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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/07/2016 20:01
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Tomorrow is monday, the start of a new week!
A good week, i'd like to believe smile

There will be a 5-day ad issue week during this week, with good value ads.
Meanwhile we've closed a big deal with an advertiser to buy $15000 worth of advertising per month ($182500/year), possibly increasing to $30000/month in the future once our traffic grows and can keep up with delivering 2 million clicks per day.

To make this worthwhile for us and cover the server costs we're gonna build a new product.

Now, we don't have a time frame discussed yet, so that's where we're at currently.
However, he agreed to pay a reasonable upfront payment for us to ensure ourselves that we're not building a product without a guaranteed way to deliver for at least quite some time.
But even if he doesn't want to work with us anymore in the future then it will still be a very cheap option for other advertisers who simply just care about delivering clicks. (And not so much about the value of the people clicking it as this will probably just be used by the true ptc-ers)

We're gonna build a random chance reward system which works pretty much like the ad grid, where we can choose what % of cash sales we'd convert to rewards.
Based on server costs etc we'll be able to determine a price pool and decide what profit margin we want for ourselves (This would either be used for ad issues or development funds, not sure yet!)

Prospects are that we can profit around $5000/month from this.
But that's really just a ballpark figure until we get an amazon bill after a full month of the new product.

It will basically work like this:
People can go to the product (For which we don't have a name yet, as I closed the deal yesterday) and they either get:

opt 1.) 3 seconds + captcha + enter 1 line before viewing ad
opt 2.) 5 seconds + captcha + 0 lines entered

(We're just gonna build 2 options so we leave a little room for choice for more advertisers in the future)

They won't have to spend cash or BAP to view the product, nor will there be any limit of attempts per day.
The limit will be 1m/clicks per day spread out between the entire crowd.

The ads will not be repetitive and boring as this advertiser is simply selling the advertising to his clients again, so it will contain at least a few different ads.


I'd like to keep it short for now, we've got plenty to report tomorrow but for now I want to stick with the promise of a 5-day ad issue this week and the above mentioned deal resulting in a new product.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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24/07/2016 20:08
OMG This is great, we are moving in the right direction with this proposal. I will click on this all the time.
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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24/07/2016 20:08
Great news! This new advertiser is not Brainy, right? I really appreciate the effort to look further for some pure advertisers, this is what we need to get money flowing in.

I've got a few questions though:
-Is it necessary to complete a captcha with every ad? Can't we make that random every few ads? I mean... it's so time consuming and it's not that the advertiser profits a lot of them. And if you could click a few ads before entering a captcha again, bots wouldn't be able to profit I believe?

-There's been said that we will rebuild MTV. Will we stay with PHP or move to another backend language, for example Python? I've been looking into this the past few days and I read that Python is better for websites that want to scale... and I guess we sort of want that?

-Just out of curiosity: is this site built on a framework for PHP? Or built from the ground up? Ty smile
Traffic Value: $22.31948 Pakistan
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24/07/2016 20:15
BMF ptofits??
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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24/07/2016 20:17
This is amazing ! smile hah
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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24/07/2016 20:18
Lol marc this is great.
15k/month business in increasing mtv turnover in 50% and 30k/month is doubling our turnover avg for last 60 daysshocked
Waiting the market to react to this news grin
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/07/2016 20:43
I forgot to mention:

1 million extra ad views daily results in 1-2 million EXTRA 728x90 cash banner views, 728x90 BAP banner views and 160x600 extra banner views each.
Also 5-10 million extra 125x125 banner views.

That holds some value on it's own!

We could sell more banner views, it would help us deliver all the clumped up banners much faster, and in turn help us sell more pure banner advertising
In total, we could get about 3 million extra 728/160/600 banner views daily, and let's say that we can sell those for $8/1 million = $24/day + much more in BAP value for BAP banners
And those 5-10 million extra 125x banner views, which I think we're selling at $5/million would add up to another $25-$50/day.
This is all based on minimum numbers, but it would easily get us at least $50 extra daily value from our banners! smile

All in all, a very big step forward! smile
Traffic Value: $3,330.3665 Spain
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24/07/2016 21:03
kisskisskisskiss nothing more to say cheese
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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24/07/2016 21:45

Go to here and change your Captcha to VisualCaptcha. You'll thank me later.
Traffic Value: $91.67115 Czech Republic
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24/07/2016 21:46
Awww I invested 40$ like 1 month ago to paidverts and I was group 6 and now im only group 3 and I have nothing to invest now sad sad sad
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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24/07/2016 22:12
Wow Marc, you've really been busy grin Keep it up.
Traffic Value: $1,357.88824 Honduras
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25/07/2016 03:05
that rather a lot of excellent advertisinggringringrin
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/07/2016 04:57
Great work Marc, you are our best sales guy! cool

The week ahead:

We've only had one earnings day so far since the sw@p. This week, money should start flowing more regularly around the site so this will start affecting the share and BAP trading markets. We should see the new trends take effect as people start to get to their BAP levels and can't move around much

What they do with their spare cash at that point will set the trends in BAP and share values
Traffic Value: $25,276.97238 Saudi Arabia
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25/07/2016 05:05

That 6th group membership was giving you next-to-nothing in ad earnings while the 3rd group is fetching now nearly half dollar worth of ads, atleast 5 day/week. What many of us don't understand is that those group numbers and bap figures were not bringing us anything where as the lesser figures after reset are giving us atleast 'some thing'.
Traffic Value: $568.86838 Pakistan
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25/07/2016 08:53
when the dividends are being enabled ?
1st of Aug or 1st of sept ?
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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25/07/2016 09:03
1st September
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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25/07/2016 09:10
I think it would be good for dividends if on the 1st of september we see what amount can be paid in dividend and pay them out daily (or monday to friday).

What we will see is that everybody is going to stock up RP's just before the 1st of september and after receiving dividend they will all be sold again.

also all RP's that are  on the market should not receive dividend 
Traffic Value: $29,464.72207 Slovenia
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25/07/2016 09:25
I would not espect to much of dividends. Do not forget MTV has to pay its bills first what makes around 2k$/day. I really doubt Marc is going to use most of "profit" Paidverts made for dividends and paying of FTQ.

You can espect higher dividends after MTV, PBG, PPMG will make much over 2k$/day and if you look how bad some games are perfoming for weeks allready and noone do anything..
Traffic Value: $159.22316 India
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25/07/2016 09:40
MODS i don't understand these lines plz explain "However, he agreed to pay a reasonable upfront payment for us to ensure ourselves that we're not building a product without a guaranteed way to deliver for at least quite some time."
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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25/07/2016 10:16
There will be an upfront payment to guarantee compromise from the buyer.
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