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23/11/2019 09:22
From time to time, they want me to select an answer, but no answer is correct. They seem to have missed it in writing the question and so no what?

I've already spent so much time answerimg questions, and if I close out, I get no credit for that. I have been picking as best as possible, and hoping that from the next questions they either boot me out or find out that answer I best closest match was not correct. It's their fault. They have to throw the answer to that question out at the very least when looking over the answers. If huge decisions are being made based on no win answers, I feel sorry.

Also, sometimes, the next button refuses to do anything. So, all the answers before were for naught.

Also, often there comes a time where I'm just answering prelim question after prelim question and getting Dq'd but redirected to another try, but not back to Theorm an endless cycle with no credit!
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