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Traffic Value: $470.9266 Poland
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17/11/2014 19:41
Hi, also i'm group 8 and didn't get the add issue.
Traffic Value: $1,085.59156 Germany
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17/11/2014 19:44
I am in Group 8, and I only received 0.91$,...and I like to stress you all....

Just a joke, I'm in group 9. I know that you all are waiting, but Jo posted that he will do it tomorrow, so relaxwink. Nothing is lost, everyone will get what he deservedevil
Traffic Value: $291,721.65544 Netherlands
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17/11/2014 19:50
My god what a whining about group 8. 
Is it possible to filter the forum without posts about share split, nice ads and support ticket?
Traffic Value: $2,211.17614 France
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17/11/2014 19:52
 thank you Jo for this wonderful day of gains wink
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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17/11/2014 19:52
Hi guys, 

Jo and programmers, can you please solve this problem with receiving of BAP points when you invest trough Paypal? My referral tried to invest few times, and he has all on pending, money from Paypal is deducted, so if is not problem try to solve that if you have time, he is waiting some time:

User name: markoklvid

Ad packs which are on pending are on this picture: 

Also one general question for admin, programmers and all people, please answer guys (i post here so that I do not post doubble topic on forum, cause It is almost impossible find there this topic, since there you can see thousands of questions:

About 2 accounts in same household:
1. There is allowed second account if other person from same household, with same IP adress is not referral of first person, if has own computer, and own account, but also other payment processor, or other account on same processor. Right?

2. My question is: In case of Paypal, many married people have all those conditions, but they do not have other Paypal account, cause they have only one Bank account. So: Can they use same Paypal account but with different payment e-mail for each, since we know that in Paypal can be set more payment e-mails? Thanks for info.
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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17/11/2014 20:04
You cannot in any way use the same payment method to 2 accounts... if your wife wants to have her own account, open a paypal account to her.. it costs nothing and its fast and easy.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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17/11/2014 20:18
IP addresses are no issue. We don't ban users for that.

And so long as you have a unique paypal email for each account, that'll be fine.

And i've not invested any development funds into shares yet... But i'll likely do that later this week/weekend.
Traffic Value: $5,421.7407 Ukraine
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17/11/2014 20:18
your referral should write support ticket with payment details and id of pending campaign
Traffic Value: $2,211.17614 France
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17/11/2014 20:24
I must really control myself with games  blank stare  for weeks I do not play and suddenly I play to finally lose cwy
 I just lost 50.000BAP at the roulette, so luckily I had 101 Shares I've sold 1499 BAP This brought me+ 147000BAP  at least I recovered my stupidity   unsure
this is really great these games for site stability frankly wink

this time I stop the games is not possible for me , it's definitely not for me the games , maybe the poker that is less dependent on chance, I would see
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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17/11/2014 20:32
folx if we did that what would be left in the forum.

Polo26 I know that feeling I been throwing all my nickels from recycled ads today into Triple tower solitaire got hooked on that game over the weekend. Been doing fairly well at making a profits at it each day but I think today it showing me who the master is cause out of about 6 games I got two that might stay on the chart long enough to make me some money.

Cant complain to much I charted 8 or 9 yesterday and got pays out from two of the three groups did make the top 1 percent group.
Traffic Value: $385.45157 Turkey
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17/11/2014 20:50

Can you issue Group 8 PV ads for today, seems something's not right with today's issue , we got only $0.9-1 total as Group 8.

thanks for the help!
Traffic Value: $421.56472 South Africa
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17/11/2014 20:51
@sercandagdas THIS  topic, page 15, middle post.  Please read it
Traffic Value: $687.21138 Portugal
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17/11/2014 20:54
why i cant buy ads with paypal?..
Traffic Value: $62.35329 Romania
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17/11/2014 20:56
Thanks moose smile i was wondering why i got ads worth 2 dollars before the daily issue
Traffic Value: $76,730.43625 Portugal
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17/11/2014 20:59
PayPal is only allowed to buy ads at Paidverts. But indirectly you can.
Buy bulk ads with PayPal to get BAP, then buy shares for BAP here (at the bottom of the page):
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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17/11/2014 21:20
tonysbuc me too. I sign in just to see if I had any recycled ads and seen all this normal ads and was wondering what was going on. Checked the news nothing.  Then when Jo posted the news I figured it out.  your welcome.
Traffic Value: $395.0515 Viet Nam
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17/11/2014 21:25
I am in Group 7 but i has received 0,9 $ ads today . What 's problem?
Traffic Value: $534.33612 Sweden
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17/11/2014 22:20
@Tonysbuc I Guess I Tould You Today that My Friends that is at GP 1 She Got 0.38$ 2 or 3 Ore Of Jo Issues and You said to Me,No if there is not a Daily News so there is not Issue Yet for Today! tongue Anyway Tonysbuc Bigbadmoose don't Worry Guys,it could happend worth,Like it Happend to Me For Example,I Had 900 Bap and I Sold some Share 1ore and Half Before Jo's Issue,so 1 Ore and Half Before He Wrote the Daily News I Had 24k Bap (that means GP 3), but 2 or 3 Ore's Before Jo's Daily News Topic I Had only 900 Bap (couse My Shares was not Sold in that Time)! So I Think I Lost My 1.49$ for Today! But Anyway Keep Looking Award for Tomorrow! wink
Traffic Value: $975.91894 Canada
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17/11/2014 22:22
Greats ads today, and it's nice to see the site thriving so well
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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17/11/2014 22:28
@ Jo - thank you very much for answer. I knew that is allowed under that conditions, but I always want to be sure 100%, so I asked that you. 
Sorry for that question here, but I really did not want to create another doubble topic on forum, cause I am sure that it is there somewhere. Thanks for anser and understanding.

@Desire - Thanks for help, I think my referral has sent his question to programmers, and to Jo, but since I had question for Jo personally about second person in household, it was much easier to write here. I hope that was not offtopic too much. Thanks for help.

@Catt - It is allowed as you can see, but they must follow all other regulations (2 different computers, and different account with different registration and payment mail adresses), and because I was 90 % sure that is allowed under those conditions, I always rather ask admin (Jo), than to give advice which is not 100 percent sure. Reason why same Paypal can be allowed but with different payment and unique e-mail adresses is next: Married people have one Bank account, so there is no reason to open two Paypal accounts, and to create in Bank in Croatia 2 credit cards for nothing, because they have their assets together anyway, it is way better to have unique earnings from their own unique registered e-mails for each of them on same Paypal account (which you can add on same Paypal account).
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