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25/08/2015 22:21
Hey people i just joined up to another rev share program that will be launching Sept 1st. This one is gonna be huge so you will want to get in early!!

Just like MyPayingAds and VenturePlugTraffic with 15 levels deep.

Affordable Ad-Pack Positions starting at $1 USD

Up to 200% Potential Return

15 Levels for the LONGEST sustainability

Withdrawals are open 7 days a week
and processed within 24 hours

10% Referral Commissions

$1 minimum Add Funds

$5 minimum Cash Out

$500 Max Cash Out daily

Member To Member Balance Transfer

Processor To Processor Balance Exchange for ZERO fee.

(Deposit using Payza and withdraw to your Paypal)

Revenue shared every 30 minutes

Fast Support

Surf 10 ads daily to claim Revenue Sharing

Backed by trusted Admin (active on Facebook)

Get in early...!!!

Check out my listing
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26/08/2015 11:41
Will turn to scam as not enough money being made.No different than the other thousands of sites that last for a short time.If you join get i.n quick and get out as soon as you are in profit
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