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How is traffic value computed?

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Traffic Value: $79.99441 Philippines
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19/08/2014 00:51
is it just a random number? Where's the formula for it?
Traffic Value: $1,069.25294 Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC)
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19/08/2014 02:36
All banances+all active investments/shares.At the highest point you ever got.
Traffic Value: $165.11806 Sri Lanka
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19/08/2014 06:18
My Proven Traffic Ad Value remains same ($2.92..) for a long time without change though I will be completing a month tomorrow. However, it does not impact the ads I receive and advancement of ranks of other areas, is indeed a great relief. Hence, I would like to know the ways to improve my Traffic Ad Value, which is the only category my rank does not improve at all.

Thanking you.
Traffic Value: $5,278.37238 Germany
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19/08/2014 10:16
@asivrama i was confused at first too, but to get higher traffic value you either have to
A) save a lot of money in your account
B) buy shares
C) invest into the fast track queue

Everything is added together and the highest value will be your traffic value until you reach a higher value.
For example:
You have 8$ in your account balance
10 shares worth 0.1$ each (just an example value)
and invested 1$ into the fast track
Your traffic value will be 10$.
Sometimes it does not update so go into the account section and click on the refresh button next to the traffic value.
Forum - Questions - How is traffic value computed?
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