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02/02/2015 00:18
Todays fast tracks have been sent!

* Security Tip *
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication:

Todays news is in progress, i'll reply to this thread, and edit this post, throughout the day with updates. And until I edit this post with the PV ad issue numbers, you can assume they haven't been sent yet.


Shareholders earn weekly cash dividends, paid every Monday, based on the volume of new investment into our Fast Track Queue plans that week.

Turnover This Week: $280,000.00
Shareholder Cut (19%): $53,200.00
Dividend Per Share (380m shares): $0.00014

Dividends have now been paid on all turnover up to 3,480,000.00

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace:

I'm rounding the weekly turnover down to the nearest 20k. Any excess will be included with next weeks dividend.


I would just like to confirm, that portfolio product development is our primary focus. That is what we're working towards. Any other ideas I suggest / come up with, are supplementary to that primary goal.

However, development firstly takes time! Secondly, it requires a stable platform to build upon (we first have to make MTV/PV work with our ever growing user base / traffic). If that stops, then development is purposeles. And finally, it requires programmers! For which we have very few right now. However, we are in the process of establishing two programming offices, and two separate companies specificaly to hire more people... That is on-going. It won't happen overnight, but it's on the way.

Meanwhile the programmers have four main priorites:

1) Finish up the chatrooms.
Whilst this may not generate revenues directly. Communication is the heart of everything. If we can improve that, more people will understand, invest, promote and it's incredibly valuable to the system as a whole. If you get the right person to understand, and like what we're trying to accomoplish here, we may get millions invested overnight!

2) Revised FTQ Plans & Additional Shares.
This will ease the burden on the portfolio, reducing the product earnings requirements from 3.63x down to 2.3x-2.7x for the majority of investments, and 3.25--3.38x for special investors; eg Paidverts & Any multimillion dollar investors. So that simply makes MTV more achievable! And should lead to higher turnover.

Also the new plans contribute significantly more money to our dev funding. Which will unlock bigger and bigger projects (more and more staff) all the more quickly.

Then the additional shares create a 100m share safety net for the business. Enabling us to perform a full debt swap at any time it becomes necessary... And in the interim it'll add a weekly revenue to the portfolio (eg. Based on this weeks dividends, it'll add $15,000/week to the portfolio revenues). Plus it gives a bonus to existing shareholders, an additional share for every 19 that you currently own. That's a 5.2% bonus, just for owning shares!

3) Multiplayer BAP Poker
This is a potentially huge debt remover / traffic builder. It's a monumental project though; and it will create a nightmare in terms of our traffic / necessary infrastructure. So this is a big big build, and that's why it's taking a while... But once it's ready, it'll be a multi-million dollar per year debt remover almost certainly.

4) System Stability!
This is something you won't notice, and won't appreciate. But the programmers work constantly just to keep the site online & working. And this is fundamental to everything. Without a functioning website, we've got nothing. So this is an ongoing challenge, that constantly distracts programmers from building new features.

* And it's a worthwhile investment at the same time... We need more portfolio products of course. But if the system is growing; then that is easy money / economic activity right on a plate. Grab that first! .. If existing products are scaling, and earning more and more money. That is the easiest form of revenue there is. Trying to open new businesses, and products is no easy task. And has no guranteed payback.

Everyone just expects MTV to pump out cash cow businesses that make millions of dollars from no money down. But that not easy, or a lot more people would be doing it! ... So ground your expectations a little bit - we're working on it, but it all takes time.


In addition to the above 4 main priorites, we have some other programmers working on random tasks; Damien, Lucas & SloSumo. They're doing support related stuff, Lucas has just deployed the Neteller cashouts, the FTQ Investment Marketplace, and removed WU. Damien is working on the new About Us page... Little things! Whilst our main programmers battle with the above 4 immediate priorities.

And whilst they're all doing that... Carlos is working on a mountain of paperwork to setup a whole bunch of companies, bank accounts, debit cards... and all sorts! This is slow going, but it's what will evolve this company into a monster over the coming months. And will enable us to start buying up real world busineses, real estate, and permitting larger bank deposits/cashouts, debit card cashouts, allowing users to open a bank account with our "Financial Services" company.

A lot is happening, but it'll take several months to materialize. Meanwhile, I am dealing with the day to day dramas (we have a big one we'll reveal the details of later), and trying to refine / improve existing systems. Whilst also thinking about our next steps, the next subsidiary business ideas etc.


And some good news, PayPal has crossed the $1million mark!

Cashouts will resume possibly tomorrow, or failing that on Thursday, once i'm back in Brazil and this investigation & subsequent clean up is completed.

And Lucas is beginning work on the new investment plans & shares. So this next week or two is going to be your last opportunity to gain access to the 250% plan. I recommend taking it, or you'll regret it later, when your only option pays 200% instead of 250%.... And the 240% plan requires a $500k upgrade fee.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $1,077.27309 Italy
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02/02/2015 00:19
FTQ market is the best!!!!!!!
Traffic Value: $312.03684 Philippines
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02/02/2015 00:20
Another topic victim for "whining" posts. haha 
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/02/2015 00:20
hi, any news on the chatroom installment progress?
Traffic Value: $129.7967 Sri Lanka
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02/02/2015 00:21
Good Morning All !! Waiting for the Chitter chatter !!
Traffic Value: $4,616.96337 Slovenia
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02/02/2015 00:25

Ads for yesterday are coming. Now stop spaming!

Edit: good work Mods tongue
Traffic Value: $2,081.35489 India
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02/02/2015 00:27

You always said that there will be a reward for each idea you give, and if we implement it. And yesterday itself I told about the ads being divided, like you delivered to each group such as for group one all 0.005x18 ads and such like that. If you could, please check my earlier post, if you don't believe me:

Check the 13th point in that post (second post in the same page) and you will know! Cheers!
Traffic Value: $1,126.85455 Bulgaria
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02/02/2015 00:27
Let's welcome the new day! 
May the Ads be with us! wink
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/02/2015 00:30
I am deleting the posts whining about ads coming or huge ads and similar since they are just useless and are only clogging the daily news making other more valuable info unnoticeable, these posts are found in every daily news and are considered spam.

eventually you will receive your daily ads so there's no point in clogging the thread people...

please, I ask you to refrain yourself from doing this.

thank you
Traffic Value: $144.41124 Portugal
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02/02/2015 00:40
The week we've all been waiting for has arrived! 

"HUGE" add issues are coming!

Now let's face these ads and click them all euphorically while saying out loud: "THIS IS SPARTA!!"

Traffic Value: $3,834.0699 United Kingdom
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02/02/2015 00:47
Jo didn't you increased advertising auctions from $5? Lately I've seen some wilt $1-$2.  $5 did not work did it?

We should have daily advertising for 24h while we log in. Like 10 seconds ad every time we log in which would be great because we could hit every 80k people who use MTV/PV with this ad as well as make some $ to portfolio.

Why don't we have this yet? isn't it advertising websites we have here MTV/PV ??
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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02/02/2015 00:51
@ Tupko

I would find this mod decision reasonable if the system would be running
smoothly, but since it is not, I don't think that you can take away people's 
right to ask information about it or at least check with others what the situation is.
So sorry, I object against this.

We are co shareholders and by the very nature of shareholding, I don't think that we can end in up in a situation:  give me your money and shut up.   

I also have seen the word censored  in a mod edit.
Says it all, doesn't it?
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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02/02/2015 00:52
@ tupko

Most forums have a way to make certain threads readable only to members other then the admin and mods. Is there a way to do that with the news so it would only be posted on by Jo, and the mods for updates, and then have another area where folks can discuss the daily news? It would make it so much easier for everyone on these daily news threads.
Traffic Value: $60.77536 Greece
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02/02/2015 00:58
@meworking, check 3 pages before ur post(2nd page), u r not the 1sttongue
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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02/02/2015 00:59
@tupko, if the user keeps posting the same "where are the ads", I think it's best to retain one but delete that user's same posts. Here's what's mentioned in our guidelines:

  • “whiner posts”, i.e. “Where are the ads????” we generally tolerate, but if one particular user gets out of hand and spams them you can edit/delete them.

Traffic Value: $75.42343 Philippines
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02/02/2015 01:01
Hello everyone.. I want to ask if you have receive ads today? I got 1 $.0.25 and 8 activation ads.

P.S.  Im not complaining smile just want to know some updates
Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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02/02/2015 01:08

So far I have only received the activation ads, but it is still very early.
Traffic Value: $890.84567 Canada
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02/02/2015 01:10

I suggested that a few days ago. I think that it would be a very good idea.happy
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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02/02/2015 01:13
mods are just starting and I am quite sure this is not the idea behind it... if censoring people would be the idea, I better take back my volunteering right here and now
I am sure it will be settled soon... We will find the right balance for it... but I can GUARANTEE you that, at least from me, you need fear no censoring. As I said somewhere else, I think it is disrespectful and awful to deal with people´s posts and it must be done only as a last resort - and we both know there are times it has to be done, sadly..... sad
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/02/2015 01:16

I agree with you, everybody has the right to ask, even whine and complain,

but my humble request is if people could please do it in the other topics and not daily news since daily news is the only source of useful and trending information and updates about mtv/pv.
you're an older member pythagoras, remember daily news from at least 6+ months ago? compare them with today's news, major difference is no spam and essential info on that topic would be found in an instant, moreover, members back then were brainstorming more, suggesting new ideas and were basically more productive.
right now you have to go through pages and pages of useless posts to find some essential updates from Jo,slosumo or whomever

daily news should be the only topic with as less useless posts as possible, that's the reason more why chatroom is needed so people can blab their thoughts there.

this is one of the side effects of a big growing sites, some things have to be in put in the order, statistically, more users = more spam

and until chatroom is installed or some more efficient way of displaying news to the people is implemented this will be my decision.
I think we are all in for the more user friendly daily news topics aren't we?
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