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Funding ended on 09 May 2017

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The full amount invested will be used for cryptocurrency trading. You will share in the potential profitability on the 6th of July.
Project Updates
Project Premises
All of the money invested in the campaign will be used to trade cryptocurrencies for a period of 2 months. The money will be spread among various positions and treated with the most care possible. Past results have been tremendous but are no guarantee for the future.
Project Specifications

The CEO has a passion for cryptocurrency trading.

After having a number of series with profitable returns there was a demand for a cryptocurrency pool managed by the CEO.

After giving it some thought we now enable you to potentially make a good return based on the cryptocurrency knowledge and trading skills of our "captain".

Project Risks
Potential loss of 10% of your capital.
Project Benefits
Share in the profits of a cryptotrading pool with an unlimited potential return.