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07/09/2015 12:35
Way to slow ATM so I'm going to post a bunch in the same.

If you invest in ANY FTQ now, you will get the FULL % return, when your turn is up/very near the top, like always. It just closes on that date to new investments. So, only 115% will be allowed from then on.

Interesting, that 3/10 extra 1 ad, was actually 6 $0.0005 ads....which is not what the chart is supposed to do. That's why I mention it. Though, since it's under 19x that value, and there were none listed in that section that makes sense.

I see Brainy didn't get his full amount. More for the rest of us, esp how low it is, even for a Monday.
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07/09/2015 12:38
Everything that needs to be changed regarding the word shares will be done.
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07/09/2015 12:47
Something else is being pushed live, maybe?

ED: And we're back smile
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07/09/2015 12:53
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 12:54
Just spitballing here, the slowness of the site due to dividends, and having to spend so much time on the cron to try and fix it, now 3K/min, has got me thinking. Hmm, maybe it was just them doing live updates...still.

What if we set a min amount of Royalty Positions limit, b4 you can earn dividends?
This would make them worth more, and more desire to get to that level, thus less on the market.

Also, I know this was a Rich Idea, but what about adding a couple zeroes to allow for dividends at random times, so every $4K invested, we get dividends of $1000? This can be adjusted as we go along, but basically 4 times a week, instead of once. And Automatically, instead of manually.
ESP combined with the first idea, this would mean that there is no low/high point of the week, and that you actually would get dividends more on the avg you hold.

These could be "bad" ideas. But I do want to share them.
Traffic Value: $2,799.27241 India
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07/09/2015 13:02
Now Targeted ADs need to be launched asap smile cheers !! smile
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07/09/2015 13:02
Well, RPs are as many as there are, and the dividends get split among them. Being as they are and going along with the legalities that we're doing now, earning dividends only from above a certain number of RPs is a no-go.

But even if it would be, it would mean a whole lot more calculations and work on the dividend distribution, for a small to none at all effect.
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07/09/2015 13:08
druth8x where does it say that 250% will also be compensated? I can only see for 200%.
Traffic Value: $11,038.09657 Slovenia
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07/09/2015 13:17
we're giving you 2 more weeks to profit from our current returns.. As a very last opportunity!
Our 170.2%,200% and 250% investment plans will close at 21-9-2015 0:00.

So all that want those bigger returns can invest now and he will later get 200% or 250%. I think its time to sell some shares for this last opportunity. When casinos lunch daily profit will get higher and repay time will be short smile
I've made my bet that RP will go down a bit more, will seesmile
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 13:28
BotZone, not specifically, but I infer it from Marc's response that he didn't even know they still have days, much less, months left.

He will want to have only the 115% going forward in 2 weeks, for all members.
Not sure about Paidverts 240%.
Traffic Value: $4,197.76641 Italy
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07/09/2015 13:28
This 11,400$ break even point doesn't really make sense to me because many users bought investments from the FTQ market and are listed as standard plan owners but their ROI is significantly lower. Also people who bought investments and then sold had a lower ROI then the full plan ones. 

For 250% owners is even worse because yes, the starting price was even lower than that but all of then got caught up in the swap. Most of them still haven't recovered from the swap losses. I'm listed in the stats as if I had gotten 12000$ already in return but the truth is that I haven't even gotten what I invested at first.

All of the people who bought a plan bought a 365 days plan. You can shut down existing non-upgrade plans and stop selling upgraded ones, but not giving people what they paid for would give a huge blow to their trust in this company (which is already pretty low since the swap). 

The swap wasn't Mark choice and he actually lost a lot in it (so did I), I think he should show the users he is different from Jo and let already purchased plans last untill their natural end while discontinuing the sale of existing plans.

About 115% ROI being better than what a bank offers: you need to weight it with time. Banks do offer yearly interests. 115% ROI is a 15% interest over an unknown period of time. with the current results it would take one and a half year to clear the queue. that'd mean around 10% yearly interest. My bank can do better than that for a very high risk investment such as MTV is.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 13:44
Doesn't the old queue need to be paid first, and the reduction in % doesn't mean more revenue is made, it will still be the same length of time, until we get to the 115%? And, then, instead of 185% avg (if memory serves), it will be 115%, so about 38% faster.
Traffic Value: $79.27035 United Kingdom
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07/09/2015 13:46
well i was told to keep my mouth shut this morning... so im going to sit here, watch how things go, and buy Royalty Positions all week... till i get my chance to say "i told you so..." 
big up to everyone working hard here... whistling
Traffic Value: $2,259.87519 Brunei Darussalam
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07/09/2015 13:57
PV very slow today. could be due to all the excitement and activity on MTV.

Also hit with an Error 502 Bad Gateway, for a while, before chugging back through the ads.

AdGrid is also buggy (playing up) It's kicked me out twice, then totally zeroed my account. Had to leave site and come back, to have everything returned. So haven't tried to finish the remaining attempts. sad

Good news from Marc, generally on the whole front for both PV/MTV. smile
Traffic Value: $2,081.35489 India
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07/09/2015 14:05
Marc, or any other programmer, please have a look at this: Here wink
Just saying...
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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07/09/2015 14:06
Way to go ! Great news !! And remember people; smaller ROI means smaller rounds, thus rounds that are more easily paid off so you can reinvest quicker. The net effect on ROI might be negligible. We'll see. + I think I'll use my dividends this time to invest in the 200% out of a kind of 'future nostalgia'.
Traffic Value: $892.42899 India
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07/09/2015 14:11
Great News!!!

One thing I have found, that while cancelling my bid, in the confirmation window it is showing as "Investment-My Shares-Cancel bid"

It should be as "Investment-My RP-Cancel bid"

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07/09/2015 14:12
Remember all, the daily news topic is for discussion about the daily news in a constructive way. Posts that contain sarcasm, rhetorical questions, whining, complaining and off-topic that doesn't add something to the discussion will be deleted without warning. 

We ask for your cooperation to get a more enjoyable and interesting forum.
Traffic Value: $2,081.35489 India
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07/09/2015 14:16
Those with RPP (Royality Position Panel) access, please accept some ad changes made, someone advertising porn.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/09/2015 14:18
Agency, that post may go over better, as well as the deletions, if you mentioned this is approved by the Admin. It is, right?
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