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07/06/2017 00:29
Hello everyone

I want to introduce a very good program. I bought the monitor list some time ago but I preferred to fully test the program before making the thread, also when I bought the first premium days, the promotion link was only in Spanish, later on they introduced the promotion in English with a video so I sent a support ticket to MTV to see if I could change my link but after more than 3 weeks without a response, I closed the ticket. I bought more premium days with the link in English so in some days it will change.

The program I’m presenting is called WeiFastPay. They are a company registered in Delaware, USA, they design tech products for the new digital economy that allow their users to generate income from the comfort of their homes by receiving several payments through the day.
The program started pointing just from the Spanish speakers as the owner and everyone in the company are Spanish speakers and right now they are aiming to have presence in all the world.

What makes this platform different? They have real products that generate a very good income and the best of all, you can prove they are real! What do they do? They do crypto-currency trading but not only that, they send signals so you can trade by yourself or if you don’t know anything about trading they can teach you how to trade. So, let me explain the products:


WeiShop as the name says, it’s where you can purchase some of the products they have created.

Analysis and cycles: These are videos about the fundamental and technical analysis, also the cycles of the price and tendencies. Each video costs 0.01 BTC

Trading Signals: You can purchase different packages
       Free: You will receive 1 signal per week (wed)
       Basic: It costs 0.03 BTC and you will receive 3 signals per week for 60 days      (mon-wed-frid)
       Trader: It costs 0.07 BTC and you will receive 7 signals per week for 60 days   (mon-frid)
       Pro: It costs 0.20 BTC and you will receive 14 signals per week for 60 days      (mon-frid)

Prospection tools: They offer a customizable landing page where you can advertise your other programs or your website. The other product is WeiRobot, this robot is an auto Facebook publisher that you can set up and let him do the job. Each one of these products costs 0.015 BTC.

Live Trading

In the live trading you are gonna learn how to trade the crypto-currencies and also you’re gonna receive some signals to practice. There are different plans:
                 Day: You get one day of training and signals for that day. Cost: 0.015 BTC
                 Week: You get one week of training and signals. Cost: 0.06 BTC
                 Month: You get a full month of training and signals. Cost: 0.20 BTC

Bullish Circuit

Bullish Circuit is the Compensation Plan that offers WeiFastPay but this is not the typical compensation plan where you pay to your sponsor and have to recruit people to at least get back your investment. Each time you buy a Bullish Circuit, the 30% goes to you sponsor and the rest is for the platform, but you will also receive trading signals depending which pack you choose.
                     Basic: Costs 0.03 BTC and you will receive 3 signals per week for 60 days
                     Trader: Costs 0.10 BTC and you will receive 7 signals per week for 60 days
                      Pro: Costs: 0.30 BTC and you will receive 14 signals per week for 60 days
The difference between Bullish Circuit and Trading Signals is that with the BC you enter into the compensation plan and also start earning points to your Career, which I’ll  explain later.


And last WeiCapt, these are the plans where you just invest your money and get a daily return until you reach the total profit according to each plan. You will get your investment and profit in about 3 months, the WeiCapt plans pays from Monday to Friday and the withdrawals are made directly to the BTC address you register.

You can buy up to 10 packages of each plan. If you have only one Bronze plan you don’t need to buy the Bullish Circuit, BUT if you have 2 or more bronze plans or a silver or gold plan you need to buy a Bullish Circuit in order to receive your daily payments.

Referral commission

The referral program in WeiFastPay is also different, you get 20% of every plan your referrals purchase, but you’re not gonna get that as an extra money, it will be a payment in advance of one of your active plans.


You bought 1 silver plan of 0.50 BTC and you will get 0.80 BTC in return. Lets suppose you’ve already being paid .20 of .80

One of your referrals buys a gold pack of 1 BTC. You will get the 20% of that = .020 BTC with your payment of the day.

So now you're gonna have .40 of .80 paid and your plan is going to mature earlier.

Some people asked the CEO why they don’t give the commission as an extra and he answered that they are not a ponzi.

And also if you have any doubt, feel free to ask. The home page is not yet in English but the back office is now in English and Spanish. You can also join the FB group or attend any of the conferences that are made each week. You will also see that the people showing in the website as CEO and members, are the ones showing in FB and conferences. Hope you give it a try, this is one of a kind.
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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08/06/2017 03:14
I forgot the most important thing in this kind of business, the proofs.
I’m gonna show you the proofs of the trades they make with an accuracy of more than 80% and not only investing in a few coins, they really trade in a lot of crypto-currencies:

If you can see with the basic pack and if you follow the signals you would make a 78.7% in 1 month. Only 3 signals reached the stop-limit and the others were successful. Now imagine you have the trader or pro pack, the profits are unlimited. If you don’t trust at all in the company then you could just buy a signals pack and test it without using the other products. This is not a HYIP, Revshare or any other crappy program, this have proofs that they truly make money.
Here some of the payments from my WeiCapt plan

WeiFastPay started on November 2016 and have paid more than 4,100 BTC in just 8 months; that’s more than 10 million dollars!
Join Now:
Traffic Value: $13,419.4675 Netherlands
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11/06/2017 12:04
What is the average monthly profit? Looks good, Just want to know how long the break even point is when i buy the weicapt pack.
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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11/06/2017 18:21

It depends on the pack you buy.

Bronze: 40 business days to get back your investment (pays 0.0025 BTC on business days)
Silver: 37 business days... (0.0135 BTC) 
Gold 33 business days... (0.030 BTC)

But if you combine Weicapt with signals for example, you can get back your investment in less than one month, all depends in the capital you have to trade.
Traffic Value: $13,419.4675 Netherlands
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11/06/2017 19:43
Thanks for your answer. Is 40 days not too fast, i mean how can it  be sustanable of you can make your deposit back so fast. Every trader has bad days.

Will make a small invesment anyway and see how it goes.

I like the passive part so no signals for me. With the upcoming of crypto trading i like to diversify my funds in different programs.
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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12/06/2017 00:42
Yes, it's not too fast, but at least I have proof that their products work and using them earns me more money. I really think it's one of the most sustainable platform right now, if you look at their signals you can see that they trade in a lot of coins and do a lot of trades each day, most of them if not all of them are short term, to earn a small % each day. When they do a wrong move they just loose a 3% at the most, while when they do a successfull trade they make up to 10-14%.

Try the platform with a small investment and you're really gonna like it.
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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17/06/2017 19:45
WeiFastPay keeps paying on time and everyday becoming stronger. Payment proofs of this week:

This week they also announced a new product they will launch in a month and a half; this will be an auto-trader robot, with this it will use the signals they send and the robot is going to do all the job for you in case you don't know how to trade or don't have time to keep watching the market. I guess this will be like the Weicapt but here you can control the amount of money you want to use to trade and having total control of your funds.

They also announce the opening of a new office in Venezuela that will be exclusively for support. They are planning to hire 30 people and they're aiming to answer a ticket in max. 10 minutes, they know that a fast and effective support is esential if you're planning to be the number 1 business online.

I had a mistake in a post I made before, they didn't start business in November, they started in September 2016 and up to date they have paid the amazing amount of:

Converting that into dollars, it's more than 14 million dollars paid in just 10 months!
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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24/06/2017 22:54
The payments of this week from WeiFastPay

Payments up to date:

More than 18 million dollars!
Traffic Value: $24,293.00208 Mexico
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11/08/2017 04:56
It's been some time since my last post but there were 2 weeks where no payments were made because of the segwit. On Monday the payments restarted but there were some changes due to their new product.

The autotrader robot has finally been launched and because they are focusing on promoting this new product they change the payments on the WeiCapt. The Weicapt has double the time on the payments so they are paying half of what they used to pay. They keep paying the same % but now it takes 180 days to take your investment and earnings back.

The Autotrader Bot is a robot which trades automatically for you, you just buy the pack you want and load funds in your Poloniex wallet to start trading.

There are different packs for the robot

Basic: It costs 0.5 BTC and you get 60 automatic signals.
Trader: It costs 1 BTC and you get 120 automatic signals.
Pro: It costs 1.5 BTC and you get 180 automatic signals.

Right now there is a special discount of 50% off because of the launch, it will last till 12 of August. With this robot you can trade up to 1 BTC per signal. And heres the manual for the robot:

  1. After acquiring the AUTOWEIBOT, you must immediately proceed to configure the amount to Trade, the API Key and the Secret (provided by the broker in the API area).
  2. Each execution of the AUTOWEIBOT will deduct 1 of the remaining number of acquired signals, even if the user bought the product and has not yet configured its data for the correct operation of the same.
  3. If at the time of the automatic execution of the AUTOWEIBOT the user does not have the sufficient amount configured before to be able to trade, the same way one will deduct 1 of the remaining number of signals remaining.
  4. The user should only have the broker account associated with the AUTOWEIBOT for use. You should not perform manual trading at any time to not interfere with the proper operation of the AUTOWEIBOT.
  5. The user must have a balance in Bitcoin (BTC) in the broker. It should have no other balance in any other cryptocurrency to not interfere with the correct functioning of the AUTOWEIBOT.
  6. The use of AUTOWEIBOT does not guarantee that it will always have the same returns both in profit and loss.
  7. If you purchase any other AUTOWEIBOT package, the new amount will be added to the user for the remaining number of previous runs.
  8. The active package type will always be the last purchased. If you have a type of package that allows you to take advantage of 3 or more daily signals, and buy a packet of less signals a day, you will add to the remaining signals you have left, but will always take advantage of the number of daily executions of the last type of AUTOWEIBOT you have acquired.
    For example, if you buy a BASIC you will have 60 signals from which you can trade 1 daily, if you buy a PRO, you will have 180 new acquired signals that will be added to the previous ones you had already acquired, but now take advantage of 3 signals a day.

With the Autotrader Bot you can get from 30 to 200% or more in profit, depending the pack you adquire.

Total payments up to date and they keep paying on time and now preparing the next products. Finally the link on my monitor listing is correct and now you can watch the info in English.
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