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Feb 23rd - Daily News

PTCshare is live!

PtcShare has launched and here's why you should be excited!

PtcShare is the brand new project of our system.

It's a simplified AND improved version of Paidverts, with a lot of brand new additions.

Because you're familiar with the Paidverts system, you'll have a huge advantage.

Sign up, get ready and grab those earnings.
The first ad issue will be on monday, the 17th of June.


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Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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23/02/2015 13:49
Todays fast tracks have been sent!

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Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication:

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news, and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "View All Posts" if you want to read through all that).

Upcoming debt swap facts:

1. We will be swapping all BAP & FTQ investments for shares, at a rate no higher than $0.35/share, between the following dates: Mar 30th - Apr 2nd.

eg. For every $350 you are owed from the fast track queue, you will receive 1000 shares.

eg2. For every 700 BAP you have, 1 share will be issued.

2. Your account balances will not be touched. That's your money, and can be cashed out at any time. Or saved in your balance to be used after the swap.

3. When we initiate the swap, the BAP marketplace (ability to sell shares directly for BAP) will be suspended for 60days. You can still sell shares for cash during that time.

4. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting PV Bulk Ad Purchases to 1-5ad packs per day, per user for 60days. ($1.05-$5.25/day maximum)

5. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting 170/200/250 plan investments for 60days. $1-$10/day per user for 170 + 250 plans. And $1-$250/day per user for the 200 plan.
* 250 Plan Upgraded users will have their upgrades extended by 60days, as a result of this limitation.
* The 240% plan upgrades will be exempt from these limitations.

6. Up until the swap, Fast Track Payments will continue as normal. And there will be daily ad issues from Monday to Friday only (cron permitting!) - With a guarnteed minimum value of $10k per issue.


I'll post todays news throughout the day!
Traffic Value: $176.9658 Pakistan
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23/02/2015 13:52
Woww News
Traffic Value: $414.81556 Sri Lanka
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23/02/2015 13:52
Thanx for News....
Traffic Value: $454.52841 Cambodia
25 like this post 2 people
23/02/2015 13:52
The rate is so high.
Traffic Value: $10.42659 France
1 like this post 3 people
23/02/2015 13:54
Nice news
Traffic Value: $208.45373 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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23/02/2015 13:54

My only question is, will you close BAP marketplace even before dept swap? I mean BAP to shares marketplace, more specifically. Thank you
Traffic Value: $156.93866 United States
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23/02/2015 13:54
What's the lowest rate per share since the max is .35? I wish to know for better calculation's. Thanks.
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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23/02/2015 13:55
Shareholders earn weekly cash dividends, paid every Monday, based on the volume of new investment into our Fast Track Queue plans that week.

Turnover This Week: $140,000.00
Shareholder Cut (25%): $0.00
Dividend Per Share (500m shares): $0.00

Dividends have now been paid on all turnover up to 4,160,000.00
(4,060,000 actual current turnover total)

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace:

I'm rounding the weekly turnover down to the nearest 20k. Any excess will be included with next weeks dividend.



Due to a double payment in dividends on Monday 16th February. There is no dividend today. And for the next $100k of turnover (likely after the swap) there won't be any turnover either - as it's already been paid.

Thereafter dividends will resume.
Traffic Value: $176.9658 Pakistan
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23/02/2015 13:55
and wat about today add issue
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
11 like this post 1 people
23/02/2015 13:56
That´s how news should be, facts facts facts. Nice one smile
Traffic Value: $4,292.18869 Germany
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23/02/2015 13:57
The best is, you don´t allowed to change bap to shares, because that makes the shareprices down.

Stop asap the change and the prices goes higher. 

( I hate my english) grin

EDIT: There are too many shares in circulation and when you change, the prices goes deeper and deeper
Traffic Value: $41,486.01161 Poland
28 like this post 5 people
23/02/2015 13:57
Wow, every 0.35$ = 1 share ? Last time we were thinking it will be very high 0.246$ and now you are telling it will be even more ;( We are lost for sure. Worth of shares will not grow up to 0.35$ very long time I am sure ;( Everyone who invested in FTQ will be lost time and money. That is true sad 
Traffic Value: $762.80346 Pakistan
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23/02/2015 13:57
what about the user that mtv banned yesterday ....
Traffic Value: $12,974.45497 Bangladesh
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23/02/2015 13:58
How long will be take to rise  0.35 + 0.25% charge might be 0.37 share price as per present state of MTV?
Traffic Value: $1,252.14146 Spain
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23/02/2015 13:58
I want to say (something i read in yesterday news from other user) reconsider the bap share market block, because it remove some debt 10% of every transaction. People (seller) can reach group faster, yes, but buyer maybe drop and the only way to introduce baps in PV is buying bulk ads. So i think this should help to have less debt. 
Traffic Value: $801.29869 Pakistan
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23/02/2015 13:59
thanks for the news

why it was so lateeeeeeeee
Traffic Value: $5,543.38944 Canada
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23/02/2015 13:59
I am confused, I have $9,935 owing to me on the Fast Track Queue, so this means after the swap I will get 1,000 shares for every $350 owed to me, that means I will get 28,380 shares, which at today's rate of 0.0349 means I will only have shares valued at $990.46??? Is this correct??
Traffic Value: $15,401.6523 Spain
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23/02/2015 14:03
Please reconsider,

I think it's very unfair to people that have 250% plan.

Investors in this plan have paid a lot of money to get the upgrade.

It is not fair that investors with 200% plan, could put $250 per day, and people with 250% plan only $10.
Traffic Value: $2,727.8023 France
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23/02/2015 14:03
Totally agree with @grasle "Worth of shares will not grow up to 0.35$" so it’s sure we’re gonna loose money ! But I guess it’s also the aim of a swap !!! getlost
Traffic Value: $32.08208 India
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23/02/2015 14:03
I think its not a good idea to suspend BAP marketplace for 60 days ..reduce the limit to 30 days if possible please I need to survive this summer so I want moneygrin which BAP marketplace will help
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