Royalty Positions

Buy and Sell Royalty Positions on our Marketplace

Royalty Positions can be bought on our Marketplace. Take advantage of the fluctuating resale prices, to make some fast money!

List them for sale on the marketplace, at whatever price you like. And wait for someone to accept.
Users invest, paying royalty position holders a commission, to develop our portfolio. The portfolio then repays & removes the investors. (Leaving their products behind). They then re-invest, paying royalty position holders another commission. Whilst further developing the portfolio.
Place Bid
When the price is too high

If you think the sale price is too high, you can place a 'bid' where you state how many Royalty Positions you want to purchase, and what price you're willing to pay. We will then hold your funds in escrow until a seller accepts your bid, or you cancel it.
Get Free Royalty Positions
Using your Bonus Ad Points

You can use your Paidverts daily free Bonus Ad Points to purchase Royalty Positions on our BAP Marketplace. And you can sell your Royalty Positions for Bonus Ad Points in order to achieve bigger Paid Ads and reach a bigger Bonus Ad Points level.