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system automatic share purchase

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18/04/2014 04:26
Have you thought of an automated system to buy shares? gulp

I for example, I buy everything that comes to me in my balances in shares, I do not care the price.

I'm sure many people would activate this option and stock price would rise gradually: every time someone has a referral commission every Monday that benefits charge, etc.

To not be watching the share price can only go up, because there will be buying from the people who have enabled and MTV still earn commissions on the purchase / sale of shares

could be something like that every night or weekly, the available balance was employed in buying shares

Greetings (sorry for my English .. google traslate) red face
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18/04/2014 13:57
We will be re-building the share system soon and re-activating share bidding.

And perhaps we can build a "quick buy" button, where you enter the amount of money you'd like to buy shares with. And it automatically buys up the cheapest shares until your set funds are consumed.

An automated cron, that runs every hour or something, and tries to spend all your money in a given balance, buying shares -- if set to "Active". Might be workable.

I'll ask the programmers when we come to rebuild the shareholders section.
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18/04/2014 17:11
and how about a dividend reinvestment plan. People click a button and it automatically buys shares with any dividends received. This could create a nice pop in share prices every week
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