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Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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20/02/2019 20:02
Multi-level actually encourages affiliates to help and train people under them to refer because they have a direct benefit in their success. Instead of the person under you as competition for the ad space you use to get referrals, you might even want to share it or start a co-op for your team with them because you will still get a benefit.  That is one benefit
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 20:25
I have tried to read everything but i am a bit tired so i am not sure if i read it somewhere.

Will there eventually an option for paidverts members to make the switch to the new program by moving the BAP from the paidverts to the new account ?

Removing the BAP market for paidverts i think wouldnt be  a bad thing to start with. This market is influencing the share price as well more then we think
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 20:35
No market for ptcshare. Maybe in the future, although I wouldn't exactly know how as we're starting with a fresh database.. So unlikely.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 20:40
thats not really an answer on my question and suggestion for paidverts smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 20:50
That suggestion has been made countless times and has been answered negatively ever since.
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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20/02/2019 21:38
Honestly i thought we could get video ads and get to a new level.I guess not?...
Traffic Value: $778.90677 Portugal
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20/02/2019 22:29
I am excited to see the final result!

Just to be clear, being a project "along side PaidVerts", means we have to start fresh and get new referrals to enter PTCRS, the ones we have on PV wont be the same there?
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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20/02/2019 23:16
Further to the point of multi-level referrals, could you offer some kind of incentive to users that you already know refer a lot, to join the new PTCS under the MTV account.  That way you'd further improve the sustainability of the new platform, and benefit the MTV crowd.

On that, is the intention of PTCShare that it be sustainable and drive traffic to the other MTV websites or be profit making or both?  If both, what kind of forecasts of profitability do you envisage?

Finally, is there scope for a pure Bitcoin PTC in the future that almost real-time streamed earnings via the Lightning network with minimal fees?  I think there is a huge opportunity here as there are many people would watch ads for a very small amount of BTC right now because they believe the value of BTC in the future will be many multiples of where it is now. more thing.  If you really think this has the opportunity to significantly boost the earnings of MTV, then the real value investment today is in RPs!
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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21/02/2019 04:02
In my Suggestion... MultiLevel as one of the additional revenue stream of PTCShare by MLM....Add one VIP Membership Pack and Give 4 Level Deep Commission 

50>30>10>5 (5%Company) 

Unlimited Referral & One Time VIP Membership Activation

Company will Give Live Support for VIP Members with that 5% Source, Also add senior members in this group for Live Support Mod Group as volunteer.

People can purchase PTCShare-MemberShip VIP Pack or Not.

MLM peoples also Join this Program.

VIP Membership Fees: $ 10
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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21/02/2019 10:17
My suggestion is to make it effective for PTP advertising (like Rotate4all). It would also improve the overall effectiveness of advertising there. For example, most of the PTC/TE sites allow watching ads in a small window, causing invalid PTP visits, so there should be a minimum window size while surfing. The other problem is the usage of VPN/Proxy, I have the most invalid visits in my PTP stats because of that. Is it allowed at PV, by the way?

Also, I agree with the idea of creating PTSU ad option. I think the reason of the bad experience with it is the poor management by admins, and some wrong/missing features. I think it's a good option, and shouldn't be called PTSU, because it's usually more than just signing up at a site. I can request a certain task, and pay only if someone have done it. The problem is that there are lots of cheaters. If an advertiser reject a request (of someone who didn't even register, most of the times) and then wait for approval, but the admin doesn't check anything (or at least he can't decide if it's fair or not), so it's totally unnecessary, and sometimes takes days. It should be automatic, and then it should be possible to provide proof, and ask for investigation, if the advertiser was the cheater. Also, it would be good if there would be a deduction from the balance, if someone cheats. They do it, because there are no consequences. These make very difficult and time consuming to get someone who really does the job.
So all in all, there should be exact rules, and consequences of breaking those. I think it could be an unique option, if you could do it well. It can be also a good option for the earners, because they can make much more money that way. And it could make more profit for the site as well.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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21/02/2019 12:27
@druth: We've just discussed whether we want to change the levels or not but for now the decision is to keep it as is so Paidverts users have at least "something" they feel familiar with.

Regarding the multi level referral income Andraz will respond later today.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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21/02/2019 14:29
On the multi level commission note, we considered it, but just don't see it having many benefits over the one level one, personally I even see negatives a multi level could bring long-term. Also it is typically way overestimated of what sort of benefits it can bring. Let me elaborate a bit more:

I fully agree with dguy's point of it having an incentive for sponsors to try to train their referrals more.

That might sound like a huge reason, but in reality sponsors who don't try to work on their downline without a multi-line commission, are unlikely to do so even if there was one. It might incentivize some to give more effort on that part, but is typically a very tiny part of users. I wish I had some numbers/proof/study to show this, but unfortunately don't and can only speak from my own personal experience, as I used to be an avid sponsor.

What I can do is provide some more logical deductions and examples:

As a serious/big sponsor, it is most often best to rely on your own efforts, and splitting up referral commission into multiple levels, simply means you are getting less for your efforts directly. And as the commissions get smaller several levels down, the effect on your overall commissions from a lower level typically dwindles exponentially.

The main downside of a MLM system is that it favors early adopters. As the program gets older, bigger, it is harder and harder for sponsors to attract new referrals, making any effect of multi level commissions smaller and smaller, and as such reducing the referring incentive for these users (pyramid effect). In the case of one-level commissions, while the effort to gain referrals is just as reduced, but the benefit is solely tied to your own efforts/one level, making it a much more consistent incentive to refer.

It is slightly different in cycler/matrix programs, as those commissions have an inverse effect to a multi ref commission in a PTC, as majority of earnings there is actually gained from the deeper levels.

In short, a MLM system favors early adopters, but can be detrimental to long term sustainability. And if the main benefit of it is to incentivize sponsors to work with their downline more, then we could look for solutions/incentives for that even in a one-level system, i.e. BAP rewards, APS...

I'd like to attach one of my recent/current (disappointing) experience with a multi-level system of the past year, where I have been testing various PV advertising options:

That said, we did also shortly discuss todaywork's suggestion of memberships that would have a multi level commission, as that might add an extra option/incentive to attract markets of users that go big on that sort of thing. We think that might be an interesting way of being able to attract both markets, without taking on the "bad side of MLM", so we'll definitely consider that - but not for the initial build, as again, time/simplicity is one of our key metrics for this build.

I hope that helps explain our multi-ref stance a bit more, but if there are some other good points to the contrary of it, that you guys might have, we'll be happy to hear them out.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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21/02/2019 15:07
Another benefit of the mlm is the chances of finding a star. To be honest, most referring is not rewarding except for the star referrers. They are few and far between but if you can find one, it can actually pay for the cost of all the other referrals. Having many levels increases the chance to get stars.

The downline progression you showed is pretty typical. I saw the same thing in Clixsense when it was eight levels. The thing is, once it started growing, it became a perpetual motion machine. It was getting to the point, like compound growth, that I could slow down and the team would pay for itself. That is an attractive thing for many people. Personally, I think when clixsense killed the multi-level aspect of their site they crippled their site. Just recently they were asking referrers to refer. It used to be you'd see four or five ads daily for them at neobux but now it is barely one. So the cash flow must be down a lot for people to stop. I know for me it is down about 80% there since I turned away from promoting them

If the system is built right, then you don't need to worry about early adopter benefits. The stat I use often that I have heard in the past is that more people will be turning 18 this year than there are in the entire mlm industry combined. So you should always be getting fresh faces. Look at Neobux. It just keeps churning out new members and so do we for that matter

One final point is that the one that should benefit most is the site itself. With so many people joining without a referrer, they will build income for you through three levels. This is extra income the site can capture.

That's all I'll say. It doesn't matter one way or the other. I agree the segment benefiting will be small. Most people, in general, don't refer so it will be a small segment of a small segment...but I will always advocate for my people grin
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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21/02/2019 15:12

First of all.... some peoples only effectively refer peoples to any program.. So, don't think that MLM/Matrix failure on downside..they dont work and dont get downlines...So that's not program fault..thats that persons fault.

 in here we need that little group of promotors who one refer for good commission. they will continuously refer more peoples to our Program if we paid good commission.

So, add that Membership pack and reach that Active Promotors, they will sell that Pack his own advertising talent and get 50% commission from members....No additional expenses from Company ..But, company get New Members...

Trafficmonsoon success from adpack purchase commission and Referral commission..

Some youtube promotors effectivly explain that program and sold lot of pack for his commission. Also, TMonsoon success granted by that promotors, not end users...

So, care that Promotors and Get them in your Program.

May be you can cut 20% Ads Click commission from Free Members, that boost OneTime VIP pack sales and company earning also increase with Free Members cut.  

In My Experience, am referred lot of members in Forex.... But downline members not referred ..

Who one Refer peoples to any program,they have special marketing knowledge, and they will work on Good Commission basis only.

In VIP pack is simple and nothing..OneTime Purchase only...its for promotors. Must we need promoting peoples. ..mind it..
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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21/02/2019 17:46
I've read the topic in full and the following answers. I think the idea is a good one and I am supporting it however I have a question/critic : 
- I think the name is dodgy, but that's my opinion
- Why not implement the good stuff already on paidverts ? I am saying it because I invested quite some money (which I can loose, it's fine) but I sincerely don't want the website to die (which is a possibility, it's not because it's part of a group which has a successful program that another one cannot die, for example google+). If we are going to create a new website than I am all for the simplicity but I think then we need to do an overall shift in Paidverts too. Having two "almost" similar projects isn't a good idea. I believe we also need to simplify Paidverts but add additional options (paid to click views, paid to view videos, odd jobs,etc...) so that the newbie site is used as a jumping base for a more profitable outcomes. If the second website is better and more simple than the first one, I won't see the reason as a new user to join the first one. It's like having iOS 12 on your phone and then going back to iOS 11, doesn't make sense.
I am saying all this because, I would be annoyed to see my earnings in paidverts be reduced and to rebalance them I would have to join the "cool" kid and invest again. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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21/02/2019 20:54
With PTC's there is plenty reason to use multiple sites.
As a user you get income from various sources..
An advertiser has access to more users/gets the possibility to become memorable as he pops up in multiple places..

As explained, we are building a new website due to a number of reasons:
-Faster build
-Less risk/better risk-reward
-The option to reach users that wouldn't return to Paidverts due to past experiences

Tomorrow I am writing a follow up post with all of the things we're considering to add in the future.
Traffic Value: $161.87766 United States
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21/02/2019 22:59
Can you also payout in TLOS which is the Telos network from the software.
Traffic Value: $285.59089 Greece
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21/02/2019 23:56
I would like to ask a few questions regarding the upcomming product.

- First of all, most of ptc revshare sites have a "max time" for completion (return of capital plus profit) of every ad package bought. This is very important for attracting members. I don't imagine somebody give away his money knowing only how much he will get back, but not when.
I didn't see anything like that here.

- Marc you gave us a building cost estimate, but not a monthly (or yearly) product maintainance/support cost estimate, that is how much will cost just to run the project (wages, possible programming hours, support, etc) on a monthly or yearly basis.

Thank you
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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22/02/2019 00:13
A max time for ROI would introduce a chance to be wrong and then that would lead to either lieing (bad reputation) or unsustainability (paying unaccounted for money out to the oldest) to fullfill that promise. We could say way too long, say  10 years, but thtwouldn't attract anyone. We have no way of even guessing atm to even give a conditional (don't hold us to it, but based on recent past4-6months for ex) estimate.
Traffic Value: $285.59089 Greece
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22/02/2019 00:21
druth8x i know, that's why i 'm pointing it out.

There are three things that make revshare plans attractive.
- Big % profit
- Short ROI time
- Trusted company

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