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Traffic Value: $261.94847 Bangladesh
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01/04/2016 11:07
What about Bap marketplace though? Will it remain the same? Can PV members still buy RP on MTV And sell them for BAP or will PV And MTV be separated completely?
Traffic Value: $39.623 Netherlands
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01/04/2016 11:19
I hope it stays the same. As it's a huge reduction for BAP debt.

Jeez, are we already at 90BAP/RP on shareholder marketplace... insane
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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01/04/2016 11:24
yep, and marc didnt say anything yet about ads.
lets see how low bap marketplace will go when marc annouce the date of first ads grin 
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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01/04/2016 13:08
It could be a surprise any time soon or later. grin
Traffic Value: $261.94847 Bangladesh
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01/04/2016 13:15
It's hard to tell but to my knowledge BAP isn't real cash therefore it doesn't create any debt.On the other hand it does harm Paidverts because it is more profitable to buy and sell royalty position for BAP in my traffic value rather then buying ad packs on paidverts.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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01/04/2016 13:23
BAP is indeed debt with no doubt. Represents amount of money to be payed to users.

BAP market was never an obstacle to buy ad packs. Just one more tool to make the system more sustainable.
Traffic Value: $261.94847 Bangladesh
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01/04/2016 13:28
@Axiantor Not really Bap is just number and a way to determine membership not real cash like FTQ and It does create problems for Paidverts last few months are proof of that No one in their right mind is gonna buy ad packs if you get BAP 4 times more by selling royalty positions. 
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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01/04/2016 13:50
Of course they buy ad packs to play games and to advertise. You need to check out what the ad pack buyers are doing. Or look into the results. Thousands of packs are bought everyday.

And this difference in the BAP market will be gone as soon as the ad issues come back. It won't be profitable anymore.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/04/2016 22:37
That's a bold statement "difference will be gone no profitable anymore".

True not 4-5x as much, but the market only go as low as still being able to spend $1.05 and in the end getting 3100+ BAP (or whatever they can get from the NEW PV formula)...otherwise they will just buy an Ad Pack and advertise MTV or the Exchanger etc. 3200-3500 BAP after all fees is in general what I expect if PV is really worth it....not 20c for Group 9 either.
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/04/2016 07:16

yeah, that's more like it, thanks for the explanation! smile
smart way to monetize forum at least
Traffic Value: $370.38826 New Zealand
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03/04/2016 21:45
If we want the current Paidverts model to be sustainable, with all of the debt it currently has, we also have to change the promised returns.
With a pending debt of $2.000.000.- you can't continue promising a 147% return (140% after referral commissions) and on top of that satisfy free users and still expect decent ad issues/person.

(Sorry about my typing)

You know what!

one thing practicality and stability are two things I see here
which are mandatory in a business model, I am sure
to see hopes in this business growing because of the practical
approach to it!.I am glad marc has mentioned this .. and it might
quite well be a step to an actual recurring business model, I would be
willing to support this business, as long as we keep getting updates like these because it shows where we are at and what we might possibly be able to contribute.

For word!

We are a community of course! and that doesn't mean we are in the shadows hoping for a miracle
to happen.
So let's do our best and get the best in return.

Even if that requires us to wait for months , till we find a solid solution to this business model! that is a good business.

all will be happy and the business will continue to grow
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