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09/11/2019 17:14
Still unable to find result for my last post, where I am trying to purchase mega update, every time I try to purchase and enter my pin which I know is correct it will still not accept it.
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09/11/2019 17:26
Send a ticket. I had the same error.
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15/11/2019 21:52
Hey! I just signed up on MyTrafficValue and I looked at fast track queue and if i understand this correctly it shows an approximate time when the users that invested in a certain period will get paid. So my question is if I invest now will I get my money back like 3 years from now? Thank you for all your answers in advance smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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15/11/2019 22:30
The fast track queue is no longer an active part of the website.
The only methods to earn are either by buying existing fast track queue investments from other people, trade our royalty positions or use Paidverts/PtcShare, which are sites owned and made by us.
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