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186% Power Plan

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How much will I earn daily?

The 186% plan, does not pay daily payments.
You will be paid your entire 186% return, over one or a few days, just as soon as it's your turn to be fast tracked. You can view our fast track queue here:

How long will it take to earn all 186%?

In short: We don't know!

There are a few ways to estimate things for yourself:
1) Look at our fast track queue page, and see the current times it's taking to completely repay each investment round.
2) Using the fast track queue page, or our result card statistics, compare the total "investment debt" ahead of you in the fast track queue, with our current average daily portfolio revenues. Divide the two together and you can get an approximate time-frame (this will assume no growth in our portfolio revenues, so its a very conservative estimate - as the portfolio is always under development / expanding!)

But ultimately, your investment will take as long as is required to use your funding to build the portfolio products, and then for those products to mature, and return 3.6x their construction costs in revenues. However, beyond that basic requirement, we have a number of time saving features:
* Using the crowd and system growth, to pass ownership of the maturing portfolio between users, to save individuals time!
* Using the entire portfolio to repay you, not just the products you specifically finance.
* And our "Fast Track" system, where we focus 100% of the daily revenues, specifically at our oldest investors, rather than just paying everyone equally, and diluting the results to no end. This way it pays you back in the quickest time, and removes your "investment debt" from the system, so to not dilute future results!

Is this safe?

This investment plan doesn't return losses. The only variable here is how long it takes for you to receive your full return (reach the top of the fast track queue).

The fundamental requirement is that the products we build, must return 3.6x their construction cost, back over their lifetimes. That's generally a straight forward process, given the high-traffic, cash rich location we situate and promote our products within (ie. this website!). But that is the basic question you need to ask yourself; are we capable of achieving that 3.6x return on cost on the ideas we pursue. If yes, then your investments will be fine!

* And remember, we have our entire portfolio paying you back, not just the product you build. So if one product fails to perform, we have all the others backing it up. And whilst we only require a 3.6x return on cost to repay all investors, all our products hold unlimited earning potential. So after they've repaid the investors that funded them, they'll help repay all other investors. Making things faster and safer!

What am I investing into exactly?

You are investing into the development of our portfolio.

We build products, games, ad systems and other businesses using your money. 100% of the net revenues are then paid back to investors daily via our results. With 100% of daily revenues 'fast tracking' our oldest investments their full remaining due returns, so that they can be removed from our system - so as not to dilute future results.

Is this a ponzi/scam scheme?

No. Not at all. A ponzi scheme by definition, cannot repay the last investor. We can!

We develop portfolio products with your investments. Those products then need to return an average of 3.6x their construction costs in order to repay every single investor their full returns. And whilst we are a crowd funded system, your investment is quite capable of repaying itself, without any deposits from anyone else. Just things are faster and safer with lots of people, and steady growth. Like any economy!

Who decides what the results are? And who gets fast tracked?

Our results are quite simply the sum of the revenues our portfolio has made that day. That could be anything, from nothing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars! We then issue 100% of those revenues to the investors at the top of our fast track queue. So that they can be removed from the system - so as not to dilute future results, and then the next person in line will have the full power of our portfolio focused on repaying them!

View our result cards to see the source of every days result.

View our fast track queue, to see the order in which you'll likely be fast tracked.

What happens on a negative revenue day?

These are generally few and far between. But the protocol here, is to announce a nominal / tiny result. Then to deduct the difference (the loss + the nominal result paid) from the next profitable revenue day(s), (prior to issue) until the books are balanced.

We also have the option of tapping our un-used development funding to cover a big negative revenue day. In which case we'll apply the "loss" as an additional construction cost on our next portfolio product. Then as the product returns 3.6x that total cost; all is squared away and in-keeping with the business model.

But these are very rare! As our portfolio is getting bigger and bigger all the time, so even if one product returns a loss, the others usually balance things out without any issue.

But this is the prime reason behind our 7day rolling revenue reserve. 
ie. We don't share revenues back to investors on the same day that they are made, we pay them exactly 7days later. So we have a nice buffer fund available all the time, to guarantee our liquidity in the event of a negative revenue day.

Do I need to do anything after investing?

No! You have no obligation to anything. Just invest, and you'll earn automatically. No effort required. No hoops to jump through. Easy peasy!

How does the referral plan work? How much will I earn by referring friends?

You can find your referral link here:
Give this to your friends, then as they create their account, you'll be marked as their referral. Then as they invest into the Power Plan, you'll earn 5% cash commission on every investment they make. Both now and in the future! Referral commissions are credited instantly to your balance at the top of the page, and you can cashout or use the money however you like, without restriction.

Our referral program is extensive, in addition to earning commissions on their investments, you'll also earn additional commissions on any purchases they make, games they play, advertising they buy and more. See the referrals page for more info.

* Referring friends is optional!
* You don't require an active investment, in order to earn commission referring friends.

How is my investment utilized / broken down exactly?

A $1 investment for example, would be utilized as follows:

  • $0.42 will be pooled to finance the construction of new portfolio products.
  • $0.05 will be paid as referral commission to your upline.
  • $0.19 will be paid to Royalty Position holders, helping form this weeks' cash dividend.
  • $0.34 will be added to today's result card, to help pay some fast tracks, whilst the portfolio products are built, and generate the required 3.6x return on cost, in order to repay every single investor their full 186% returns.