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Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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31/03/2016 18:28
Well, if you put block by block, maybe you'll sell them, but if you put all at once, undercutters will win for sure.
Still, somehow I feel that the price will go up a bit again after this first reaction on news. After all, it's still not announced when will ad issue start again.
Traffic Value: $24,334.30701 Italy
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31/03/2016 18:30
if you want, you could put some at 85 again, and i will buy a little bit. ( not much, about 40/50k)
Traffic Value: $285.59089 Greece
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31/03/2016 18:44
MarcdeKoning - Administrator

31/03/2016 11:38
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

Marc, please check again, i may be wrong but i think they have not been sent.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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31/03/2016 18:56
Thanks @stra, you were right!

Since my timezone changed and 0:00 server time is 2 am at my place, I no longer send those ft's at night.
So I often forget about them.. I need to get used to this new rhythm of sending them in the morning tongue
Traffic Value: $14,436.60075 Turkey
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31/03/2016 19:53
We have eye catching, mind blowing changes coming up. We thank all of our investors for the continuous support and trust. We are fully aware of our investors expectations of what an online business is and should be, therefore, we will always work hard to reach our goals and fulfill our investors needs.
Traffic Value: $615.09793 Saudi Arabia
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31/03/2016 19:56
i love all the good news related to pv and mtvgrin

and also patiently waiting for bitcoin faucetgrin
Traffic Value: $285.59089 Greece
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31/03/2016 20:43
Thanks a lot Marc.
Traffic Value: $75.54806 Brazil
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31/03/2016 20:56
Will again receive the listings every day? ermm

we will return to receive ads, then?
Traffic Value: $1,699.92249 Lithuania
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31/03/2016 21:39
If Paidverts/ MTV are in need for more products, how it is that idea of a PTV/MTV bitcoin faucet was forgotten? It could generate quite nice cash, given the numbers of members here.
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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31/03/2016 21:47
faucet is not forgotten.
but programmers are busy building other stuff.
improving games, building texas holdem poker, building exchanger etc..

from 22.3.2016 daily news

We will still build the following products before shifting our focus to improving our existing products:

-Payment processor/currency exchanger
-Bitcoin faucet
-Multiplayer Texas Hold'em
-Multi lingua application
Traffic Value: $1,699.92249 Lithuania
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31/03/2016 21:56
That's good then. Can't wait to see those improvements.
Traffic Value: $228.85395 Venezuela
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01/04/2016 01:11
Wow, this definitely means great news !! grin, Long Live PV/MTV... Many were waiting for this. And by the way, i'm glad you took the decision by going the "hard way", because even if it might be long and take a lot of resources, it is the only way PV members can regain / build new trust in it (MTV right now is fine, i'd say, it's only getting better).

I really hope soon all the elements are put in place, can already feel the energy in the forum and Paidverts itself is standing up ... Oh Look!, a recycled Ad. Good sign tonguesmile.
Traffic Value: $318.52242 South Africa
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01/04/2016 07:00
"With a pending debt of $2.000.000."
Is that correct? A month or two ago we were talking about PV debt of something in the billions.
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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01/04/2016 07:03
Billions of Bap.
Traffic Value: $318.52242 South Africa
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01/04/2016 07:18
Oh! Yes, silly me. Thank you crimson.
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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01/04/2016 08:28
"The initial business model will be to earn off of memberships/upgrades and advertising."


I like everything you've said so far but this particular statement bothers the hell out of me,
the way I interpret it(correct me if I'm wrong please)
"PV earns off of memberships as a primary income source"

first thing it comes flashing to my mind is ponzi.
Sorry but I don't see it other way, the only bypass could be using those funds for FTQ or shares, but you said the less involvement with mtv the better, and that's ok, I support self-sustainable system too, but it leaves us with less options.

fortunately you squeezed in "and advertising" in there so it looks better.

this statement needs more explanation, or you could just change it so memberships/upgrades are an extra source of income, not primary.

and finally, I must say I'm not a fan of membership structure plan, especially if it's multi-tier, level system based on time expire.
it creates a pyramidal scheme. take bux sites as an example like neobux, very bad, unhealthy system.
(not saying your statement is going this way, just a food for thought)
unlike that system, bap system works because it doesn't have time limit. worst case scenario it doesn't lose you any money because the potential is always there.

I'd like to hear marc's more thorough explanation on this, knowing him, he probably wasn't clear enough, but as of now I see it this way...

ideas guys?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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01/04/2016 08:51
@tupko that was meant for the "business model" of the subsidiary PV forum. Nothing to do specifically with PV, but merely a business model of how we can monetize the forum - with paid access to it/getting benefits of being an upgraded member and advertising on the forum.

It has absolutely nothing to do with "ponziness" of PV, but how we will simply be able to monetize the forum as an extra stream of outside revenue.
Traffic Value: $86.2875 Algeria
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01/04/2016 09:37
Do not send more of these notices next time because I know the forum and I know when I put my problem as you know, I lost my problem poverty PIN number and i want to retrieve it because I can now be admitted to the page purchase and sale of shares
Traffic Value: $249.68549 South Africa
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01/04/2016 10:24
You will only get those notifications if you subscribe to a topic. (Button at the bottom right)
Traffic Value: $748.99374 Portugal
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01/04/2016 10:26
Thank you Marc...and all the team for the great professional work you are doing! cool smile
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