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9th Nov - Daily News

Black Friday deals are coming - some are already here!!!!

You can find the full list of our events, competitions, prize and massive discounts & bonuses for all of our sites in our news post here:

But to highlight the few main ones on MyTrafficValue (lasting during 20th-30th November):
Biggest MTV auction discounts to date of 70% off <- stock up on the most effective ads for affiliate/gambling/investment opportunities and reserve your slots for 2023:
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Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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14/11/2015 02:39
regarding to this swap... what to do if I have less than $1.05.... presently I have $0.16.....
Some told to buy RP's. How to do that please help to purchase RP's
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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14/11/2015 02:56

Buy RP for them now and sell them for Bap. smile
You buy RP here:

Scroll down you see the marketplace. 
Traffic Value: $2,911.10459 India
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14/11/2015 03:00

goto RP Market Place, there you find buying & selling RPs for cash and BAP
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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14/11/2015 03:51

Hi, thanks for replying my question.

Pythagoras the link which you gave, I went there, it says that I owe 129 RP's...... I don't know what to do please help....
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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14/11/2015 04:19

Dear, you can keep them, waiting for prize to raise ( which can be very long )
or you can exchange them for Bap too. 
In order to cash out  ( 2$ cashout minimum) you will need to wait for price to rise at least to 
2 cent after the swap and you have 14 days wait on MTV. 

Or you can also exchange them to BAP. 
I don't know how much BAP you have now, but it might bring you a group higher. 

Either way you don't loose BAP or RP in the swap. 
You also can wait. 
It is just that you might get less Bap later, if you want that.  

Important is that you have no money left in your balances before the swap.  
Traffic Value: $202.66535 Honduras
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14/11/2015 05:07
there is pv / mtv for many more years, although others say the opposite ... other PTC, if they have problems simply close and stop paying, and it was over, however here we see as the admin and mods, are always giving 100 good development .... and even drawing strength from weakness ... I'm in the 7, I never charged but that in time I will have my winnings ...
negatisvismo that many did not remove the drive ...
Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb, because they never surrendered before more than 999 failures ...
This is one of their fraces
"Everyone must decide once in their life if cast to succeed, risking everything, or sit down to watch the passage of the winners."
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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14/11/2015 13:06

Please help me to convert all my 129 RP's to BAP's. Atleast as you said it will increase my group level little bit higher.
I am saying this because I have no idea what this share or RP's. And how to make profit from that. No not even a single I am having.
I just know to click ads, buy some Bulk ads and go on like that.
Your suggestion is always welcome
Please write me step by step so that I will not get confused.....
Traffic Value: $42.80754 India
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14/11/2015 17:16
rp's are nothing but shares.You can buy them when the price is LOW and sell them when the price is HIGH.Basic market principle to earn profit! But if you donot wish to hold them,you can sell them right away in the marketplace for BAPS which will be credited to your account.Or you can sell them for cash too.All your cash balances will be swapped in this debt swap.That means after the swap you will have 0 cash balance.only baps and RPs remain intact.Even If you have lower then 1$ then they will pay according to the ratio 1$(PV balance)=2000 BAP and 1$(MTV balance)=10 RPs exchange at the rate of 0.1/RP
Traffic Value: $686.89911 France
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14/11/2015 17:19
but the price is NEVER high !!!!!!!
Traffic Value: $42.80754 India
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14/11/2015 17:26
ya..thats true. since the share price is a true reflection of the perfomance, i dont know when it will rise again. Who knows... Lets hope everything goes as planned by the team after the swap!
Traffic Value: $4.06602 Colombia
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14/11/2015 23:43
Oh hell, I'm out of luck with the PTC, some people recommended me this PV and just going to charge my 2 bucks the company bankrupt. that misfortune.  I lost my job?
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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15/11/2015 00:33
Not if you purchase Bulk Ads, that way you get more BAPS for your money.
Traffic Value: $243.17795 India
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15/11/2015 04:31
What will happen to my Invested done in MTV 170% 6 months back?
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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15/11/2015 06:10
@Saggi: Will be exchanged for RPs, for each $0.1 that you were going to receive, you get 1 RPs.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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15/11/2015 06:21
@ kaushik888

How to sell shares for BAP
Go to marketplace. 
You find this under market for cash: 
 After you have clicked you get this window.
You see lowest price, if you want to sell fast you must be lower. 
If you can wait you can make higher price. 
I have given you an example in the picture. 
You type amount of shares in window. 
in the next window you type price. 
You can only sell so much as you have in the number left to the window.
You click to list for sale. 
If you sell the BAP gets on your account - 15% fee.
Traffic Value: $1,286.13129 Pakistan
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15/11/2015 06:30
dear friends i want help i have 43 thousand share .what is best option for me .i buy baps with those share or do nothing till swap .kindly give me advise what is safe option for me
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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15/11/2015 12:02
THE RP price is too low atm to be worth selling to get into the BAP debt game.

Wait for the RP price to rise b4 selling for BAP.

If you can find a gr8 FTQ deal, then sure, sell.
If it doesn't rise, near then end, sure sell then buy ads, so later you can sell your BAP when it bottoms out, or if predictions are wrong, being a PV member isn't that bad.
Traffic Value: $255.36445 France
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16/11/2015 07:45
[Edited by MOD Team: Only English is allowed in the main forum, post in the french topic - Agency]
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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16/11/2015 08:49
I faced one problem........
My Balance was around 0.09914
I bid to buy 6 RP's for $0.0148.....
My balance got deducted $0.0888..... But in RP position tab, I am not seeing my active bid.... what happened........
Traffic Value: $4.16423 Morocco
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16/11/2015 13:06
We Are already 16/11/2016 but i can't cashout :/ Any Solutions?
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