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Traffic Value: $178.11876 Slovenia
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13/02/2015 21:01
no food yet?
Traffic Value: $862.68812 Romania
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13/02/2015 21:07
@ crnavrtnica: only beer at this moment.
Traffic Value: $6,016.01548 United States
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13/02/2015 21:08

Please don't take any offense to what i was saying. It was all in good fun.
I am always willing to help those with serious questions or concerns, but I usually do it with my brand of humor or sarcasm. 
I have been here for 3 years, and I can answer most questions, but sometimes only with opinion and not fact as we never really know for sure what Jo is thinking or planning next.
I love MTV/PV and I trust Jo completely. I have no patience for those who only slam Jo and this site. If you ever have anything you need opinions on, this is the place to be. Now that I've learned a little bit about you, I will try harder to understand your questions and to provide HELPFUL responses grin

And @Gloriabieser You know you can be brutal when you're off your meds, so quit acting all goody 2 shoes
Traffic Value: $221.69598 Slovenia
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13/02/2015 21:10
problem at share market again....solve please

Shares listed for Sale for BAPSell Your Shares For BAP

Seller Shares Available Price (BAP)
lagillas 10 224 Buy
wolfgabor 10 224  -
225  -
gkhan08 1 225
Traffic Value: $2,592,904.1508 Spain
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13/02/2015 21:10
I just want to re-affirm the big picture a little bit;

1) These first years of MTV have all been about fundraising. We need millions of dollars to build the business we're looking to create. And we've about achieved that now... So, onto step 2

2) The next step is hiring!
We have the money to do that now; so we need to put together the staff to build / finish off the main MTV platform. As half of this business model isn't built yet (crowd ideas, rewarding users for their idea with partial ownership of products, a marketplace to buy/sell up to 50% of the profitability of each portfolip product; the whole onsite programming queue etc)

3) Getting Productive!
Once the hiring phase is established (I won't say complete, as it'll never be complete)... Then we can get busy building out the portfolio. Developing all the games, products, services, buying businesses, real estate and just about anything that uses money to make money. That can all happen very quickly once the people are in place, to process your ideas, and make them a reality.... And lots of people! So we can work on 20-50 projects at a time.


So step 1 is about done!
We have enough money to get started now.

Step 2 is underway; as soon as we get the Polish & Slovenian offices up and running. We will be hiring programmers like crazy... And that process will become a snowball; as once we find more programmers; we'll then have more programmers to find more programmers with, and to bring the new guys up to speed more quickly.
... And included in step two is the formalization of the business & its working practices. Getting all our procedures, controls and oversight in order.

Then step 3, should begin towards the middle / end of this year. Thats when you'll see this business utterly explode in size. As we start adding 1-2+ new items to the portfolio every week... Give that a year; and we'll have 100+ busineses on the portfolio. And that'll bring money flooding in, which will then turn that portfolio into thousands of businesses, games and other projects.

This is when MTV gets enourmous, and we become that billion/trillion dollar crowd-funded hedge fund / communal portfolio.

And this shouldn't take long... the rest of this year to put the pieces together. And then all of next year to build and grow like crazy. And we may well be right up there.


So, that's the big the picture.
This week sucks, no doubt about it.
But we'll fix that ASAP, and continue moving forwards next week. We'll see how things go the next month or so, and then decide whether one more debt swap is necessary (likely both PV + MTV at the same time --- as partial swaps aren't nearly as effective -- your balances wont be touched)...
If we determine another swap is necessary, we will give you a minumum of 4weeks notice.... And we'll do that for two reasons; firstly to drag the process out as long as possible, to enable our offices + hiring process to get underway. As that is the only way we're going to add value to this business, required for the swap to work. And secondly, I want to give you due warning, so that you can plan your actions post swap to maximise your profit taking.... As with all swaps come amazing opportunities to make massive amounts of money insanely quickly. So I want to give you full opportunity to plan your finances to take full advantage of that.

Moreover, with the next swap (whenever that happens) I am strongly considering restructuring PaidVerts quite dramatically... We'll likely limit the BAP marketplace to 1share/day per user or so. And I think we'll limit BAP purchases to $1 ad campaigns, a max of 1 per day per user. As I want to make PV a true PTC; and that involves millions of users. Not just a few big ones soaking up all the monetization from the smaller users... Small users are far easier to monetize and I think it'll make the business as a whole way more effective.

Big users can use MTV.
PV Bulk Ads are going to be for generally smaller users.
And we'll create special ad options in PV to target high value MTV users who don't necesasrily even participate with PV.

Thereby, covering both ends of the spectrum. But via a modified model to the one we're currently running. That in my opinion currently accumulates debt too quickly, and too "narrowly" (if thats a word). I want our debt profile to be fat & shallow. Not thin and deep.

So... bad week!
But the company as a whole is fine. In fact we're evolving quite nicely -- we just need a few more weeks to complete the next big steps. And they are fundamentally huge steps! We go from a couple freelance programmers; to two dedicated offices of full time employees.
Traffic Value: $589.45549 India
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13/02/2015 21:14

thank you brother understand me

shall i drop or continue pv tell me

its day by day difficult me  understand

WHAT  i know  my bap without my knowledge took

and provide shares
and after  what prize  assigned me that also now  very down

it will be up also tomorrow , no issue

i just understand what is pv ,compaign , how we will get 1.55$ all okay i understand clear

this enough

im happy

not want more and more mtv income

risk free 10%- 16% return fine
Traffic Value: $6,016.01548 United States
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13/02/2015 21:17
And @Jo

Then after a year of huge success and having Paypal back, and introducing your own funding mechanism like a processor or bank with debit card functionality, you can show Paypal the 5 million dollars in the PP/Mtv account, and tell them we no longer need THEM and Bu-Bye gringrin
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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13/02/2015 21:18

If paypal doesn't change their mind, they may very well be facing their comeuppance in the form of a costly legal battle.  

In the meanwhile, paidverts can always accept credit cards for ad purchases directly, they just have to install the payment depot API.  

Also, I can look into getting Chase Quickpay, which will do the exact same thing paypal does for us now.  I paid for US ACH before, but Jo decided to stick with paypal instead, probably because US bank accounts are subject to IRS confiscation.
Traffic Value: $175.31299 Peru
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13/02/2015 21:19
[img=0x0][/img]jo  help ...!! 
hlrive 0 225
Traffic Value: $1,133.25862 Ghana
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13/02/2015 21:20
joe31800 - Thx, but I do not take any meds, and I am also not brutal. But if I get attacked, I know how to shoot back. This saying of you was not needful, and not necessary. But it is good, for now I know what to expect from you. Have a nice evening, I have no interest in any arguing with you. Whatever you say, it is fine. God bless you grin
Traffic Value: $175.31299 Peru
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13/02/2015 21:24
check  shared   
Seller Shares Available Price (BAP)
hlrive 0 225

help!! bug
Traffic Value: $178.11876 Slovenia
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13/02/2015 21:28
there are stil fishes
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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13/02/2015 21:29
I really have that feeling that the recycle cron is not working still as it should. I am only getting 0.005 ads and not any lower of it with filter 0.002. I really think the recycler should be able to generate more ads to the users with the 5c upgrade specially of the lower valued ads. now i am getting about 5 ads at an avarage per hour
Traffic Value: $178.11876 Slovenia
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13/02/2015 21:30
sorry, hahaha
Traffic Value: $589.45549 India
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13/02/2015 21:31
any one join my reference please make me rich possible here-due to old aged

not possible reference more

that good income told some else here

i m not take risk stage my life

i retired  with my life my earning wish to enjoy satisfied life happy ,some amount invest here Please

God bless all here

however i thankful who ref me that gentle man -i   have good timepass and  different people meet here, talk here enjoy
Traffic Value: $3,456.01946 Belgium
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13/02/2015 21:31
Ads grid will be next... coming soon wink
Traffic Value: $390.26943 Serbia
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13/02/2015 21:33
those are all nice and ambicious plans for the future.

worried about the present though...
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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13/02/2015 21:34
On a side note, does anyone trade forex with oanda?  They recently notified all account holders that paypal is no longer accepted for deposits.  They are still allowing them for withdrawals though.

Once Carlos gets us debit cards from that Mauritas bank, I can withdrawal forex profits from oanda direct into my mtv account.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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13/02/2015 21:34
So paidverts as we know it is effectively over then? Too bad oh oh
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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13/02/2015 21:34
Wait what?? Jo you are going to make it then so us little folks that have been trying our darndest to work our way up in PV will go back to maybe making 25 to 50 cents a day??? That's a joke right?
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