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07/09/2015 16:40
@MisterGreen Thank you for the response hispanomc can only dislike my comment and won't give me back a response, while I was clearly asking for one.

It takes 7 times the 115% to come to the 250% so you think a round will come to 1/7 the time of the original rounds? I do hope so. Also when there is no further regulation we are back at 4 million dept in no time.

Do not get me wrong I have positive views for the future but being critical is my way of caring.
For there has to be someone who plays the devils advocate.

 and yes Marc I saw the fact we almost had a casino sitewink 
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07/09/2015 16:47

Yes it's hard to predict what the net effect on ROI shall be because I think its hard to know how people behave around new percentages. But I think it won't matter much in the end. We'll see !

Being critical is important, I agree smile I'm more of a dreamer myself. But there's always a critical stage in any creative undertaking.
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07/09/2015 16:50
RoTho, you are right 7 times...and this is not with even dollars.

Start out with $1, get $1.15,
then invest $1.15 get $1.3225
then invest $1.3225 get $1.520875
then invest $1.520875 get $1.749
then invest $1.749 get $2.01135
then invest $2.01135 get $2.3130525
then invest $2.3130525 get $2.660010375
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07/09/2015 16:51
But i have alredy 0.07182 in my paidverts account
When i am transfer 0.0066 mtv to pv
Then total is 0.07182+0.0066 total
But i have seen in pv account is same 0.07182
Traffic Value: $520.02708 United States
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07/09/2015 16:52
sorry about my word but he/she also called me that word

but I can't say same word back
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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07/09/2015 16:55
I didnt want to be disrespectful with you, thats why i didnt answer. But as you seem to need it i'll do it trying to respect you. Do not take any offense please.

I dont know about you but when i'm looking for new investments the first thing i look to discard a program is their profitabilities, if they offer more than a certain % of net profit daily (even though it is not guaranteed) i just stop reading. Obviously a low profitability doesnt mean a high stability/reliabilty, you have to check more deeply, but its a good way to discard the bullshit.
Said that i simply cant understand how a reduction of our profitabily that will lead to more serious investors and legalization a less hyip whiners and legal unsafety is a STEP BACK. 

IMHO your post is just a selfish post of short-term-sight person that can only think in his personal profits but not in the company profit (that at last will be his personal profits, but more in the long term)

You talk about the slowness of shares/ftq etc... but every investor i talk about mtv's return times they just say it is impossible to earn money that fast.

"I get that legalization is a bit part of all of this but it feels for me that when you lower the ROI bar it will never go up again, only down" 

That is EXACTLY the idea
Traffic Value: $16,445.93893 India
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07/09/2015 16:58
Good Thing : Legalization Love it this will change the PTC world for sure.

Bad Thing : 115% minus cashout fees in bitcoin i.e 5% + $0.25 and 1% at add fund
In that case MTV should need to shut down these fees or increase the plan %

one more thing

Can anyone please tell me that in 200% plan i have around 325 days left and can i still use till they over or if no then it means i have only 2 more weeks to re-invest and as i am above the breakeven point there is no chance i get a single buck

please can anyone explain me the expiry date after which i can't re-invest in the plan i have purchased
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 17:02

The expiry date is 21-09-2015. So after that you can't reinvest in any of the plans except for the new 115% one.

If you haven't received or will not receive $11400 I think you're eligible for a partial refund. Not sure whether I fully understand that bit though.
Traffic Value: $8,965.30221 India
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07/09/2015 17:15
OMG so cool stats Marc, we are just behind Neobux and they are like for what 7 years ??? shocked
Moreover these are the stats when we have just started to grow blink
Neobux is going to get STOMPED BY MTV soon enough w00t
Traffic Value: $4,289.08875 United States
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07/09/2015 17:29
115 plan =
15% profit, minus deposit fees, minus cash out fees.
Real profit ?

Royalty dividends come from ftq

Having a hard time finding advantages of ftq or rp (ATM), there must be a change in dividends coming soon, or changes don't make any financial sense for the user.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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07/09/2015 17:38

A CEO doesn't have to know everything that happened before he taking the job.
There isn't any disrespectful here. The changes were made to help everyone. The plans are being reduced as this becomes more legit.

The admins are finding a solution for the 1 year access plan compensation. Don't worry about this. Until now the admins have always found solutions for the any compensation required.
Traffic Value: $27,084.60437 Germany
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07/09/2015 17:38
Whynot, you are 100% correct.

The source of the dividends needs to change or otherwise there is/will be no point in holding shares.
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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07/09/2015 17:39
Every time you reinvest the cashout/deposit fees will matter less and less.
The power resides in compounding.
And about where the dividends come from might be re-worked, anyone talked about that yet.
Traffic Value: $9,256.78261 Slovenia
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07/09/2015 17:52
Does everyone else know? LoL
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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07/09/2015 17:54
I am going throw a bit of a wrench in here. Is this why Brainy moved like lightning into the BAP market over the last few days? You guys didn't give him advance notice did you because if so then he was able to take unfair advantage of the marketplace ermm
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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07/09/2015 18:00
There is a glitch in the recycle all function. When pressed it asked if I wanted to recycle 0 as for $0. I was recycling nine. I selected yes and it recycled all so it was no big deal but I'm just letting you know
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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07/09/2015 18:01
Brainy did not have any privilege info. I couldn't expect you to think that of the current administration... BTW, what was his profit? you can sell higher than he did right now.
Yes, there'll be a compensation. Please read before asking.

Al those upgraded plan holders whining... do you prefer the current profitabilities to stay as they are and risk everything and in the better of the scenarios delaying the legalization for a year? do you? thats a short-term sight.
Traffic Value: $7,982.98431 Germany
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07/09/2015 18:05
first: thank you marc for these words!

second: for all the guys who pay for 200 or 250 % plan and are whining and whining. i give you an example (MY JOURNEY SINCE APRIL):

i add per bank wire 3000 $ in april -> buy shares before the "Swap" at a rate 0.039 - 0.045 -> after Swap i wait and wait and wait and sell my shares at a rate 0.07 or so -> then i buy the 200 % Upgrade -> NOW im receiving ~12.000 $ at Round 65!

So my question is, what are all these guys doing? pay a high fee and don't know how to handle this system. making wrong decisions and told that MTV is unfair. THATS NOT OK!

I started the PTC World in 2014. I make already the "BAP Swap" in december with very very good what do these guys doing wrong?

sorry for the bad english!
Traffic Value: $9,256.78261 Slovenia
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07/09/2015 18:07
kbwnd 10 points for you !
Traffic Value: $27,084.60437 Germany
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07/09/2015 18:07
Who cares what they are doing?
They paid for the access.

If you pay for a newspaper and don't read it,
the newspaper will still be delivered to you for the promised time frame.
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