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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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28/12/2014 13:33
We are about to make PaidVerts awesome again!
With enourmous daily ad issues! Here's how:

We are trading the ~7.9 billion BAP in our system for ~34,558,951 cash shares.

You can already trade BAP for shares (and shares for BAP) on our marketplace:
For every 220-227 BAP you have, you'll get 1 cash share (rounded up) on Thursday. (The exact swap price will be calculated on 1st January. But we guarantee that range)

You can sell your shares for cash at any time on our marketplace. Learn more about shares here:

As a result of doing that, we are essentially making PaidVerts debt free!
Thereby any new BAP acquired after the BAP Exchange on Monday, will receive high value cash ads incredibly quickly! You're going to see bigger daily ad issues than you've ever seen before. You'll be amazed!

PaidVerts will basically be super rich on Thursday. As we'll have over $450k in ad issue assets, with absolutely nobody left to pay. So the first users that accumulate BAP, are going to make themselves as good as instant money! This is going to create a huge magnet for people to join and use PaidVerts. And this is going to grow our business like crazy. (Rocketing the value of the shares we're giving you!)

You can then sell those shares for lots of money (more than your BAP is worth right now). PaidVerts will be awesome again! And everybody wins. Everybody makes lots of money, a whole lot more quickly than the current pace of our daily ad issues. This is a turbo boost for our business, and your money making!

- Cashouts are not affected. You can cashout your account balance at any time. There are no delays there. We're 100% liquid. So that's not a problem at all. Allow 1-7days for cashouts like normal.

- Prior to Thursday 1st January, you can continue to exchange your current BAP for shares on our BAP marketplace:

- New ad purchases have been disabled. You can buy advertising again from Thurday 1st January.

- You can continue to play BAP games.

- There will be small daily ad issues all this week in the meantime.

- The exact swap price will be calculated on 1st January. Whatever BAP you have at that time will be exchanged for cash shares. We guarantee you'll be exchanged at a rate between 220-227 BAP per share.

* Do not panic sell your cash shares.
That is the only way you will potentially lose money from this. Have a little patience and trust in me. We've done this before, and it works really well. So let it happen, and you'll profit from it.


Will my cash balance be affected?
... No! You can cashout your balance at any time. There are no delays.

What if I don't want shares?
... Sell them for instant cash. Or sell them directly back for BAP again. Or sell them for cash, then buy new Bulk Ad Campaigns, to repopulate your BAP with 3100 BAP per dollar spent, and get a whole lot of bonus advertising in the process!

Should I buy new ad campaigns now? Or wait until after the BAP Exchange?
... We have disabled ad purchases until after the BAP Exchange. Your new BAP will turn into paid ads much more quickly that way!

How much should I sell my shares for?
... I recommend selling them for $0.11 each. That is the value that will give you the same amount of money, that your BAP would otherwise deliver in paid ads. However if you sell them for $0.07, you'll get the same value as all your ad purchases back! Giving you completely free advertising for all your previous ad purchases!

ps. I do not recommend undercutting the lowest price on the marketplace for a quick sale, that is not a sensible move. Have a little patience, and you'll get a great price for your shares. If you sell quickly, you'll sell yourself short. Stick to our guidelines, and you won't be disappointed.

How long will it take to sell my shares?
... That depends on how much you sell them for. And in short, we don't know! If you sell them for $0.07-$0.11 then it'll take up to 3-6week to sell them I think. Which may sound like a long time. But consider that turning your BAP into cash ads also takes time... And if you sell them for $0.11, that's 155% of your original purchase price back. So waiting a few weeks for that is time well spent.

Are my current ad campaigns affected?
... No! Your ad campaigns will be delivered per our original terms. All your paid visits will be delivered within the same 180days or will be refunded. The BAP exchange only concerns your Bonus Ad Points. Your ads will be delivered like normal.


What is required of you:

1) Right now... do nothing!
View your ads like normal until Wednesday.

2) On Wednesday, your BAP will turn into shares. And PaidVerts will be revitalized! ( Accumulate more BAP and you'll earn super fast; or don't. Just wait for your shares to sell. Up to you!)

3) With your shares... list them for sale on our marketplace for either $0.11+ or 227+ BAP. Then simply wait for them to sell.

4) Once they are sold, you will have converted all your current BAP into the same amount of cash, the exact same as viewing all your ads. Mision accomplished!


BAP doesn't turn into cash instantly.
Right now, our ad issues are less than 1% per day. And there's no guarantee we'd keep that up given our current circumstance... So it would take up to 3months or more to turn your current BAP into cash.

Thereby, waiting a few weeks to sell your shares for a good price is the better option!

Be realistic. You can't expect a debt swap to magically make you 155% in one day... So don't sell your shares TODAY! That's the most idiotic move you could make. And you will sell your BAP for pennies on the dollar like that.

Follow my instructions. The share price will rise. You'll get your full return. And I beleive it'll be a whole lot quicker than you think.... Remember, MTV is sitting on approximately $1 million dollars in cash. We have almost 500k user accounts; that can act when PV is working amazing again.

Our prospects are incredible!
Stop fussing about little details that concern today. And think about 96hours from now. This is an amazing opportunity. One that repeats every year or so with MTV.

* And the comparisons to the beginning of 2014 are comically similar. After the share split, the values involved are identical! (Except the value is actually 100x what is was at the beginning of the year) ... And the terms of this swap are massively improved over the last time we did this. That required the share price increase by at least 700%. This time we require a 2x increase (or a 0x increase if you sell for BAP!)

You're good.

Jo smile

Check out these two links for more info:
Traffic Value: $590.24783 Albania
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28/12/2014 13:37
By doing this, i will loose all my referrals. THANK YOU JO wink
I really believed on you!

Don't forget that in PV are people who don't even speak english, there are more than 50% which don't read this forum... You may have to think about them too..
Traffic Value: $1,778.74805 United States
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28/12/2014 13:41
Great Move Go with it, well whatever the Shit happens already removed all my baps for shares
Lets see if we will make growth or not smile
Traffic Value: $98.57272 Sri Lanka
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28/12/2014 13:43

Thank You Jo


I also Removed My all Baps For shares

(Currently I have 456 Shares..)
Traffic Value: $68.52568 United States
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28/12/2014 13:50
"We are about to make PaidVerts awesome again!"

By pissing off 90% of your users that will never return and just label PV a scam and move on...

Trust me Jo, this is a mistake. PTC users are very quick to judge (hell, going into a maintenance period for over 60 seconds will do it), and once you're a "scam", that is it.
Traffic Value: $4,297.92067 Israel
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28/12/2014 13:52
@Jo I have a religion related problem with holding shares that give me access to decision making (sahreholder control panel).

Please provide a solution. Maybe something like:

1) Access to control panel only for members with a very big amount of shares.

2) In order to have access to the control panel you need x amount of shares and pay a fee for access.

Already posted about it in the other thread but I guess you didn't see it because there are lots of posts there.
Traffic Value: $210.0078 Bulgaria
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28/12/2014 13:53
and when thats happen how we make money? only on market?
Traffic Value: $22.28529 Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)
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28/12/2014 15:20
Who will buy this huge amount of shares if everybody wants to sell it for higher price?  

I'm sorry for spam but it's nowhere written... 
Traffic Value: $2,697.0796 Denmark
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28/12/2014 15:28
Yakira you do know that all of these rules your religion have for you can be set aside if you need them to in order to make a living smile  
Traffic Value: $1,699.92249 Lithuania
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28/12/2014 15:30
If I sell all the share's I'll get and I have 0.07 each it'll be harmful. 0.1 also harmful. 0.11 profitable.
Jo, do you really think PV will superrocket up to that price within 6 weeks?
Traffic Value: $2,211.17614 France
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28/12/2014 15:30
we must understand that without a debt swap, PV is dead 
it is an evil  necessary ,you have to be lucid, money does not grow on trees

and if the PTC players leaves the ship no matter for me  we not need kids who clicks for free without spending on PV

when members will see large ads every day on PV, spirits  will this  appease ,and the machine will restart like the 2 previous D.S
Traffic Value: $163.37965 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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28/12/2014 15:34
Can anyone explain why is Jo exactly doing this? all these days he was saying that PV is doing good etc etc, servers are the only problem and shiet, and now this happens , why ?!?!
Traffic Value: $1,699.92249 Lithuania
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28/12/2014 15:34
that's maybe true. But that Monday won't be as big. Huge ads in Group 4 are no match for small ads in group 10
Traffic Value: $1,195.35083 Pakistan
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28/12/2014 15:37
Place a link to this guide on paidverts paid ad page etc atleast let this news spread as much as possible smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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28/12/2014 15:38
This isn't a topic for debate or name calling. This is to help communicate what's happening and what users need to do to make the most of it.

This will work and will benefit everyone that doesn't fire sell their shares for tiny money.

If you don't believe me. Watch and see. It won't take long at all.
Traffic Value: $228.68304 Poland
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28/12/2014 15:39
Can i do anything for Monday 5st January? If i will do anything my BAP's will exchange automatically? By the system/admin?

Please somebody help mesmile It's my first exchange/split in my life grin
Traffic Value: $1,094.95139 Turkey
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28/12/2014 15:41
I sold my baps to shares. I have 320 shares now. What I have to do now? I dont know what will I do? Will I wait with 320 shares? Now the price for shares are 0.038. Will it be increase to 0.11 ?

Thank you
Traffic Value: $391.22992 United States
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28/12/2014 15:43
Very Bad move Jo and let me ask this ? will this happen every time pv gets in debt if so then pv is sunk. Also i do not think jo really cares what any of us say as he is very taken care of financially, so matters not to him if pv goes under or not he is well taken care of already and that is very bad as i am one of many of the lower class we shall say in pv who was trying to build and reinvest and build to something me and my family could count on down the road but thanks for crushing that dream jo just like many others who have come and gone smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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28/12/2014 15:44
Your bap will convert automatically on Monday. Alternatively you can swap it for shares now via the marketplace if you can get a better rate.
Traffic Value: $1,637.46367 Pakistan
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28/12/2014 15:45
Jo , you are taking this decision without our permission, you are losing our trust, this is totally unfair, we will loose our referalls because of you, you are responsible for this, you are changing PTC to share market, we did not invest in PV because its share market , we invested because of BAP program , because that was so simple, now you are making this complicated for every tom dick and harry, reconsider it , don't be hasty in your decisions , use your head
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