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Traffic Value: $3,781.28667 Argentina
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07/09/2015 18:15
Hello Marc! I am really happy reading the news! I think it is a great move changing the plans to a lower, did u analized other one that gives 120% or 125%?
PV: Good move, if u can make PV more popular u will get more daily revenues!

Traffic Value: $7,982.98431 Germany
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07/09/2015 18:18
so it is better to pay an annual fee for a company which no longer exist in the near future if it continues like this? so stupid...we must be legal or it is over. don't you understand that??

@ all the "likers" to knix post: don't be so naive and think this world is made of sugar!
Traffic Value: $23,532.27415 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 18:32
This is all great news! Finally getting on the road to legalize MTV!!

There are just 2 questions i still have:
1. When Marc started as CEO he promissed us a liquidity report.
I still have not seen one. So when can we expect one?

2. A few days ago Slomuso stated that all payment processors would be funded so that the cashout waiting time will get back to 7 days.
I understand that PayPal is still blocked, nothing to do here but wait.
But why is it taking so long with STP? And when can we expect to get paid?
Traffic Value: $141.80329 Aruba
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07/09/2015 18:38
Hi guys.I have read the daily news and so far i'm liking it.
But I can also see/read negative response/replies about it.
Tbh with you guys I 100% agree that they should remove the 170% and 200% from the FTQ and go with this new one that's 115% the reason is 170% and 200% looks so unrealistic and if they just leave it alone when MTV/PV starts to go better it will create or can create a huge debt and start causing problems for everyone and i'm sure that no one would want that(another debt swap).
And also it needed to be removed for legality as it was said in the daily news.Even though I agree with 115% heck it's allot better/higher than my bank and maybe also every bank or most bank in the world.The main reason is also to bring stability and reduce debt on the long run, I want PV/MTV to stay here for long run and definitely not short term!!!, if they have left those higher ROI,
That long term/stability for the business and everyone/investors won't or cannot happen.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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07/09/2015 18:43

Yes, I was trying to figure out how he could benefit and what his thinking would be. The only thing I could come up with was if he thought most investments were to go to the BAP market in the future since this is now the highest ROI on the site then he would want to get in ahead of everyone else knowing that others might want to sell shares for BAP and drive the price down.

So people would sell their BAPs to him not knowing what changes were coming to the marketplace and since BAPs are a finite item. These people would then sell their shares for a much lower cash price which is what we are seeing happen to the marketplace.

Since then we have seen a 30% drop in the value of shares. This is a significant sum of money.

BTW, I am not affected by this so don't think it is envy or anything. I did not sell any BAP to brainy and, even though my share prices were affected I am a long term holder and not a seller. I am actually using the share drop to buy shares so I am benefiting. Others may have sold shares to Brainy for other reasons like getting into the FTQ or maybe for future dividends (which might be affected by the changes to the FTQ) only to realize that the opportunity is no more. Thus, if they are required to buy those BAP back via the share market or by cash transactions then they have lost in transfer fees at least

And it doesn't have to be the admin that told him. Someone from the staff could have told him but big shareholders usually don't move like that without good reason. The timing is just too coincidental and in the real world of finance, investigators would probably want to look at something like this. If Brainy did move to take advantage of people because he did have inside information that would be really disappointing considering how much money he makes in this industry already and the people he would have taken that money from
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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07/09/2015 18:45
I can tell you honest and straightforwardly: Brainy´s intention is to reach the higher groups in PV
there´s no inside info involved or shady deals. He sees the potential from now on and is ready to profit from it.
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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07/09/2015 18:47
nothing new about 100+M BAP group? 
i think brainy today receive ads for 50+M group only, am i wrong?
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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07/09/2015 18:50
I sure hope that was his motive Catt smile
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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07/09/2015 18:54
I don´t have to hope, I know for a fact it is
Traffic Value: $28,874.86613 Viet Nam
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07/09/2015 18:58
Great move and I believe in you although I invested 26k, just did cashout 1USD for testing. grin
Traffic Value: $251.50076 Canada
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07/09/2015 19:01
Regarding all the speculations about Brainy's decisions and actions.....

There is a reason why he calls himself "Brainy"....dude has excess brain cells that work overtime.
or...maybe he has enhanced psychic abilities and uses his extra sensory perception to tap into those things normally hidden from the masses. grin
Traffic Value: $4,008.85137 Romania
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07/09/2015 19:06
115% is equivalent with 231.06% per year (with compounding).
So, if you have patience to compound for example $100 you obtain in 1 year $100 back and a pure profit of $131.06%.

1. The above annual efficiency supposes that one round in FTQ is approximately 2 months.
2. The real appreciation of the efficiency of a business is per 1 year (any shorter time efficiency appreciation is non professional, naive and only for amateurs).

It is better to see the BIG picture (231.06% per year) than the little one (115% per 2 months).
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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07/09/2015 19:18
One question: bringing the ftq to 115% doesn't make this the ftq market more or less useless?
Traffic Value: $4,197.76641 Italy
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07/09/2015 19:26

Lol, that makes my laught. 115% ROI is a 15% interest, take away at least 5% for the payment processor and you get 10% interest. The current queue will take at least 1.5 years to clear, meaning that who is investing is going to get around 6% as a yearly interest. With the risk of a debt swap. Nobody is going to invest in the FTQ anymore except paidverts which will keep a high debt (that's what happened in the last months, the debt was going to slowly clear but PV kept it high). 
Traffic Value: $126.13469 Macedonia
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07/09/2015 19:31
MarcdeKoning - Administrator 
this job of yours requires nerves of steel. There are more than 200k ppl here, and you can't please them all even if you can, cose there are ppl that don't even know what they want grin
so chill  grin
Traffic Value: $7,982.98431 Germany
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07/09/2015 19:40
115 % minus payment processor fees? who says you must cashout after maturing?

why not re-invest??
than you have 115 % from your 115 %.
make a plan for a year and after a year you cashout...then, you don't look at the cashout fees...
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 19:53
Mio, ppl need the chance to bail.

Other person,
Yeah, 2 months, dream big...if we have that much more revenue we will have that much more investments.

If he thinks shares prices won't raise, even when everyone buys BAP (and it's settled), then he can buy back his 2mil+ shares he sold to get there, and maintain 100Mil BAP.
Also, maybe he's only short terming it. While people undercut each other desperate for BAP, he will be getting most of the small Ad Issues, enough to cover the 15% fee, esp when he can just sell his BAP at the lowest undercutters, when it's time to quit and go back to school.
Traffic Value: $38,331.49006 Portugal
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07/09/2015 20:26
If Marc increase the share fees it`s possible that share price start also to raise because the undercutters can not earn money buying at 0.0099 and sell at 0.01.
Traffic Value: $723.49201 South Africa
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07/09/2015 20:27
i want to know if i will be compensated for the 250 plan which i benefited absolutly 0 from. This is not fair. and i urge everyone that bought into this plan please to add to this and bring it to marcs attention. We can not just be ripped off like this. Please marc comment on this situation.
Traffic Value: $282.71777 Slovenia
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07/09/2015 20:38
@ MarcdeKoning - Administrator

Keep up with the good job Marc and the rest of the team!!!
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