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slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/03/2020 18:40
We're experiencing some final 3rd party delays with getting the new site live. It's just a matter of some confirmations on their side, that are taking longer than expected. The site is all ready on our end and we're still hoping to be able to launch later today, but in case this takes longer, please understand it might take a day or two longer.

We were going to share more details about the site either way, but as it is live and not fully functioning due to waiting on the final confirmation, we'll have to hold off to not spoil the URL and causing any final issues during last live testing phases.

Thank you for your understanding!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/03/2020 12:51
During recent times we have noticed a shift of our users from other processors to the one of payeer.
Payeer is currently used by the most people on our platforms, by far.
Volume-wise perfect money is still used more, but payeer is incredibly popular at the moment in terms of traffic it brings.

Having seen that shift, we decided to aim for a new niche.. An incredibly low risk build, which has high odds of success.
We´ve built a payeer casino, which is a 90% copy of the playperfectmoneygames-casino, which has been an amazing success for us.
90%, because we had to use the signup method of playbitcoingames to make it work.

Reasons for the delay of the build the past few weeks:
-The fact we had to go with another signup method
-Covid19 caused all of our team members serious trouble/time cuts as they had to prepare/move office and more
-Payeer caused us trouble because we wanted to go with, but they didn´t accept that. Their support is also incredibly slow with replying, which may or may not be because of covid19 understaffing.


Instead of, we now go with and transform into a blog, aimed at improving the SEO of
Since the Portuguese government announced we´ll likely be on lockdown for 3 months, I have some extra time on my hands..

We aim to mimic the success of PPMG with this new build.
We stuck to the concept of PPMG, namely trying to copy the look of the processor we´re using.
A smart advertiser would jump in as soon as possible and try to refer as many people as possible early on.

-More people are at home than ever before and they´ll get bored and need something to do for fun.
-It gives you a method to earn from home, while we´re on lockdown
-PPMG yielded great success in its niche over the years and payeer has little good competition as well


Regarding the real estate-related plans I spoke about earlier..
Those are obviously on hold due to covid19 as well.
Since it´s a tourism-based project and all tourism is dead atm, I will have to re-evaluate the idea once we are able to move around freely again and see the impact it has done to our overall economy/housing prices etc.


At the end of this week, Andraz will post about his newest game.
He has been working on it for quite a while and it´s time to release some ins and outs about it!
Stay tuned!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/03/2020 13:36
Because many people are talking about refusing to pay rent the next few months, real estate is dumping in several places of the world.
If those of you interested in real estate projects try to remain as liquid as possible during this time, we might be able to do some serious real estate plays once this passes.
Focus on producing extra income online during quarantine.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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29/03/2020 15:24
If you would like to secure your bitcoin at better rates, we are currently giving a HUGE 3% bonus on Bitcoin to Perfect Money exchanges!

That means that you do not pay any fees, but gain a 3% bonus cash to your PM! How cool is that?

This offer is time-limited and we may close it at any time, so hurry up and get your bonus PM on our exchange:
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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29/03/2020 16:55
Regarding the redis issues we mentioned a few days ago – I'm happy to say that our Wizard programmer again surprised us and managed to get most stats on PaidVerts working again already – some of the game achievements still need to be recalculated, but profile information should be back, and at the moment it seems we'll be able to recover the rest of the missing data as well.

I finally found some time to follow up with some more details on the new game we are working on. As I'm currently improving it to a more functional prototype, I'll rather leave the exact game details for a follow up post – and a link to play the improved prototype when it's ready. Otherwise this would drag this into a boring 20 page essay – so I will instead focus on the general road-map/plans with the game for now.

This is not “War Clicks 2”

We decided to not go for a “War Clicks 2” right now for several reasons, but mainly to avoid over-saturation, allow us to get more featuring with different brands, and also to not creatively burn out. There is a ton of potential to make a new, improved version of War Clicks, but when we go for that, we want to make it a hit, have wider distribution in mind, and also doing so now would likely steal many War Clicks' players as well. So it is better for various reasons to go for another game first, and later come back to War Clicks again. For the time being we are still doing any urgent updates on War Clicks to keep the monthly revenues at $3-6k. In April we will likely devote a bit more time to get another featuring, but thereafter likely shift towards only urgent updates and a bigger set of updates quarterly or so.

War Clicks is still running, and we intend to keep it
, but has several design and technical flaws that make it out of date and hard to distribute properly. Any major updates to change that are very time consuming, and it will be better to do so with a “War Clicks 2” properly, perhaps to the end of this year. Just to mention a few of the main issues with it to grow it efficiently further: it's a 3+ year old game, it's been featured a lot already, it is not mobile friendly, it is hard to work on bigger updates and balance especially because of it's anti-cheat protection. It is hard to distribute i.e. via publishers, due to it's anti-cheat and internet connection requirements. Simply put, it is more efficient to keep it running, and instead prepare something new, fresh to market, with a lot of those consideration and improvements on War Clicks, that will allow us to distribute it better. All while keeping War Clicks going, and when the time is right, return with a remaster/version 2 as an additional stream of income.

So what is the new game about?
The best way to describe it right now is that it is “post-apocalyptic civ builder with strategic combat/tile conquering”, but with additional idling mechanics. It falls in the “incremental/idle” genre War Clicks does.

This is still a growing genre, and one where we have established several relations, went through with various things with War Clicks, and our other smaller non-MTV games, and simply put we've learnt a ton of things, helpful code and relations that can help us launch a new game like this even more properly to guarantee its success. What is more, the previous experiences have taught us a lot on what to focus on, on what not to, what wastes time, what doesn't, so we can minimize the build time and optimize results.

While this genre is fast-evolving, it is mostly spammed with clones, copycats or games that bring nothing new to the table. We've identified that the theme of post-apocalypse and civ-building mechanics offers a ton of great ideas and mechanics to explore and is heavily sought out by the communities. There is also a lot of demand for idle/incremental games with a heavy focus on replay-ability, forging different strategies, min-maxing potential and fresh mechanics. Mostly games are poorly done, shallow and the ones that do offer more of these traits, tend to be of solo devs, and lack in other areas.

So, we've been following what to do next for months, and I started gathering information, writing up ideas, thoughts, and came up with a very crude quick prototype back in November to confirm the core game-mechanics are engaging, and it did show potential. A few weeks ago we introduced the next prototype to the core-community, and a LOT of promise was shown.

I'm currently preparing a final, fourth version of the prototype, which will set the basics of final core mechanics and UI, and where we will then begin focusing more on it. Quick prototyping is great to confirm/deny ideas, before investing more time into it, and when this one is done we'll show it to you as well smile Current ETA is 1-2 weeks for this next stage of the “pre-alpha” prototype!

Up to now, it's mostly been just me working on the core concept, ideas and the prototypes, as this was the most efficient and allowed me fast iteration. After this next prototype I will continue working on developing core mechanics, and our other programmer will help design some part of the game system, as well as work on game graphics/UI and marketing preparations will begin.

Not that I've worked just on the prototype, with War Clicks and other prototype experience, I've managed to optimize things to allow much faster and robust development of the game and its features. As the game is not going to be as cheat-protected as War Clicks, and I've made code from scratch, it is literally 4+ times faster to prepare content. It is also taking other things into consideration – such as mobile responsiveness, performance, and ease of distribution.

One of the things we noticed with War Clicks that weighs you down is that War Clicks is not just a game, it's a service. While having multiplayer and community-driven games can be great, it does require a constant presence to be effective – something which we were not able to do at various times, due to my requirement to stay absent from it for weeks, months. So whenever we made bigger growth, it was stunned as we were not able to continue focus on it for a while.

Taking those things into account, this game is intended to be “packaged”, which requires less time wasted with community, support and upkeep. It also allows for much simpler distribution and publisher deals, as well as localization. We still intend to update it after release, and do content releases to it, but to a far smaller degree. The game will not be shipped until it is ready, tested, up-front marketing prepared, deals set in place. All of these will allow us to release the game, have an upfront build cost, but less upkeep costs. As if the game is “packaged/Finished” it is much easier to distribute. It is also far more certain to get good initial ratings on platforms, which means more players, better retention, more revenues, more press, more deals.

So instead of having to continually “work on the game”, this one will allow us to release it, and the primarily focus on marketing/Distribution, and also allow us to begin work on a new game (i.e. War clicks 2), and pile these revenue sources on top of each others. New games, also re-open us to featuring, marketing and press deals, something it is hard to keep doing with a single game for years and years.

Before this gets too long, let me put some final conclusions/rough road-map.

The game does not yet have a fixed release date, as we don't want unexpected things to make us rush into releasing an unfinished game (i.e. Me suddenly having to work on something unexpected for MTV). With this game we will also go through “proper” launch stages, and also build a community and market the game before release(s). So the game might have several closed/open Alpha/beta stages, to ensure it is bug free, well developed, exciting, balanced and essentially, ready for a proper release. This will allow us to hype up the game, gain contacts, gain press, content creators, have time to discuss several publishing deals and choose the best one etc.

I said release(s). Yes – while we intend to release the game on Kongregate and ArmorGames, we also intend to release on Steam, Android, 3rd party site and publisher deals. ArmorGames and Kongregate will likely come first and also server as a build up of wish-lists on Steam for example, as that is a very important factor there. Same with Androdi – if we have a big user base of fans/community, and then release an app, that many will likely switch to, it will give us a big spike in early sales/Downloads, which is again one of the main conditions to get featured on app stores.

Having experience in Kongregate and ArmorGames launches, we can also make smart decisions of where to launch first as a “live test”, see if any parts of the game need improvement on retention, balance, monetization, and in what order to launch.

Shortly put, we don't intend to rush the release of this game so we can prepare all of thsoe things as good as possible, to ensure that when we do launch – success is basically guaranteed.

I will end with some rough ETAs, that are open to adjustment, but to give you a rough idea of when each of the stages is sort of intended o be finished by, based on our available time to develop it. Note that this is NOT full time development of our team, not even from me (we still have many other obligations), but rough estimations on how long we estimate things to take:

Week 1-2 April – Core-gameplay playable prototype
End of April – pre-alpha version (most features are in, but not balanced, polished)
End of May – Alpha version (all features are in, but can still be adjusted/changed)
End of June – Beta version (features are basically set in stone, but optimizations, improvements, additions can still be done)
End of July – Release on Kongregate & ArmorGames (on kongregate potential special beta)
End of August – Steam release
End of September – Android Release
End of October – IoS release

* Alpha/beta versions might be divided into several closed stages, by different audiences.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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04/04/2020 14:19
World Health Organization and several of the biggest gaming companies started a #PlayApartTogether initiative, asking gaming companies to provide special deals, events and boosters to help incentivize people to stay inside during quarantine.

We've followed this initiative and are running a 40-day "event" on War Clicks, where all users get x2 Boot Camp production and x2 DPC in War Zone during this period, as well as a 40% extra gold on all regular gold purchases!

There will also be an Easter event in April, as well as a bigger set of updates, so this is the perfect time to try the game if you haven't yet, or pick it up again.

If you have a Kongregate account, you can play there and leave us a good rating smile

Otherwise you can also play at

Also if you haven't tried out our office's other game Area Raiders yet, we just released the biggest update yet - 3 consecutive Events, where you head off to space to reveal secrets the governments have been hiding off Earth!

Play it on Kongregate and leave us a rating, as it helps cross-promote War Clicks as well:

Have fun and stay safe wink
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/04/2020 11:43
We've just sent out a link to 20 FREE SPINS to use on to our most engaged MTV/PV email readers!

In case you missed or not received the email, we're also posting the link here:

No deposit required - just register and use the code. smile

P.S.: Do not attempt to abuse multi-accounts for this - you will be caught.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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13/04/2020 06:19
This is just a quick note that we'll share the new prototype by latest this Wednesday - just making some final adjustments to make it a bit more playable smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/04/2020 14:00
We've made the current prototype version of the new game "World Domination" available for you try out!

Find the play link and read more about it here:
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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15/04/2020 08:18
We've just fixed that issue that prevented you from buying Login Ads during the huge 70% off sale that is running (on both PV and PTC).

Due to the issue we also extended the sale to the end of 17th April!

Stock up on login ads for as low as $3/day on PaidVerts, and $7.5 on PTCshare smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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18/04/2020 10:06
Thank you for those of you referring Paidverts!
During the past 2 weeks we´ve seen an influx of new users and we have confirmed that they are not multi-accounts.
We appreciate your support and hope you will teach them well!
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/04/2020 11:27
We're happy to inform you that all of our casinos are finally back online!

As a token of apology for these issues, we'd like to gift you with 20 FREE spins to use at all of the 3 websites (You only need to have made at least $1 in total deposits to get them).

The code APRDOWN20 will give you 20 free spins on each of the casinos:

On PPMG and PBG there is also a wagering competition till the end of 30th April, which gives you a chance at extra rewards wink
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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03/05/2020 12:38
April has been very good for us!

Paidverts grew considerably and cut over 25 million BAP debt.
Ad issues remain stable.

PtcShare is no longer losing money. Purchases are picking up and ad issues are sustainable.

Registrations picked up on all sites.

Gaming volume picked up considerably on mytrafficvalue and paidverts.

MTV is thriving during the global epidemic.
The most favorable outcome for the business during such a crisis.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/05/2020 17:54
We've just released the next version of the prototype for the game we are working on as well as settled on the name Sympocalypse.

Find the prototype link and more details in the dedicated topic here.

Especially during these early stages, your feedback is very helpful to us - even if you don't consider yourself a gamer or like these type of games, please take a few minutes and try it out smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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02/06/2020 00:35
I made a payment to the PtcShare backers.
This leaves $2250 left to be paid.

This month should be good, we have a great marketing plan set up.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/06/2020 08:51
We're considering doing an update to PV and PTC, to reduce free BAP giveaway/improve sustainability, encourage a wider user base to purchase BA regularly, encourage new users to purchase BA, and increase BA sales. It is a combination of some user ideas, that each by itself are not workable.

But we think this combination of proposed changes will have an overall net improvement of the above things, but as it's a significant change that won't appeal to 100% of users, we'd like to get your thoughts on this first, see if we are missing something or if we can improve it further.

Proposed change recap:

1) Add a very clear incentive to buy BA, where the first BA purchase of the month will give the user a 100% BAP bonus for the first $1 value - or 2400 BAP bonus no matter of amount you buy. This would be a recurring monthly bonus, that would be laid out very clearly to the user.

This bonus will help improve ROI on the bottom groups with the current low value of ads sent to them. It will also encourage more users to buy BA, where a wider purchase base is always healthy for the system. And by user purchasing even just $1 BA; it is much more likely they might convert to a bigger purchaser over time.

2) After one month of user joining we would reduce BAP per activation ad by 4BAP (PTC 5->1, PV 12->8). This would mean a 32 free BAP giveaway to users per day, or 960 less free BAP per month.

BUT with the 2400 BAP bonus from $1 BA, existing users/purchases would get even a better deal now and be in a better situation. As it stands right now, the extra free BAP given out to user who don't purchase anything, doesn't really make a difference to what they ultimately earn (i.e. 1 cent vs 2 cents per day below 12k group) - it currently takes ~150 days to get to the 12k+ BAP group without buying any BA, which a VERY small portion of real users do. Most accounts that stay for that long without a purchase are primarily multi-accounts, so this change would help discourage those too.

Example this change would have on PV (numbers similar/proportionately lower on PTC):

Assuming current ~2.5k purchasers per month, that's 6mil extra BAP given out per month with no change in BA purchases.

Assuming 10k daily users older than 30 days clicking their BA, this would mean a 9.6mil free BAP giveaway reduction.

Overall, without a change in purchases, this will increase BAP reduction by 3.6mil+ per month.

Assuming a significant increase in purchases by new users, lets say 1k extra purchasers, that extra reduction would close up. BUT, we'd have 40% more purchasers, and some extra dev funds and ad pool issue contributions. Resulting in a healthier ad pool while more ads help consume BAP.

Other potential effects:
- if it doesn't end up incentivizing more purchases, no problem. We keep the same but reduce more BAP monthly
- if it ends up incentivizing a TON more purchasers, well, great! Proportionately to free BAP the system will be more sustainable anyway already. And we'll have a healthier ad pool, and more dev funds which can be used towards repaying FTQ. This extra ad pool would also help balance out the slight increase in number of users in higher mid-range BAP groups.
- it could psychologically discourage some low end/free users as they can't gather as much BAP anymore for free. But in terms of cash earnings it doesn't change anything for them. Most such users are bots/multi-accounts anyway.

And if we'd end up losing a portion of them, no real damage done - in fact it could help de-burden ad issue groups, helping make ad group distribution more favorable/profitable for users. It shouldn't affect pure ad purchases which are already relatively low due to the slight reduction in overall daily ad views.
- The BA bonus could help incentivize paid multi-accounts, but if it does that in bigger numbers, those should be easy to spot and ban, again not making a real negative impact on the business.

That's more or less it, thoughts? smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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16/06/2020 12:12
We're back from an unexpected downtime, where some of the features of our voting game caused a cascade of issues due to code and bad practices from dinosaur times.

To prevent the issues of repeating, we've disabled the access and view of past closed listings. If we manage to find a quick/cheap solution to the issue we will re-enable the page ASAP, but if a fix would require a major rework of that code we'll have to leave that page closed indefinitely.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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19/06/2020 11:19
We've released a much-improved pre-alpha version of Simpocalypse! Try it out here:

We also prepared our basic store page on Steam to be able to start gathering the very important wishlist as we work towards the game's launch.

If you have Steam make sure to wishlist us here,
it helps us increase the game's visibility smile

To read more, or for feedback/ideas, visit dedicated Simpocalypse topic
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/06/2020 10:19
I've just made the very last payment to the ones who made PtcShare possible!
Everyone got repaid with a 25% profit, congratulations!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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16/07/2020 12:10
Odds of fast track queue payments this month are extremely high.
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