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Traffic Value: $983.3735 Netherlands
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09/01/2015 03:55
but... ads??? who cares... shares rullez!!!
Traffic Value: $780.17861 Pakistan
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09/01/2015 03:57
Ads coming ! 
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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09/01/2015 03:59
What you do is what breaks the database, creating one error here, another error there, then there are hundreds of other cheaters like you doing the same and we end like we are now, with a badly broken database and having trouble to earn money. 

Now, fixing the database takes a lot of time and money to fix, meaning less earnings for all of us.

So thank you not for ruining the earnings for all of us! angry
Traffic Value: $2,697.0796 Denmark
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09/01/2015 04:03
Thanks for the update Jo, I just think that you didn't answer nor comment on peanuts dude idea. 

I think it is a great idea, having a script checking if there is any deposit, if there is under 10 history event, if the account share ip with any of his refs and so on! 

And Jo remember you always say we do not lose anything when we jump a day or two? That would mean we should look at an ad issue about 500,000 to 600,000 dollars. That would be nice wink But I do believe we both know that it is not gonna be that high so please stop with saying that we do not lose anything. 

Before saying/promise anything you should check with the rest of the team if it is possible and then rather than saying something that maybe not gonna hold. Promise always to little then people will be happy when they get more!  
Traffic Value: $102.59797 Finland
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09/01/2015 04:05
Right..So anyone who (probably (should've )) taken the time to read the news on Jo's fb and you're saying they're doing nothing..bunch of ingrates;
 rollbacks basically are like restore points; good to have i guess; in case of unforeseen occurrences like we've now had (or if they get worse /more creative in their attacks)
granularity haha yea; you'd think  this was smth to do, say, a pixels on a graph?? it guess, from trading, however, is they're actually talking abt time (which cld be it in rgds to time:execution, etc.)
lol promote one of the old slaves  reslave old one ..
As to the trading news (what was it /transaction queue) this ..This is what i've been talking about; in other mkts/forex, say is liquid, that anyone can get a fill of their order (actually this is different; order filling from order execution; but it dsn't matter who buys what and at what time) here it isn't as dynamic ..The fact that is in a queue is why 1) it is stuck, if indeed a bug it is locked, now 2) it goes in elevator fashion
klikdiva tongue let's make that the new last price transacted at (well, ya, that logically would be it; don't know why it didn't pull the shares price up then)
how can you sell to your upline??? That would mean, imply selling it to one specified bidder..well, heck; if that is the case why don't we all just selected the highest/higher bidders..and raise the share prices that way
That's weird/it can't be done ..
yo, colasander, that history doesn't make sense at all in other ways too..They're buying shares at, like , in the bucks??? lolwut grin
 As at sharemarket we can only sell to top bid or buy from lowest sale. Looks like they used some exploit..." Desire, ya, this is what i've been telling ppl ..
well, i'm sorry; yes, it sucks, and prolly is a bug that  shld be rectified - but, jo, this is like what friend 11 was not getting; as i have been stating , over and again - yes, based on the last price, however if they were doing it at a price mutually agreed.. you see now why it cannot work ..yea, logically two ppl could agree to sell/buy at a mutually agreed price..but not like this ..
Shit grin Colasander (ppl blame me  and  you go thru 487 pge.s? who needs a blow-up doll LOL ..also with that attitude about the only thing you're gonna get ..
Mike yeah, islam, a thief's hands shall be cut off ..i mean the fining à la bot traps is good in my opinion ..
ya, i totally agree with the sensitivity; so as i've said before in my previous comments/posts i believe; but these kids, eh, babies here ..
2FA defo is a welcome? Thanks boss. grin

For one minute prepare the ad issues as top priority, then go back to your DB neverending problems." hey, dude..!! First; if you don't like it, then leave..Second, the last LOL part is kinda tied grin tongue to your first ..

Is that so about your own purchases 1% coming back to you for 10 days?
It's the first time I hear about it. Wow, great then."
Yeah for good reason ..i been here, almost all the time; I never heard about that is so pointless, as some1 already said/pointed it out last night, why have it's bullshit, and it doesn't even cover advertising; it's not profit, it's getting your principal back ..
Traffic Value: $329.227 Philippines
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09/01/2015 04:10

Jo replied to peanutdude.

"We'll generate a table soon with some key points on it that will be sortable; to help users flag cashouts more easily.

But we're insanely busy at the moment working on the database & general website stability issues. Time available for new features is miniscule"
Traffic Value: $4,058.60699 Indonesia
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09/01/2015 04:10
hey guys, i check in my PV system statistic, in generl statistic column all goes to zero (0), what just happen???ermm
Traffic Value: $102.59797 Finland
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09/01/2015 04:11

Dziubla . funny..I read (yes i do; for how can anyone know what is happening on these forums if don't backcheck) and, it seems to be making quite sense to me ..
Really; for no re.. how the you expect an ad issue if the servers are down? f...This is idiotic moronism (or is it grin moronic idiocy ..maybe just cretinism..)
Eric i totally agree; like check me out; i went and cooked, and..made nice grin spaghetti w/ mascarpone sauce.. Then i couldn't/didn't feel like waiting till 1 am so , signed off ..Now i came back..oh, and i shaved in the meantime too
yes - pls. do read the 8th thread /you will also see me set everything/one right ..
Traffic Value: $780.17861 Pakistan
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09/01/2015 04:11
asaxen sorry brother but you have very big mouth grin
Traffic Value: $3,553.39286 India
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09/01/2015 04:12
@ asaxen hey y u use so small letters ? its annoying
Traffic Value: $780.17861 Pakistan
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09/01/2015 04:15
You are right haha
Traffic Value: $284.35377 Slovenia
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09/01/2015 04:17
Nice ads today smile
Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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09/01/2015 04:18
I got my ads for group 8, I received my cash-out, I sold some shares for cash and some for BAPs. A very good day for me.
Traffic Value: $1,252.14146 Spain
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09/01/2015 04:21
that is  ads of today only, or are the 8th and part of 7th too??
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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09/01/2015 04:25
$1000 ad I just got.
Traffic Value: $329.227 Philippines
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09/01/2015 04:25
I think that's all from day 7 to 9.
Because tomorrow is Saturday and it's a day off.
Traffic Value: $47.72185 Australia
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09/01/2015 04:28

Whoa nice one! grin
Traffic Value: $1,717.8092 Canada
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09/01/2015 04:29

don't take this the wrong way but i hate you tongue lol
Traffic Value: $796.90042 Spain
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09/01/2015 04:32
please pay me sad ID iQYyv8jXGCIK 
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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09/01/2015 04:38
Hey, Mike! You got a $1000 I can borrow? cheese
I'll split the profits with ya... tongue wink
[Good Catch, though]
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