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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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20/02/2019 16:01
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Here we are, the news topic about the long awaited new project.
The one we expect to completely change our financial status.

As you know, we’ve weathered quite a lot of storms during the past few years.
Storms, which if they wouldn’t have happened, would have definitely put us in a whole different league.
But.. At least we survived that period, which is something 99% of the companies that were around in the industry can’t repeat.
Now.. The time of survival is over and it’s time to make money.

The past year or 2 we’ve had a few of our products which were the pillars that kept us standing.
One of them was PlayPerfectMoneyGames, while the other one was Paidverts.
Paidverts is something we’ve invested a lot of money in during the years (well over a million) and that’s why it turned into such a reliable and sustainable project.
But.. There is room for improvement, we like to believe.

All these years have taught us many lessons and we’re going to turn that into an even more sustainable project which we will run ALONGSIDE Paidverts. (Meaning it’s not a replacement, but an addition to the company and the overall industry)

We are presenting you.. PtcShare.
PtcShare stands for “Paid To Click Revenue Share” and has the slogan “Come get your share of Paid To Click-ads”.

This will be a long and detailed topic which explains you the why, what and how of PtcShare, followed by the full details of the funding round.
I will use bold lettering for those that wish to simply screen the post instead of fully reading it and all of its details.

Why are we building PtcShare?

There are a ton of reasons really, which I’ll first summarize and then explain:

1. A brand new method to buy advertising/to advertise
2. Novelty
3. Refreshment of code
4. Reduced running costs
5. Faster development
6. Improved sustainability
7. Timing

A brand new method to buy advertising/to advertise.
We came up with a new method to portray our advertising and make everything far simpler to understand, with a much smoother process.
We have a lot of great products on Paidverts, but to the average advertiser it seems too confusing/too time consuming.
This results in less sales.
Removing some trees from the forest, making it simpler to understand and making it less time consuming should lead to more conversions.
More about the exact changes later on in the “what”-section of this topic.

Many users once part of Paidverts have left at some point to never return again, no matter what we change or improve.
PtcShare doesn’t carry this problem with it, while it does have the benefit of being backed and created by the My Traffic Value-platform.
If marketed well we could see 100s of thousands of users join in the first few months, which is much more traffic than we can currently achieve with Paidverts.

Refreshment of code.
Paidverts’ code is okay, but during the years a lot of new technology came out which we didn’t incorporate in Paidverts.
Reasons being limited resources and resources being spent on adding new/extra elements/improving sustainability instead of trying to make the site and database faster/more organised.
Paidverts obviously works just fine, which is why there was little reason to spend money on unnecessary improvements, but PtcShare will definitely have a number of improvements which will be noticeable to both the team and the user.

Reduced running costs.
We are going to cut a ton of unnecessary data and features which are unpopular on Paidverts.
As of now we have a few TERABYTE of data that we’re keeping on Paidverts, which is growing every day.
Data such as referral clicks, advertising info, purchases etc that go back a few years.
Almost no-one actually uses this regularly, especially the data that is older than 30 days.
So instead of hogging around all that “weight”, we will make any data older than 30 days available for download, instead of constantly having it available.

During the past 6 months our server costs ran back up from $5000/month to $6000/month, mainly due to all the extra data we have.
But also we are going to change the method we portray data in many ways such as grouping referral income and releasing it once a day instead of live updates for every action made onsite, making it much easier for a big referrer to screen through referral-data and for the support to check for fraudulent behaviour.

Faster development.
It will be hard for you to believe when you see the massive amount of changes we are about to implement, but we are estimating 400 hours of programming for this new build.
We expect this to be a safe estimation as well.

The reason we decided to build PtcShare instead of improving Paidverts mainly has to do with the fact that it’s far easier/faster to build from scratch (using only some of the major parts of Paidverts’ code) than it is to improve Paidverts.
Also, this way you don’t risk losing your current users as they could potentially dislike the changes.
Any changes which seem to be received well by the crowd can then later on still be implemented on Paidverts, but as add-ons.

Improved sustainability.
Paidverts has done what others haven’t.
Delivering a sustainable paid to click/revenue share combi.
It however is having some difficulties removing the debt.
This is no major issue, as sustainability is all you need for such a platform to work, but if you could further improve that, that would make things that much more interesting.
PtcShare will be very different from Paidverts in many aspects, more about that in the “what”-section of the topic.

During 2017 and 2018, most of what was left of the online earnings industry (after the PayPal, Payza and Traffic Monsoon events) moved to the cryptocurrency industry as it seemed to be “easy money” with its airdrops and bull market.
That however quickly changed when people lost 95%+ of their wealth, making this the perfect time to launch a new and strong product in the online earnings industry.
Had we launched anything during the 2017 bull run, it would have gained very little traction.
In 2019 however, people are returning to the industry they considered “dead”.

Comparing PtcShare to Paidverts to get the “What and How”
We start with the “what”

What remains the same?

Login ads
Bulk ads
Fixed ads
Ad grid (from a user's point of view)
Daily ad issues
Achievement ad issues
Referral ad issues
Bulk Ad Points
Achievement Points
Super User Ads
33x instant ads when buying bulk ads
Ad viewing process
Wagering competitions
Same trusted entity backing up the site

What changes?

-Referral income from Bulk Ad sales is changed from 10 to 7%.
-Referral income from clicks is changed from 5% to 3%. (The viewer gets a smaller cut/increased earnings per ad)
-Absolute return changed from 120% to 118% (No difference for the purchaser due to the reduction of the % of ref com going to the upline per click)
-All advertising packages give the upline 7% of referral income (when bought with cash), whereas in Paidverts there’s only 1 option which gives referral income.

PaidVerts bulk ads distribution $1:

$0.1 commissions
$0.1 SUU as 10x 1% ads
$0.1 as 10x 1% daily ads for user
$0.12 towards ad pool tomorrow
$0.05 towards ad pool the day after tomorrow
$0.05 33x instant ads
$0.02 MTV results
$0.46 dev funds

PtcShare bulk ads distribution $1:

$0.07 commissions
$0.1 as 10x 1% SUU ads
$0.05 as 33x instant ads
$0.35 ad issue pool
$0.43 dev funds

-There will be no forum, instead there will be a “latest news”-section.
-All other advertising options (Which aren’t mentioned in the “what remains the same”-section) will be removed and a new one created (More about that in the “how”-section of this post)
-All ad views will be delivered via activation ads/regular ads/ad grid resulting in faster delivery of ads for advertisers
-Removal of the 160x600 banner, replaced with an additional 4 125x125 banners
-Removal of the 3 lines of text, replaced with a 728x90 banner
-BAP tax gets replaced with an inactivity tax which will only occur after 7 days of inactivity (14 if you buy bulk ads or use vacation mode days)
-Activation/BAP rewards are adjusted to account for the lack of deduction of the BAP tax (The net value for free will be similar)
-Maintenance tax (cash balances) gets replaced with the same inactivity tax principles.
-Vacation mode gets changed. Instead of disabling your account for a period of time in 1 go, you buy days which you can use whenever you need. (Meaning it’s no longer a bulk purchase of vacation days, but days which you can freely use/toggle on and off whenever you wish)
-BA distribution – 10x 1% user ads will no longer exist, the money gets added directly to the ad issue pool instead (1% user ads have simply been confusing and a 10% direct return/ponzi element)
-Layout improvements, user interface, user friendliness (More about this in a follow up post which will be posted tomorrow/during the next few days)
-Site simplification (More about this in the “how”-section of this post)
-Rebalanced activity points system, slightly more balanced towards site activity
-All “pure” advertising sales will be added to the ad issue pool for increased ad issues and sustainability (In Paidverts it gets cut up between site earnings and the ad issue pool, the new system results in ~30% more contribution towards the ad issue pool)
-Membership packages will not be part of PtcShare.
-PtcShare will initially only have 5 games. (CoinFlip, Slots, ShootOut Champs, Keno and Roulette)
-Those games will have a slightly higher house edge (1% on 3 out of 5 games, Keno and Roulette remain the same).
-This will be compensated slightly with a “cashback mechanism”, where wagering X amount per day will get you some BAP back as a BAP reward for the next day. This incentivizes more users to get in touch with the games.
-No BAP marketplace.
-Removal of tons of needless stats that impact performance negatively and complicate user experience.
-Removal of previewing your ad.
-Various numbers/prices/functions will be adjusted (recycle time, recycle upgrade, SUU, APS, BAP rewards..).
We can also use these as tests for PV, to adjust there as well if they seemingly result in a better performance/experience.
-Improved/simplified support
-An option to prioritise your banner impressions will be added (More about that in the “how”-section of the post)
-Offerwall competitions will be added.
-Deliver cash ads to users with 0 BAP as well, instead of keeping a 100 BAP minimum (There is no market to abuse and no BAP tax to evade)
-Changes to the recycling mechanism
-Various text/display improvements for a better user experience
-Remove the BAP reward for the log in ad as in its current state on Paidverts it is a bit confusing and actually lowers the value of the log in ad as people feel they only get the 25 BAP if they pick the 2nd option.
This 25 BAP will be included in the activation ads instead.
-Improved process/design to portray discounting/sales
-Addition of live announcements (for sales, competitions and other important announcements)
-Improved process to point out activities and events.
-Cleaner website/smaller achievement buttons.
-Additional offerwall modifications
-New database/not linked to MTV (We will try to offer username reservations during a prelaunch)
-Improvements regarding the portraying of account activity and referral income
-Changes to prevent overdelivery of ads
-Various new tech that we will use for improved performance/reduced costs, which we can test on ptcshare and then move onto our other services for overall reduced costs & better performance


All advertising options except for bulk ads will be purchasable with Bulk Ad Points.
BAP will have a fixed $-rate (slightly higher than cash) when used to buy advertising and therefore it will gain additional value.
It will be a good method for a user to use their BAP when they either feel that the returns have stalled too much or when they won a prize in any of our competitions.
-PtcShare will only accept Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Now on to the “how”.

Current method of buying advertising on Paidverts:

Choice between 10 advertising methods.
Targeted advertising offers a ton of options but is understood/appreciated by a small % of advertisers.
Other methods have 5 pages with steps to go through before you get to finalize the purchase (We are in the middle of changing this on Paidverts as we simply want it to be simple and fast)

New version:

Bulk ads
Login Ads
Fixed Ads
Ad views/Banner Impressions

We are removing all of the other advertising options, as we are aiming for as much simplicity as possible.
We are also removing the “preview”-process of your ad.
We are removing the first full page that shows an explanatory video.
Less options, less pages, less time wasted, less confusion for both advertiser and user.
Simple, simple, simple. That’s what the leading factor is of the new site.

Ad Views/Banner Impressions will be built the following:

3 options.
Ad views - Banners - Both

(Whatever option they pick an explanatory video will be shown as a small widget for them to open and watch if they please, instead of covering a full page and adding an extra click.)

Ad views

If they click ad views they're buying the advertising option we currently show to people clicking through cash ads and click grid ads.
The procedure you are familiar with that contains the 3 lines of text.
In PtcShare we're removing the 3 lines.
We’re adding another 728x90 right next to the captcha instead to increase the delivery time of those banners.

We then show them 3 packages to pick between.
$1 - $5 - $20
You can buy as many from a certain pack as you want, but you can’t merge the packages.

Short version of why we came up with this new system.
In marketing it's best to offer people 3 options in which you make the middle one seem very attractive to most, getting most people to spend that extra money they would normally not spend.
The upper tier is there for the richer advertisers.
You aim to sell the middle package to 60-70% of people by using this trick.

If you happen to press the $1 package 5x, it will swap it for 1x $5, to give you the best value for your money. 4x $5 swaps for $20, etc etc.

Then they get extra options such as forced ad view and extended timer.
Then we ask them if they wish to buy impressions or not.
In case they don’t they upload their ad and pay.
In case they do, they upload their banners, upload their ad, add the desired amount of impressions and pay.


If they click impressions/banners we ask them to upload and pick their desired banners (In PtcShare we'll only offer 728x90 and 125x125) then show them the 3 packages. Pay. Done.

We are considering implementing a 20-30% extra fee on banner impressions if the advertiser wishes to deliver either at mid priority or high priority.
If the advertiser doesn’t pay the extra fee, they'll get low priority.

We are working on some alghorithm that will funnel all the high priority ones through a % of the ads.
Then mid tier ones get a %, a little slower delivery..
Then most of low priority ones, but their final % will be delayed as long as there are higher priorities.
This is still a work in progress and we are not sure if it will be included in the first release.


Upload banners.
Choose amount of impressions.
Upload ad.
Pick one of 3 packages.
Optionally add extended timer/forced ad view.
Pay. Done.

The build:

As mentioned earlier we estimate this build to require 400 hours of programming.
Combined with a number of other costs, we are going to be crowdfunding $25.000,- for this project.
Below you can find an overview of the costs:

400 hours of programming x $35 = $14.000,-
Design $2000,-
Url $100
Accounting $500-$750
Setup of servers $3000-$3500
Marketing/Misc: $5000


We want to fund this project during the next 14 days.
The return is 125%, paid within 9 months after the launch.
Funding can be done in increments of $10.
The ETA of the launch is early June.
We expect the repayment to occur fast and gradually, (Meaning there will be monthly payments) so we don’t expect you to be parted from your full investment for too long.
We are putting in a lot of thought and care into this product and we are a very experienced team in the industry.
We expect this is something the people want and is something that will be very profitable for us as well.

Build of the project is guaranteed.
In case it’s not fully funded, I will fund it myself.

Tomorrow/during the next few days I am writing a follow up post with more details and features we are planning to add later on.
For now I didn’t include them as it is enough to read and take in as is.
We will be around to answer/respond to all reasonable questions/remarks.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 16:02
8 pages in word.. I am so sorry. downer
I really did try to keep it straight to the point while including everything.
During the next few days there will be a few more pages about future add-ons/more specific info about design changes and more.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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20/02/2019 16:31
Great to hear we'll be getting something new!

I'm not going to debate through the entire thing, as it's mainly yours to do and a programming/calculation thing.

There's (generally) only 2 things holding PV down anyway, and that's:
- Quite (very) unfortunate history of PV & MTV (will it have a note "made by MTV/PV" or will it be completely "new" without tags?)
- BAP debt amount/increasing

Solve that, and we'll be good to go. If the program will start with (high) fluidity from the beginning, that should already be a good indicator that it'll run well. If anything else will pop into my mind, I'll let you know smile

PS: Still waiting for the great emergance of raffle/potluck game. wink
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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20/02/2019 16:45
Build is guaranteed but what about the investment? If the project does not pay off will there be some sort of collateral like RPs?
orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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20/02/2019 16:54
This is going to be awesome! gringrin
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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20/02/2019 16:55
This seems boring when we already have a PTC product which is difficult to grow and there is so so much intense competition in this area then why did we choose this only getlost
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 16:58
@Dguy: We always make sure we repay it one way or another as mentioned on the funding page.
Having said that, this is by far the safest investment we have ever offered on the funding page.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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20/02/2019 17:04
How much money should I have available to be high up in PTCShare?

I can invest the rest in building PTCShare in the first place.

As far as Priority Banners are concerned, ask those who buy lots their opinions.
My thoughts are as long as it's for a long term site, constant views over months is actually a good thing. Also, I'd prefer you work harder to not let any ad view of any kind take more than a few days at most, save TA that there are just too few unique members and the advertiser knows going in the site only has that many at the time they buy.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 17:09
Link to funding page
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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20/02/2019 17:12
I don't see that you mentioned that option, but what about offering a Paid to sign up (PTSU) to your advertisers and users? I remember that this option was very popular on many PTC sites in the past and it can bring additional money without much work from your side.
Traffic Value: $576.2635 Honduras
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20/02/2019 17:38
Ad campaing getting google's malicious report red screen. Where's the ad swap button?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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20/02/2019 18:49
@il051 For this project we wanted to bring it down to basics, take the most useful and performant parts of PaidVerts, get rid of the "clutter", which mainly makes the site more difficult to understand and use for both earners and advertisers. And at the same time, giving us options to improve some things easily on a fresh website.

For example, PaidVerts has a TON of unique and far more effective advertising options that are underused, because they seem complex, out of the ordinary... and there's just too many of them. Skilled advertisers can figure out and make use of that, but as we found out time and time again, the ratio of those is very small, and in the end, such advertising options get underused, and just result overwhelming advertisers. If the site had a much larger audience, those options could pick up and become more interesting/notable, but PV simply never hit that critical mass of users so far.

PTSU is a niche advertising type, and personally I've had awful experience with using it on many sites, and would almost surely result in same sort of usage and problems as all the other "unique/better" advertising options we offer on PaidVerts.

There are many potential upgrades/improvements for the future of PtcShare, but for us it was crucial to focus on min-maxing the build (focus on changes requiring least amount of work for most potential benefits) and keep development and delivery time short. Not just to keep costs down, but to also catch the perfect timing of the crypto-silence while many of those users will be looking back to other ways to make money online. We can always considering adding other ways to it on the go. But maintaining a strong core user experience is the key here - if this core itself is very attractive, users will be interested in more ways to earn/advertise. If it's not, adding more things on top of it just degrades the experience and use of such additions further.

@druth Priority banners if added will be an extra payment, which can resolve many unfortunate circumstances for advertisers. Moreover, it is a low-time build, otherwise it would not be considered.

@vixthra Assuming % of ratios for specific debt reductors on PaidVerts, being similar on PtcShare, the various changes we are doing will result in an estimated 20-40% extra debt reduction efficiency compared to PaidVerts.

Most notably these are: reduced commission, reduced BAP given out on BA packs, ALL extra payments/ad options contributing 100% instead of <70% to the ad pool, reduced welcome bonus, increased recycling, higher house edge + "cashback" on games encouraging more gameplays, and overall simplified user experience should result in a greater retention and use of various products/debt reductors.

Some of the aspects noted here we will very likely also be bringing to PaidVerts in the near future.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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20/02/2019 18:52
The gambling is one of the reasons other PTC sites will not accept paidverts so with this having gambling I don't see acceptance of the new site. Neobux, for example, may not allow the new site to be promoted
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 19:02
Lol. Neobux stopped allowing us after 5 years. They are simply afraid they'll go down to the competition.
Traffic Value: $1,701.64262 Pakistan
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20/02/2019 19:07
is it possible to  make share price to 1$ so more people can contribute??? 
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 19:16
I like the plan, I'm in.

How many are going to advertise ptcshare on Paidverts, trying to get the current Paidverts users as a ptcshare-referral? smile
Or is MTV/Paidverts going to advertise themselves during pre-registering?

400 hours, not bad. Any guestimates on the ETA?
It says on the project-page: pen Sans">Projected build time 3 months, 2 weeks, I just saw.......
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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20/02/2019 19:27
I don't suppose you'd consider making the referral earnings a few levels deep? Since PayPal is not an issue any more that might be a big draw for some
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 19:31
@Dguy: We much rather reward the one doing the work, but please share your line of thought regarding multi level refs.

@Hoppa: Early June. This is a safe bet tbh, which we will try to beat. But June is safe.
We will obviously try to do as much marketing as we can btw, but you can easily find tons of referrals on clixsense and many other sites.
Just make some custom banners, mention it's a new program of MTV/pv and you're in the money, I am sure.

More about our marketing efforts and much more in the follow up post which is about to come.
Traffic Value: $1,295.4559 Pakistan
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20/02/2019 19:35
@ MarcdeKoning - Administrator
What will be the fate of Paidverts. If the new project will be a success, then Paidverts will be discontinued.
will PTCshare  be connected to MTV for buying and selling Rps like paidverts.

Admin please reply
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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20/02/2019 19:46
No. As mentioned in the topic it will run alongside Paidverts.
The better it does, the better for Paidverts in a number of ways:

1. Cross referring resulting in bigger and more constant traffic
2. We can then slowly but surely implement these changes in Paidverts as well.
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