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Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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07/09/2015 15:33
All investments will be paid as normal, you will lose nothing. Future investments will close on the date Marc indicated.
Traffic Value: $16,028.01849 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/09/2015 15:38
if I want to make100%  profit with current 200% plan and after with 115% plan 

- with current 200% plan I put one time and I wait x months

after with 115% you need  invest 4 times to make 200% profit 

 100+15% =115% + 15% = 132,25% + 15%= 152,08% + 15% = 174,90% + 15% = 201,13% 

so what you think whic way will be faster ?

and I dont think that round will be much faster because I belive min. 1 milion will be debt ahead always
Traffic Value: $45,656.25089 United States
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07/09/2015 15:41

115% Rounds will be very much faster as they're only paying 15% profit instead of the 72%-150% currently. Every investment matures quicker so rounds finish earlier.
Plus shorter rounds increases investor liquidity, which in turn leads to more investments...could be a great move!
Traffic Value: $16,028.01849 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/09/2015 15:45
I understand what you mean to say and how this will work but I just want to say that if you have plan to make from 1000$ - 2000$    115% plan will be slower ....because even if is 115% people will puting cash in FTQ and will be always arround 1 milon debt ahead you need to wait your turn and reinvest more 3 times.....I belive that will not be so profitable like before..just my opinion
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 15:46
I think on the face of it my 38% faster is correct.

However, you add this:
Plus shorter rounds increases investor liquidity, which in turn leads to more investments...could be a great move!

Well, users had a lot of liquidity with the Big Boys buying up their daily investments on the Marketplace, look where that lead to.
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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07/09/2015 15:47
I feel the need to add a couple of things

  1. Why anyone is talking about the charts and stats marc gave about PaidVerts postion in the PTC market? We are in a very good place and we are just 1 year old. We'll reach Neobux and Clixsense soon, in a matter of a couple of years at most... 
  2. We are going to build a licensed casino. We are removing our illegal mtv games. Come on guys, do not avoid the good news grin
  3. Reducing our profitabilites is a great step forwards. As i always tried to propose Jo, and he always said it was not necessary, to attract serious investors (and in the long-term we WANT and NEED serious investors) we need to offer them something "down to earth". 115% in probably less than a year is attractive and possible. We wont need any ponzi element to sustain that profitability, be serious, nowadays what business can you build that gives you back a 200% in less than a year? None. So who would rely on us if we offer a 200% and we are paying it in 200 days? they'll think we are just a disguised ponzi. 

MTV mates, we are on track. Gold times will come again. We are working towards legalization and regularization. Those who will stick to mtv now, won't regret in the future. 
Traffic Value: $221.35504 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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07/09/2015 16:02
Really nice news. 

I read in first post that some changes will be implemented in PV. Could we get some details on that? (or is it super secret thing grin )
Traffic Value: $6,854.66221 India
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07/09/2015 16:02
I can bet that after legalization we will have many serious investors, and also it can boost the marketing of mtv and pv
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 16:06
I don't understand the frustration here.
We're implementing these changes for YOU.
If we don't, there soon won't be a mtv and your investments will be gone, poof smoke..
We need to legalize in order to expand and conquer.

Also I'd like to mention that in the past few months NOONE showed any interest in our investment plans and now everyone seems so fond of them..
Even now that we gave you a last opportunity noone seems to grab it.

And for those of you saying: "We want to be sure we won't be debt swapped and we're waiting for your statement"..
Well let me tell you this: We do all we can to prevent a debt swap at any time, but if we HAVE to, we WILL.
There are no guarantees in investments, otherwise they wouldn't be called investments but loans. (And even then you often need a lawsuit to actually get your money)

We, the team of My Traffic Value are brainstorming, working, programming every single day of the year to improve and save our website/company.
Our company has been done a lot of harm in multiple ways and it requires a humongous amount of effort to get us out of the HYIP industry, aiming for stabil profits, legality and so much more.

BUT.. All big rewards/big goals require a lot of continuous effort, otherwise everyone would do what we're doing!

I hope you guys can at least put some of the things that are changing in perspective and see that we're finally trying to make this company a serious one, one with actual value, one you can be proud of..

Noone saw the part about licensing our new casino's in the daily news? Or the charts showing pv's position in the PTC market?

I can see negative messages get a lot of feedback, positive ones get a silent response, it used to be different here..
And we're aiming to spark the excitement in you guys again.. smile

More coming up very soon!
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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07/09/2015 16:08
Long live PV/MTV! grin
Traffic Value: $4,712.55964 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 16:09

I can only speak for myself when I say that I bought the 200 and 250% plans with that return in mind. I don't use Paidverts and the share market moves to slow for me. Going from 250 to 200 was acceptable and I will be the last to argue the fact that the FTQ has to much investments, or to much money invested in it. Instead of limiting weekly investments MTV cuts down on ROI.
And 115% is a real big step back. I ask you openly what can compensate that, am I missing something ? 

Shares can not, not even in the future. So holding on to 0.01 cent shares even though you invest 1000 $ into them,IMO a 100.000 shares x 0.10 cents in the future wont come close to the potential my 1.000 $ have in the FTQ. Because the only way for the share price to go up is when money comes in. And then the FTQ will move accordingly.

I am known on the forum to be critical but fair and have been defending MTV in the past, but this is a step I can not really explain not even to myself. I get that legalization is a bit part of all of this but it feels for me that when you lower the ROI bar it will never go up again, only down. 

But what I said before, maybe I am missing something...
Traffic Value: $384.39877 Mexico
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07/09/2015 16:17

It has been answered several times in the topic. Current investments won't be touched and will be paid as usual. Please read before asking. We are not here to answer every of your questions if you dont care to read.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 16:17
RP's did out pace FTQ, at least when things were growing.

Sorry Marc, I'm too tired to actually address your OP, myself directly, save for my legality comment.

I think why FTQ was the main focus was that has a very fixed date. And, scarcity does bring interest up. And, maybe people need to get the money from their banks first?

The rest is mostly more of the same rehash talk we've read b4, and still no real time table, not sure if you've kept to much of it anyways.

Lots of good news in your post. And, yes, if this is what must be done for longevity, I'm all for it. I'm not a fan of HYIP world anyways, so getting rid of those mentalities, is good. With a solid investment return, our products can easily get that soon enough.
Traffic Value: $4,197.76641 Italy
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07/09/2015 16:23
@MarcdeKoning - Administrator

I appreciate your efforts and looking forward to see all the other changes you talked about, but taking away from users the plans they bought with their money without even refunding what was paid for them is the equivalent of selling a product and not delivering it (stealing). Of course you are entitled to do so, but it won't be good for people's trust in the company (an investment enterprises rely on people's trust).

If so few people are investing it won't be a big deal to let the investments expires naturally anyway. You can just shut down exstisting free plans and stop selling upgraded plans.

PS even if I didn't make any investment past round 66, I did and I'm still using my 250% plan to buy 250% investments on the maketplace, so are many other users.
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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07/09/2015 16:28

"Everyone that paid the fee for the 200% plan and has not received or is yet to receive a return of $11.400,- on their investments in the 200% plan, please write us a support ticket.
We'll refund a few $100 in Bonus Ad Points to those that are not fully compensated on their plan upgrades."

"Every investment recently made will remain active, same for the investments you will make in the next 2 weeks."
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 16:30

What you're missing is the reduction in size of rounds which speeds up payback times.

Also MTV's changing course. Think of it like a big cruise ship, those things are huge. It takes a while for the mass to start moving in this other direction. Where its headed is: ever expanding and dynamic company structure; crowdfunded and crowd sourced projects and companies; legal gambling revenue. Legal company overall.
Traffic Value: $4,197.76641 Italy
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07/09/2015 16:32

"You can buy access to this investment plan for 365 days at a time. This will enable you to make one investment, from $1+ (no maximum) each server day until your new deposit access expires."

They don't refund people of the plans' price. They refund the distance from breakeven to the 200% plan and we don't know what to 250% plan owners (who already got through a swap).
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 16:32
PPL did pay for 365day access. I do hope the lawyers are who said, there is no grandfather clause allowed for legality.

And, what happens to the marketplace of those who want to sell their 200/250 plans, do ppl keep their access, at least for those opportunities? Do you open it up to everyone?
Traffic Value: $3,254.88551 Canada
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07/09/2015 16:37
There should not be a lot of panic/complaints, you just have to go with the flow and adapt with the new policy since majority of us are not major shareholders...whenever a person give up, that means he/she no longer believes in the product.
Long live MTVtongue
Traffic Value: $520.02708 United States
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07/09/2015 16:39
"We're removing our 170.2%, 200% and 250% plans and today we're opening up a 115% investments plan.
We're making this change as we can't legalize our plans with such returns to the user as they think we're a ponzi, a pyramid scheme etc."

I gave idea about this before but "1 green name" blame me for it
atleast admin did something with it even they didn't complete remove

[Edited by the Moderating Team: Small edit but please display respect in the forums. Thanks.]
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