tab, you'll find the "per month sums", which have been awful since March this year - (i.e. some very bad months with PBG going quite in negative) -> averaging about $21k/month (add on top of that about $1k/m from games, that is deducted from invoices directly). Slow but steady decline of PV/PTC activity & purchases has added on top of that, as well as PPMG not having great months.

There's simply no reserve/profits as we're not even breaking even the past months, and other than incremental improvements we're trying to do each month, there's right now 2 main things we are counting on to help pick up in the coming 3-9 months to start making a significant difference: SEO efforts of PBG&PPMG and new game releases.

Our minimal monthly costs to allow us to keep things running and at least slightly improving with hopes of gradual improvements & some new releases are 29-31k.

Marc's not been taking salaries for this time, and starting this month we managed to negotiate another temporary reduction from the Spanish office, which brings us temporarily into the 22-24k range of urgent payments.

Many of us are already charging minimum salaries to get by for the month, way below industry average. There is simply nothing else left to cut at this point -> unless if we'd cut absolutely everything that has potential to improve things going forward, but at that point things would get even worse in a couple of months.
Traffic Value: $17,409.62296 Romania
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09/10/2021 08:51
"Slow and steady decline of pv/ptc" is because you never understood and never listen that no one will stay if would earn a few cents with a couple of dollars invested.... You just waste money advertiseing day by day on people that never remain and you just didn-t want to see this truth. Instead of throwing money, even more, on advertiseing, you should improve the posibilities of earning by increasing them.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/10/2021 09:04
Definitely it's because people are not earning "enough". But how can people earn more? From more advertising being sold. It's a chicken and the egg scenario. We can't just make up money for people to earn more, if more advertising is not being bought.

When it comes to adding 3rd party options to earn, it doesn't increase activity of most users. Most users want more earnings from ads directly, not 3rd party offers, tasks, tiny ads. That said we want to add more 3rd party options either way, but it is a big investment in terms of programming time, management, support, withdrawal issues - so to sort these out properly also requires us to invest more money into staff to prepare all of these. Staff we currently can't afford or staff doesn't have enough time to implement them. Similar goes for new payment processor options.

There's another thing to consider -> more activity and people earning more does NOT necessarily bring in more profits for the company. Between PV&PTC ad sales/revenues we're getting $6-10k/m profits from them. If we'd cut a part of this and throw it back into ad issues, the relative difference in ad issues would still be negligible, and in the end make us less profit.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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09/10/2021 09:22
Basically preety bad then smile

How much staff & offices do we have again though? Is everyone/everything really needed, or is it possbile to reduce the number and transfer responsibilities, if they're not really used that often?
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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09/10/2021 10:42
Thank you! smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/10/2021 12:36

Most are freelancers paid on demand/hourly or a fixed monthly amount (none really full time):
system admin <- critical role
lead programmer <- critical to fix issues, yet can't devote a lot of time recently, hence several PV/PTC improvements can't really be done easily
3 taking care of support/design/social <- critical roles

Spanish office - 0-3? fixed monthly costs. More or less just legal/owner reasons, nothing we can unfortunately skim down on or its out of my/Marc's hands


Slo office - myself, game programmer/cashout verifications, marketer/game design/business/papirology. Semi-fixed monthly costs, semi hourly. We currently do about 30% time on directly MTV related work, the rest is game development.

3rd party SEO team collaboration for PBG & PPMG. 50% fixed costs, 50% results based.

We've already cut down everything we can, which is also a big reason why we can't make as many improvements to the sites regularly, or why support is sometimes not ideal. A good chunk of the team is charging minimal amounts for their work.

The only further potential cuts to "just keep business running" would be removing the SEO team, any sort of site improvements, and cutting our office's work on games. These combined currently represent roughly 25-30% overall costs.

Doing that however, removes all chances of the business ever improving out of mine and Marc's hands, and it would just slowly starve to death, or one more "black swan" event killing it completely.

So we're trying to run it at the absolute minimum to keep going while having a few potential upside options/project to improve and keep it running despite certain inevitable declines, and with the chance of at least one of these becoming a significant revenue improvement down the line.
Traffic Value: $0.1465 United States
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09/10/2021 12:59
EDIT BY ADMIN: Stop spamming with new accounts, forum tickets etc.

If you are the real owner of the account, then stick to the support tickets and provide the information & proof we are asking for. That is the only way to get your account back.

Spamming us with more accounts, messages and tickets only makes the matter worse and makes it harder for us to find the correct owner.
Traffic Value: $3,504.64232 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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09/10/2021 14:22
Do you actually want to tell us that this ship is sinking? Maybe not as fast as the Titanic, but it will surely end up at the bottom?

My opinion is that the administration is quite stubborn, in the sense that you made a couple of major mistakes that should not have happened without actually listening to us. But that is now behind us and cannot be changed anymore. What we can influence is the future, by looking at what mistakes we have made before and learning from it!

What bothers me the most is that you tried so hard to make the game without trying to use it in the best possible way. It's about Texas Hold'em poker. What I think is that you should have put the game on ppmg and on pbg. You said it wasn’t worth it and that each new game raises the cost of maintenance, and at the same time you left stupid scratchers that no one plays, instead of removing them and inserting a texas hold´em. The other thing is that it is a game that has to offer some kind of reward that will attract people to come play. You can't say "here, we made a game, and you play it". What is the benefit of mtv from that and how to attract people? The first thing you need is good publicity. The other thing is the prize, which will be slightly smaller at the beginning and would increase later, depending on the number of players. Example: a prize is offered and a smaller amount is required to participate, or instead of paying to participate, mtv takes a small percentage of each stake.

The other thing is games that haven’t had much success so far, and you’ve wasted so much time on them. I don't want to analyze each game separately at all because there is no need, it can be seen by the daily, monthly income. Slosumo, maybe the games are not unprofitable for you and your team, but completely unprofitable for mtv. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t attack you and I don’t judge you, we all make mistakes, so do you and Marc. Someone mentioned earlier that you should be running games for android and ios, and your answer was that it just doesn’t pay off to look for people for just one app. My opinion is that even that one bad app can have a lot more benefits for mtv than all the other games combined.Those 3 games would have a lot more players and would bring in a lot more revenue if they were like an app. I have 2 laptops and a desktop computer in the house, but I just don't want to use them for such games. It's much easier to take a smartphone in your hands and play anything and anywhere ... I think this is a topic that needs a lot of talking and asking for opinions from people. I’ve seen on the forum so far that there are a lot of smart people with good ideas, and surely one or more of them can be combined and used.

I see some are questioning whether we can cut any costs, but that is only a momentary mitigation of the situation. We need products that will increase revenues, and revenues are the ones that will attract people ...
Slosumo, you said you're working on a new game now, okay, finish it, maybe it'll be a lot better than the previous ones, but try switching to apps after that.

I apologize if I offended anyone, it was not my intention, I just wanted to express my opinion. And apologies for mistakes if there are any, English is not my native language...
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