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9th Nov - Daily News

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Traffic Value: $12,448.61148 Belgium
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09/11/2015 18:33
"full mtv swap (But the last 2 rounds)"

Which rounds are these, round 92 and 93?
Traffic Value: $3,036.0835 Spain
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09/11/2015 18:33
Or buy baps?
Traffic Value: $1,793.38751 Italy
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09/11/2015 18:33
Here you are the debt swap which all of us knew it, except for dreamers and hopers which could put only dislikes button and spam these words: "NO DEBT SWAP ANYMORE" tongue
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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09/11/2015 18:34
@Rubenja, it will be converted to shares. I hope the admin will clarify if that includes PV Earnings balance since he mentioned that PV will be left untouched.
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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09/11/2015 18:35
If you never used MTV to invest before like buying shares or fast track investments, your money balance will be swapped to BAP at a rate of 2000 BAP/$1.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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09/11/2015 18:35
Besides FT nothing has changed since the announcement. You still can make your move and profit from the swap.

This was inevitable. Paidverts wasn't touched. The swap concerns the minimum of minimum possible to regain the business functionality, liquidity for cashouts.
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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09/11/2015 18:35
So Brainy knew these news earlier. It is so unfair. Who has the money has the information as always.
Traffic Value: $108,789.63106 Poland
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09/11/2015 18:35
@daphyr good point

It seems that some of users always know more or sooner than the others.
Traffic Value: $1,428.22378 Netherlands
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09/11/2015 18:35
daphyr indeed.. he knew this before us smile 
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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09/11/2015 18:36
Brainy didn't have earlier access to our actions. Marc has a clear message below about this.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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09/11/2015 18:36
To clear the air of me giving any intel..
Which I will NEVER do as i'm fully honest (Otherwise I would have sold my fast track queue investments as well about 2 weeks ago instead of losing $31.000,- and I wouldn't have tried to make such an honest swap as I did now)

[8-11-2015 19:50:45] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: 16:43 Brainy $2,002.08 $100.354 $60.0624 $40.2916
[8-11-2015 19:50:48] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: here you go
[8-11-2015 19:52:06] Brainy Network: Great thanks!
[8-11-2015 19:52:12] Brainy Network: I lost 1 month of waiting
[8-11-2015 19:52:14] Brainy Network: but I got that one
[8-11-2015 19:52:16] Brainy Network: I won't whine
[8-11-2015 19:52:22] Brainy Network: Thanks
[8-11-2015 19:52:26] Brainy Network: I'll order a $3000 one now
[8-11-2015 19:52:27] Brainy Network: lol
[8-11-2015 19:52:48] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: Make sure to read the news tomorrow.
[8-11-2015 19:52:56] Brainy Network: Swap coming I guess
[8-11-2015 19:52:58] Brainy Network: I will be screwed hard
[8-11-2015 19:53:05] Brainy Network: because I don't have any shares anymore
[8-11-2015 19:53:16] Brainy Network: I'll basically lose half, two third, three quarter of all my value
[8-11-2015 19:53:17] Brainy Network: lol
[8-11-2015 19:53:31] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: Can't disclose any of the message of tomorrow
[8-11-2015 19:53:38] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: but uhh didn;t you sell at 0.01 lol?
[8-11-2015 19:53:44] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: you can simply rebuy at 0.01
[8-11-2015 19:53:49] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: what you mean losing 2/3rd tongue
[8-11-2015 19:53:55] Brainy Network: Well if I sold at $0.01
[8-11-2015 19:53:58] Brainy Network: and you swap at $0.03
[8-11-2015 19:54:01] Brainy Network: I lost two third
[8-11-2015 19:54:09] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: huh? tongue
[8-11-2015 19:54:16] Brainy Network: Okay I'll go buy shares loll
[8-11-2015 19:54:20] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: if you would rebuy at 0.01.. you wouldn't lose anything xD
[8-11-2015 19:54:40] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: 1% fee or so tongue
[8-11-2015 19:55:14] Brainy Network: Alright I'm rebuying lol
[8-11-2015 19:55:24] Brainy Network: thanks for telling me to read tomorrow's message :d
[8-11-2015 19:55:36] Brainy Network: People will tell I had an insight for sure loll
[8-11-2015 19:55:47] Marc De Koning/KingInvestments: I didn't tell you anything, just gave you a heads up of important news.
[8-11-2015 19:55:52] Brainy Network: I know
[8-11-2015 19:55:53] Brainy Network: Lol
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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09/11/2015 18:37
Not Brainy nor anyone else knew about it beforehand... even us mods were informed today a little bit earlier
Its just that people like Brainy who have been around for awhile could see plainly that a swap was needed - the cashouts situation was a telltale - so when 'big news' were announced he simply knew - as some other people as well.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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09/11/2015 18:38
Let me quote MArc's post:

"Something totally new about this swap:If you never used MTV to invest before like buying shares or fast track investments, your money balance will be swapped to BAP at a rate of 2000 BAP/$1.
This means you won't lose a penny if you click all of the ads we assign to you after the swap, but it's a lot better to buy the BAP yourself within this 7-day period ofcourse as you will get 3100 BAP/$1.05."

You don't have anything blocked. Just make your move and buy RPs or buy bulk ads.
Traffic Value: $9,256.78261 Slovenia
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09/11/2015 18:39
Marc, what does that means: "But not last 2 rounds" ?
Agency - Administrator
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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09/11/2015 18:39
I believe this is the right approach. This is a last resort Swap, because we need it to survive. Marc tried to avoid it as long as he could, but at the end it's a matter of survival.

- SWAP OF BALANCES AND FTQ (RATE $0.1/RP) Not too bad. We could get there since PV has more than $150k to spend buying shares right now. And most people will use their balances for it. Also in buying PV campaigns, that will result in more money to buy shares.

- PV (BAPS) WILL NOT BE SWAPPED This is the most important part.

- CASHOUTS WILL BE UNDER 24H IN PV This is the gem that will bring us to new standards.

- PV/MTV BALANCE SEPARATION This is the way to go, treat business apart.

A good opportunity is ahead of us, if you know how to play your cards now.
Traffic Value: $483.1955 Afghanistan
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09/11/2015 18:40
@MarcdeKoning - Administrator
   Please please please let us to fund our accounts. I want to buy RPs
Traffic Value: $522.66532 Viet Nam
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09/11/2015 18:40
@stark100, Brainy is just smarter than most of us.
Traffic Value: $19,824.91092 Slovenia
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09/11/2015 18:41
It would be fair to clear RP queue!

People who read this announcement late will loose a lot, not knowing they are selling shares for $0.01 but their balance will be swapped at $0.10!
Traffic Value: $24,171.69746 Poland
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09/11/2015 18:42
Even a retard could read that there will be swap out of that conversation...
Brainy thanked marc...why is that?
Traffic Value: $9,256.78261 Slovenia
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09/11/2015 18:43

thats normal in share market.. if you do not follow the news you lose. and it was said we are going to get important news today..
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